Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Have I Eaten Lately?

I am a food lover, there is no denying to that. Long, long time ago during my compact point and shoot camera times, I used to bring the camera everywhere I went to, and I made it a point to photograph almost everything that I ate and blogged about them. Food photography is one photography genre by itself, which I have been exploring less and less these days. I think I might need a smaller camera like a micro 4/3 PEN E-PL1 or something similar.

Soft Boiled Egg on Toasted Bread..... how come I did not discover this sooner? Something so simple, but the combination is heavenly.

Close up on the egg. *Slurp

Ham, Cheese and Chicken Floss Wrapped in Soft Pancake. Another new discovery too.

Local Malaysian favourites, Satay.

Malacca specialty, Chicken Rice Balls.

Lately I have been eating more than usual, and this was not really something beneficial to my ever expanding waist. Nonetheless, food is food, and I love food. For some reasons, I really enjoy taking photographs of food. This, I shall be doing more often.

I really love the much improved low light handling of the Olympus E-5. I shot above photographs from ISO 800 to 1600, and the images came out clean and pleasing. This capability was certainly something I could not imagine possible with my previous Olympus E-520.

Jason and Chong, lets go makan, and shoot some great food photos !!


  1. I feel threatened after looking at your food photography. You made me think twice about taking food photos... ever again. LOL.

  2. Chong !!
    WTF LOL. I am super noob la. I took like a few dozen shots and posted only those few. All were trash material LOL.
    Even those posted ones were not that great. Ask Jason, I am sure he has complains.

  3. Oh... Where did ya get the pancake thingy?

  4. Hey Chong,
    Its somewhere in PJ, can't remember exact location. I can find it out for you if you want. Need to ask the friend who brought me there.

  5. Complain? What complain? No complains but compliments, I have.

    All hail the Shutter God, Robin Wong! :D

  6. Hi Robin,
    don't forget that you new cam is far heavier than the oöld one. So eating more is just fine as you are spending more energy, now. ;-)

    By the way: Have you got some hints regarding the adjustments of the E-5 (NR, Sharpness, contrast and so on) if you are shooting JPEGs. I still haven't succeeded in adjusting it in a way that the pics make me as happy as the ones shot with my E-30 - like those.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.


  7. Jasonmumbles,
    Come on, spill it !!

    Hi Donparrot,
    For my usual shooting both for JPEG and RAW, I set my camera to the following:
    NR - low, sharpness - 0, contrast - 0, saturation - 0, picture mode - portrait/vivid/natural depending on shooting conditions, gradation - normal, White Balance - Auto
    I think to get the best results, you really have to tweak the settings to suit your shooting conditions, every single situation has different lighting setup, hence there is no one magic setting to be used for all situations.

  8. Hi Robin,
    thanks for your hints. It goes without saying that you have to adapt the adjustments to the conditions. But your basic settings are intetresting, nevertheless. In the German Oly forums, for instance, most of the experts tend to opt for shooting with sharpness -2 and NR off, up to ISO 1600, to not lose any details. But I'm not too happy with that as it means that you have to subjebt every picture to noise reduction, afterwards. Particularly now in November, the greyest month of the year, over here in Germany. I haven't had a single day of sunshine since I purchsed my E-5, two weeks ago. Rather frustrating for me and my dog shooting.

  9. Hello Robin
    Congratulations from Denmark, for the E-5
    When you are taking pic, are you using RAW or Jpg.
    Can you use "art filter" in RAW?

    Have a nice day

  10. Hi Don Parrot,
    I do not believe in a fixed setting for all situations. However, for very critical photography demands where every single detail matters, for example in macro photography, I would get the noise filter to OFF instead. For general shooting, noise filter being set to LOW provides a very well balanced output, but of course, the judgement of "well-balanced" may differ from person to person. One thing is for sure, if you are not happy with the recommended setting, you may tweak it until you find the sweet spot. After all, you are in control of your own camera and photography style !!

    Hi Finn,
    I shoot RAW most of the time, despite the fact that I shot JPEG for the review series of E-5.
    Yes, you may shoot RAW, and apply the art filter too. You will retain the original untouched RAW file, and in the RAW development process you need Olympus Viewer 2 to convert it to JPEG and the Art Filter will be processed there.

  11. Robin, belated congratulations on the new E5. You certainly deserve it!