Sunday, January 09, 2011

Daniel & Jo-Ann

Over the weekend, I travelled down to Malacca again for an actual day wedding assignment, which I covered together with friend, Frederick Yap. I have just got home to KL, and I have very precious little time left on my weekend, which I intend to relax, unwind and recharge before the new coming week starts to kick in. Therefore, I shall save myself usual lengthy words and just share some photographs taken from the wedding assignment yesterday.

The wedding ceremony of Daniel and Jo-Ann was held at St Peter's church, a very, very old Roman Catholic church in Malacca. The day was full of activities, including brother and sister wars (Chinese Tradition), tea ceremony and also the wedding dinner at Equatorial Hotel. All photographs were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5, with Zuiko 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 50mm F2 Macro and 40-150mm F3.5-4.5, and an external flash FL-36R. I shall include brief descriptions as captions below each images, and what made them my favourite amongst over a thousand shots I have captured the entire day long.

The job started early in the morning, even before sunrise. A lot of the shots were done indoors prior to morning sun, and it has been typical for most of the wedding assignment that I have covered so far. I sure envy other photographers who get to play a lot with morning light coming through the windows.

One of the important things I always kept in my mind throughout any wedding assignment would be to stay alert, and be prepared to attack any dramatic facial expressions. Being prepared and anticipating such action shots are not easy, it depends more on what the photographer can do, rather than say, speed of the AutoFocus of your camera.

I love playing with high key, whenever there is a strong backlight situations. The bright, white background created desirable dreamy effect.

The wedding march to the church is probably one of the highlights of the actual day wedding.

St Peter's Church in Malacca looks very grand inside.

Exchanging rings is a very crucial part, which was not that easy to nail down. I used 50mm F2 to get close, and thankfully the AutoFocus has improved significantly on Olympus E-5. It was actually reliable, and quick enough to grab me a decent number of good results.

I loved capturing the moment just before the ring slipped in.

"... and now, you may kiss the bride"

Lighting of candles. I turned off the flash for this shot, to preserve the ambient lighting.

The wedding gown was really long, and it looked really good on the bride.

The newly-wed and their respective parents.

I wanted them to pose outside the church, because this church itself is a historical herritage site in Malacca. 1710... thats three freaking centuries OLD !!! The fact that the building is still standing proud today is a magnificent sight.

The brothers-sisters war, where the bride's army gets to bully the groom and his brothers, before the groom is allowed entrance to the bride's house.

Sometimes, the games can be quite extreme.

Usually, the games involve some odd gastronomical disaster.

The true sinister inside women came out to play on this day.

After the glory of the battle (which simply means the guys being bullied and toyed with by the girls to their hearts content), the groom is allowed into the room of the bride and the sign of victory was the kiss.

Tea ceremony, a must have practice for all chinese weddings.

Sharing the piece of cake together.

The stage decor and backdrop looked stunning.

Marching in.

Man I hate that smoke thing. It ruined many of my shots !!

The original file for this shot was nearly 2 stops overexposed, leaving the bride and groom completely washed out in white. Good thing I shot this in RAW, and managed to recover the details in Olympus Viewer 2. I have got to be extra more careful when I shoot in full manual, to avoid mistakes like this. On the plus side, it is good to know I E-5's RAW file is quite flexible !!

Very, very dim light. Shot at ISO1600, F2.8, 1/13sec. E-5's built in Image Stabilization worked like a charm.

Going for the cake again.

The champagne drinking session.

The speech. Gosh I love the background !!

The dance against the spotlight. Whenever there is a very strong light source, the AutoFocus was not very reliable. I need to press the shutter button halfway a few times before I nailed the correct focus.

Dancing while singing along to their favorite song.

All comments and feedback are welcome. I really love using the Olympus E-5 for my wedding assignment. I felt like I am just merely looking at the tip of the iceberg. I am still new to this E-5, it excites me further to think what the full potential of this camera can be !!


  1. hey there~ nice shots~ i noticed u loved the church alot~ =P

    i'll call u for mine the next time, in the same church~ =P

  2. Thanks Roxanne for the compliments. Yeah, the church is very nice !!!

  3. Great pictures!!!
    PS. You may need to calibrate your monitor slightly....

  4. Anonymous,
    I really appreciate you leave a name. Whats wrong with my colours?

  5. Hi Robin. Long time follower but this is my first post on your blog. I like your website. I like your style of photography and post-processing. I shoot with Olympus.

    I see nothing wrong with your colors, they are great.

  6. Hello Paul,
    Thanks so much for following this blog, and also I appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to me.
    I am sure you are loving your Olympus, and its wonderful colors !!

  7. Hi Robin,

    A Oly friend of mine here in General santos City Phils referred me to this blogsite of yours...and indeed your posts and shots are impressive, looking at your shots inpires & motivates me to shoot for more meaningful images in my side of photography.

    Consider me now an avid fan. I'm an oly user too (E3, E520, E410 50mm f2, 14-55mm, 70-300, 40-150mm, 14-45mm, & metz af36)

  8. Hello Ronald,
    Thanks so much for your flattering and kind comments !! You are being too kind I think.
    Both your E-520 and E-410 are very capable cameras. I have used both extensively, and I still love using them. I am sure you will be making great photographs with your current line up of gear !!

  9. Hi Robin,
    These pictures are great. The tool you have is great. You are great. I have been following your blog regularly from Singapore and decided to post my comments for the first time. The pictures are great in the sense that they capture the true spirit and the essence of the wedding. Story telling is important and you have a nice flow there. You are a motivation for lot of us and me and I really love the way you take good pictures especially from the kit lenses. Someone was selling a used 40-150mm for $50 in SG sometime ago.
    Keep up the good work. Your best work yet is the butterfly park though. (Just for the sharpness sake..hehe)