Friday, December 10, 2010

Photographs, or Words?

I have so many thoughts and ideas in my mind that I want to get them out and blurt everything here. I have intended to write about the inspirations and motivations that drive me in street photography, and why I love hitting the Kuala Lumpur streets so much that I kept doing it over and over again every single week. On the other hand, it is the time of the year again, that a mandatory must have summary of all things happened throughout the year on this blog and my life in general should be posted. I have also many other opinions pertaining to the Olympus E-5, which is still quite new to me, to share with you all.

I have come home from a long day of work under the burning Malaysian sun at a construction site, and as I typed now my mind was actually begging my body to just lay down still on my comfortable bed and not think about anything at all. However, before shutting myself down, it just felt like something was missing, that I must post up this blog entry. I guess it has become a routine for me, and if I skipped this, it would make myself guilty somehow. Talk about discipline, I was quite amazed that I have been blogging for 5 years, and still consistently blog nowadays, though my life has undergone many changes, many dramatic ones along the way.

Instead of forcing my bruised and battered mind to come up with something witty and smart on my photography take, allow me to just share a batch of photographs which I have taken on my recent street hunt. Yes, it is Pudu again, and to some incredible extent, I have this weird, but interesting ability of not getting bored at the things that I love, or in this case, the places that I like to street-hunt. Pudu has always been one of my favourite grounds, and nothing beats waking up in the morning, clearing the early day off anything else, but street photography for myself only.

Smoking conversation after grocery shopping.

A very rare sight, MEN doing kitchen preparation works at a local kopitiam.

Teapots by the grease and dirt stained grills.
CROSS PROCESS Art Filter applied.

Open kitchen concept, Malaysian street style.

Steel repair works.

A couple that did not walk side by side.

Morning tea by the power sub-station.

Bruised and Battered, just like my mind.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Wheel on ground.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Morning read.

You've got holes on your table.

Public nudity.

Half shoe-less.

A bolt. For some unexplainable reasons, I really like this shot.
GRAINY FILM Art Filter applied.

Bent bars.
GRAINY FILM Art Filter applied.

Metal connector.
GRAINY FILM Art Filter applied.

Open windows
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Old, but still alive.

In Malaysia, moss and weird plants will grow on walls due to high humidity and constant rain throughout the year.
CROSS PROCESS Art Filter applied.

Multiple circles.

I love KFC too.

All that one man has.

A day with shutter therapy is a day well spent. I think someday, if I do by any odd luck get famous, this would be my favourite quote which I want people to remember me by.

The year is coming to an end, Christmas is coming, so is my birthday. Exciting times are upon us, and I am looking forward to this festivity season.


  1. i was reading your post and was wondering when can i see another photo of a sleeping person on the street. it finally appeared at the end! nice photos!


  2. Your photos and words touch my soul. I feel the same like you. There is an artistic tension inside that you have to let out before "shutting down", as you've written. "There is a vigil in my heart".

    I've added some new photos to my Flickr acount :)

  3. Hi Marcus,
    LOL people are starting to complain that the sleeping people are getting redundant.

    Hi Bartosz,
    Thanks !! Will surely check out your Flickr.

  4. i always loves your photos! very artistic i would say :D Hope to see more nice nice photos again XD

  5. Natalie, I doubt it?

    Fondest Regards,

  6. Hey theeggyolks,
    Thanks for the compliments !! More photos will come after the weekend, stay tuned !!

  7. Tm's concern:
    I start to worry when more & more time you need this s-therapy thing. your unconscious mind will have effect on you thinking process if you are unaware or cannot handle it well.

  8. Hello TM,
    Are you Yong TM?
    I think, you may have over analyzed certain things here.
    I don't need that much time for shutter therapy. Just one hour walk along the street is enough to keep me happy throughout the whole week.
    Something tell's me you are not Yong. Kindly state who you are and do email me personally. I do feel that your worry is simply misplaced, and unnecessary. I urge and encourage you to spend more time on Shutter Therapy instead.

  9. great work as usual thanks.
    love the teapots especially.

  10. Hello factual kerry,
    Thanks mate, I love that shot too.


    also, i am new at this stuff. how can i say i like a pic without emailing etc?

  12. Hello factual kerry,
    the comments section here is for discussion pertaining to the entry/post only. I am glad to answer your questions regarding the Olympus E-620. Kindly email me at