Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Walk with Pen Lovers

Last Saturday afternoon, I met up with a bunch of crazy yet cheerful Olympus PEN camera users who organized a "Teh Tarik" session with a brief walkabout at Brickfields. We met up at Olympus Brand Store at KL Sentral, and from there onwards, we attacked the streets of Brickfields. The streets were rather slow and quiet on that Saturday afternoon, most likely due to the on-going Deepavali celebration that weekend. Nonetheless, I had plenty of fun myself getting to know some Olympus supporters, and shared joy and passion in photography.

Lucky number 8

Converted into Pseudo-HDR from a single RAW file, to add some drama to an otherwise mundane flat looking overcast day shot

Hip Shot

What a cute TV lens !!



Happily splashed


Attacked by street photographers

A construction worker on Saturday afternoon

I sure had a great time in the TT session. Thanks to Koon Yik, Gerald, Amie and David.

Lets make another one some time soon !!


  1. hi robin, it's good to hear you have time for shutter theraphy. btw, who's the guy wearing yellow t-shirt? i guess he's using E1 with om lens, rite?


  2. Hi raime,
    Glad to hear from you again.
    Yes, that is an E-1 with an OM lens. His name is David, and he is one of the PEN lovers.

  3. ic, nice to see people still holding that legendary camera. im glad if can share my experience with him since im still keeping E1.any idea how i can reach him, perhaps tru his flickr/fb?
    thanks mate.

  4. Hi Raime,
    You can find him on my FB. Not too many Davids around, so should be easy to spot him. Cheers

  5. Hi, Robin! Did you shoot yourself with E-p1 or E-pl1? I'm thinking about buying Olympus PEN E-pl1 and I'm looking for opinions :) I read somewhere that picture detail and sharpness with E-pl1 is very similiar to the new E-5. Is that true?

  6. Hi Bartosz,
    I shot with my usual camera, the Olympus E-520.
    It is true that E-PL1 and the E-5 shares the same sensor, however the image output is quite different due to a few factors: 1) thinner Anti-Alias Filter used on E-5 in comparison to E-PL1 2) New image processing engine, Trupic V+ on the E-5
    Therefore, E-5 is definitely ahead in terms of overall image quality (sharpness, high ISO noise control, etc etc).
    However, do not be disheartened. E-PL1 itself is a VERY good camera, strongly recommended.
    Please kindly email me if you have further questions.