Monday, November 01, 2010

Should Kids Use DSLR?

So much has happened in my life lately that I hardly find any time to sit down in front of my computer at all. I have so many things to share and tell you all, and some photographs to post up here. I shall slow down my pace a little and allow myself to breathe.

Change of Work Environment

There have been some major changes in my life, both career and non-working life. I am a full time site engineer now, which means by the end of November you would not be able to tell the difference between Mr Robin Wong and Mr. Suresh Prakahsima. I dare not say the adjustment from a full time in house design engineer working at the comfort of an air-conditioned office dealing with computers whole day long, to a site engineer under evil Malaysian sun was smooth going. I do see the benefits and advantages of being at site. Lets just say it is too soon to say anything now, and let me dive in a little further to make any useful comments. Nonetheless, the changes at work have been exciting, and refreshing at the same time.

Speaking at Olympus E-System User Gathering

About a week ago, I was invited my Olympus Malaysia to give a talk on my experience with the E-5 during the official user gathering for E-system users. I have not done public speaking for such a long time now, and being in the engineering world did not help my speaking/communication skills much at all. I shared my user-experience with the audience, and the photographs I used for the presentation were all shown on my blog entries previously, pertaining to the E-5 user reviews. There were great food (buffet style), awesome people mostly using Olympus E-system as well, and some Olympus E-5 units circulating around with a set of different lenses to try-out. In addition to that, it was my first time seeing my own work being printed out large. I have not printed anything more than 8R before, so this moment was definitely something I will look back again and again.

The two large prints at the right of the photo (a dragonfly and a butterfly) were mine !!

Future Photography Project

I am getting myself involved in more and more photography projects. I have had the privilege to know some very admirable local talents, and it is incredible having the opportunity to shoot alongside them, and do some projects together. All things are still at preliminary stage at the moment, but I am getting thrilled already, because after all this time, I am seeing myself taking the bold step to move ahead, and move upward. It is time to push myself further, and really immerse myself in this photography world. If I can do something with my photography for the world, I will do it.

I know this entry seems a little incoherent, and to a certain degree: random. I have not had my usual shutter therapy sessions as well, hence I woke up a little grumpier than usual Monday morning.

Yesterday, I while having lunch with friends at Burger King, I saw some teenagers fiddling around, giggling merrily with a possibly Canon 500D (or anything similar) in hand. I leave you with one question:

Should Kids Use DSLR? Why, or Why Not?


  1. the answer is... what makes you think you can watch porn, but you don't let the kids do it?

    You adults are a bunch of hypocrites really..

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  3. Hi Fish,
    Good point though. So will you let your 12 year old kid watch porn?

  4. Most probably that's a 1000D... Anyway, it's the "IN" thing to hang a dSLR on your neck wherever you go... be it the mall, the eating joint, or the loo... It was the PSP, the NDS, the iPhone even, but now you are a nobody if you are not hanging a dSLR on your neck wherever you go...

  5. Hi Compmac,
    Yeah, DSLR is like a fashion statement. However I do think it would be unwise to have kids using them. At least let them start with something more basic. At that age it would be too young for them to appreciate what a DSLR can do.

  6. hi robin~

    they should if they really want to explore into the world of photography. but like u said, starting with basic would be good.'ve grown into this photography so much man! awesome.. let me congratz you for what you've achieved so far..congratz! =)

  7. Hi Oyama,

    Thanks so much for the compliments. But nothing to congratulate yet, I am still very new and fresh to photography. Important thing is that we learn and grow together.

    As gonna ask you shooting but seems like you are running off to your hometown this weekend?

  8. That's great that you had the opportunity to showcase your work in that way. Seeing your images printed big and on display feels great.

    I'll be printing some of my work with the E-5 on 13x19 in the coming weeks and I look forward to seeing how they look.

  9. Hi Ibarionex,
    Now I am hoping Olympus Malaysia would be giving me the prints after all the promotional use, or at least let me have it at good discounted price.
    I am sure you can't wait to see your images in large prints !!

  10. Hmmm - why shouldn't kids start with the real thing? I mean, there are adults who don't know what effect would opening their apertures bring, so...

    Besides, in that DPReview Oly DSLR forum there is one who teaches a class photography, and they bought a bunch of E-520s for them. And those kids come back with really interesting results.

    So let me ask back: why not? An E-520 DZ kit was less than 500€ when I bought mine, and "advanced" point & shoots cost about the same, but could never reach the quality of a 4/3rds sensor. So it even makes sense economically me thinks.

    Yeah, let them kids have some lens therapy as well. I like the idea.

  11. Hi Wolfgang,
    Wow, you have certainly nailed your points down.
    I do agree with you, if the kids were really serious about learning and developing their photography skills, it is wise to let them start with the real thing.
    I just wish DSLR is used as a photography tool, rather than a fashion statement, which is the general case in Malaysia.

  12. Well, I always believe that talent whould be polished from young. If they are into photography, why not? Its better than forcing them to get into scientific terms which may end up making them bored in school. Teach them at young, and nurture them into the best. That's how we get the best. Not by studying for over 19 years, and the only figuring out what you would like to do for a living... Yeah, i bet most of us are in this category.

    And you are a site engineer? This means more site shots!

  13. Hey Cyril,
    I do agree we should encourage the young to pursue their passion. nonetheless, most young kids do not even know what they want to do. Heck, even grown ups like us, many still do not know what they want to do with their lives. It is dangerous to push the kids towards the direction they "think" they will be in.
    That is why there is school, a place with general education to support many choices we could or could not end up taking in the future. There are just too many uncertainties.
    Aiyaks, I do not bring my photography gear to work though. I separate work from photography. That way, I can fully keep myself in check and focus in whatever I am doing.

  14. Robin,

    that's an expensive fashion statement then IMHO. But then again, well, some are wearing Rolexes... ;-)

    I take my camera to work btw, even if it's forbidden to take photos onsite inside the buildings. But the outsides are actually kind of pretty; my employer has a nice and big garden.

    Would love to see some from that site of yours...


  15. ouh..yup2.. i've got to get back to my hometown this weekend..perhaps next weekend?

  16. Hi Wolfgang,
    I am just worried about my camera, because the construction site is not exactly a safe place. With so many foreign workers there, it is difficult to keep an eye out for my camera all the time.
    Nonetheless, I do have a compact camera with me all the time, and I have taken quite a few shots. If there are some interesting stuff, surely I will post it up here.

    Hey Oyama,
    next week sounds awesome. You go ahead and enjoy your weekend in your hometown first.

  17. With regards to the topic, I would expect some bashing done in the content. Haha.

    Kids with DSLR, hmm let see, as long as they keep in mind the money their parent's used to buy the camera then it would be okay. People wearing around DSLR like a necklace nowadays, I do hope they don't get mug or whatever despite any good or bad photos they take.

    For more info, please visit my blog,I wrote something which I think can relate to this phenomenon.

  18. hey snowfire,
    I guess people who come and read my blog are very peaceful kind of people. Good to see no bashing or whatsoever.
    Safety is another issue, as you have highlighted. Wearing DSLR as an accessory is painting the bull'e eye on their forehead.

  19. It is very difficult to say who should or should not get a dslr. My daughter who is 13 started off with a Panasonic FZ50 (second hand) but as her interest is really great and from what I see, she definitely has talent thus she has since inherited my E510 from me.

    My son who is 3 years old kept fooling around with his mom's P & S and after a couple of months he dropped it and spoilt it. So now he has his own camera a Tough 6010. Some people tell me he is too young to have his own camera but....Do you know that at 3 years old he can compose photos such that they are in focus and faces are within the frames...

    I have learned to try not not to judge people but sometimes I still do. That young cild with a dslr may have lots of talent (we don't know) and with the opportunity afforded to him, he may have a chance to develop his talent and amaze us all.....

    Soon Ruey

  20. change job > higher pay > buy more lenses :p

  21. Whole-heartedly with the saying ' DSLR is a fashion'. But seriously some teenager's photography are awesome . But they just don't have money to buy more equipment.