Friday, December 31, 2010

The Final Shutter Therapy Session of 2010

Today is a sudden, unexpectedly declared public holiday in Malaysia, which was a huge welcome anyway. Any rest day is a good day, and what better way to spend this glorious last day of 2010 than, shutter therapy? The morning sky was wonderful, and together with the great Jasonmumbles we attacked the streets of Pudu. It has been a while since I last did a proper street shooting session, and it was quite refreshing to just clear my mind off everything and just focus on getting the camera to work for me.

Pudu has always been my favourite photo-hunting spot. There were so many people, especially in the morning, and so many activities happening especially in the market area. This is also one of the safest, and friendliest photo-hunting spots amongst my usual street shooting locations. If I were to bring friends to shoot along with me, most likely I will start with Pudu first. Another bonus point about Pudu would be the abundance of good local food available here, for feasting before, and of course after a joyous and fruitful shooting session.

I think I have talked too much in my previous few entries, hence to balance things up, I shall just let the photographs speak in this entry. All photographs were taken with Olympus E-5 with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 or 50mm F2 Macro. Images were processed in Picasa and ACD See 7.

Clearing the table for the next customer. A usual scene on local hawker food stalls along the streets here.

A delicious bowl of noodles to start the day with. All that walking and shooting requires energy you know?

Black and red background.

Weathered bricks on the ground.

Old buildings along Pudu.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied. The contrast and brightness were toned down in post-processing.

Breakfast, with fried oily food?

Roti Canai in the making, another typical Malaysian breakfast.

The death of a bird.

Green is good, right?

Fish is good too, right?

Buy and Sell.

A smile that goes along with a fish head.

Sorting out.

I have no idea why I took so many photographs of green vegetables. Maybe my body is asking me to take in more vegies, since I am lacking them in my diet lately?

Pinch the tomatoes.

A gaze into my lens.

Say hello to the taugeh man !!

The key maker.

The couple in the market.

Why are kids so attracted to guys with big cameras? Can you think of any reasons?

The back door latch of a van.

Don't worry lad, the photographer wont bite, he just wants to capture your huge, round eyes, with his huge, round lens.

A game of cards, on the walkway.
GRAINY FILM Art Filter applied.

Finally, a bowl of ABC to quench the thirst after hours of morning shooting. Yeah !!

This was my last photography session for the year 2010, and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Jason for accompanying and shooting along with me.

The year 2011 is only a couple of hours away.

Happy New year 2011 to all of you beautiful people. May the new year bring you overflowing blessings of joy, prosperity, great health and peace.


  1. Happy new year to u as well Robin.

    An awesome photo story along the Pudu street :)

  2. Kim Hang,
    Thanks man. When you free lemme know la we go shooting together gether. Happy New Year to you too !!

  3. Stunning portraits...beautiful!!!
    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  4. Lieber Robin,
    Guten Rutsch und Frohes Neues Jahr 2011

  5. Happy new year to you and thanks for sharing all theese wonderfull pictures.


  6. Hi yeow,
    Thanks !! Happy New Year !!

    Hey SvenReinhold,
    Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 !!

    Hi wolfgang,
    Thanks, and Happy New year to you too.

  7. Happy new year Robin, and the same to the rest of Malaysia...

  8. Hello Wolfgang Lonien,
    Wow, I have two wolfgangs here !! Thanks for the wishes, and happy new year to you too !!

  9. Love the wide angle shot of the 2nd photo.

    Happy New Year! Here's to a great year ahead filled with abundance of shutter therapies, good lucks and most importantly good health.

    Hopefully, I'd join your therapy session at least once this year. LOL.

  10. Oh btw, did you read about Oly's XZ-1 rumours? The spec looks sick!

  11. Hi Chong,
    Thanks for the well wishes !! Happy New Year to you too, and may your year be filled with blessings of health, prosperity, wisdom and lots of love.
    Once a year? Come on, we can do better than that ahahha...
    Yeah saw that rumor, I wonder how the pricing will be like. It is using the same sensor as the LX-5.

  12. happie new year from s'pore my friend! what is ABC and did u really catch the guy slaughtering the chicken??!!


  13. hey Marcus,
    Happy New year from Malaysia !! How have you been? Got yourself a DSLR yet?
    Yeah the chicken was really slaughtered. Sadness, but we eat chicken a lot don't we all?
    ABC = Air Batu Campur, its basically Ais kacang with extra ingredients.

  14. The photos just get better and better XD

    I love the 2nd pic too hahaha

  15. Happy New Year, Shutter Friend! :D

  16. Hello Kucing dengan tikus,
    Thanks miao !!

    Hey yerttle,
    Happy New Year to you too !!

  17. Bartosz Dawidowski1/03/2011 05:26:00 AM

    Happy New Year to you, Robin!!!

  18. Happy New Year to you too Bartosz !!

  19. @Chong: not only u like the wide angle of the 2nd pics.... u like the food, dont ya? kekeke... :p

    Pudu Market is one of the best places for photographer. People friendly and bustling activities.

    yea, must attempt go for a Shutter Therapy with the legendary "Dr. Robin" at least ONCE in this new year! :p

    Hapi New Year "Dr. Robin" ! =)

  20. hi Photogmao,
    Thanks for the compliments, but I am not a Dr !! And yes. I am always available for shutter therapy sessions, as long as I am not occupied with other more important matters.

  21. your street photos are getting better and better!!!