Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Art is not about conforming to the flow of the masses. Art is the power and ability to express yourself freely, to show who you are and to tell your story. Everyone has something to say.

I shall challenge myself to be original and to stay true to myself, always.

Every moment you spend looking down on me is every step closer I am getting to the destination, no matter how far it may seem to be. I may not be anything significant in your eyes now, but one day, I will get there, slowly, but surely.

One day, I will be there.

When I am there, you will see the art in me.


  1. Go, Robin! Never cater to massess feelings - do what you think is best.

    By the way, this is a very good picture, one of your best. I would advise posting smaller quanities of pictures and selecting only the best.

    Your faithful reader

  2. Bartosz,
    Thanks for the compliments. However I do believe that my photography work do not stand alone, they come in a series, because I usually have something to tell. Smaller quantities may exclude some important details.

  3. Bartosz Dawidowski1/28/2011 03:54:00 AM

    Ok, all I'm saying is sometimes when there is too much photos in one series it can be easy for viewers to breeze through them too quickly.

  4. Well put, Robin.
    And all the best for your path to your ultimate goal.
    Seems to me that you already have covered quite a a distance, to date.