Friday, November 05, 2010

In Desperate Need of Shutter Therapy

To all my Indian readers, Happy Deepavali !!

The past few weeks have been crazy, both at work and off-work life. I was so busy I hardly had any time at all with my own camera, and shooting for myself only. No shutter therapy results in a grumpy, emotionally charged and unhappy Robin. Therefore, before things get worse, I decided to pull myself out of the house early today, and stormed the streets.

It was sooooooooooo nice to be able to walk the streets again with nothing in my mind weighing me down. It was refreshing to be able to focus on what I want to shoot. Shutter therapy has become my drug, and yes, somehow I am addicted to it. Taking that away from me will be like taking a bone away from a dog.

I visited my favorite hunting spot, Chow Kit. Armed with my Olympus E-520 with 11-22mm and 50mm, I went as close as I could to my subjects to invoke the intimate connection with the subjects in my images. I want to feel just inches away from the people on the streets, and really create the sense of closeness, as if you are being there. Yes, I did walk dangerously near to them, and pulled off some stunts I never knew the sane me would. Nonetheless, I was deprived of shutter therapy, hence doing a few crazy stunts made up for the lost sessions.

Sorting out goods

Opening gates.

Public speaking.

Late morning slumber.

Washing it clean.

Questionable massage services.

Drinking something red.

Rocking you to sleep.

Static traffic.

Red wall.

Glued to the floor.

A house.

Sharing breakfast.

Just boxers.


Third leg.

A door with tales.

Waiting, or looking for something?

Choosing green.

Public nudity.

Street photography is not exactly a huge thing in Kuala Lumpur. For some unexplained reasons, fresh photographers who dived into DSLR world would shoot portraitures, portraitures, and well, portraitures only. Sometimes, I do feel as though the reasons most of those so called "wannabe-photographers" just bought a DSLR and some nice expensive lenses to shoot girls. Yet, they claim themselves to be true photographers, and the master of their art. I say, photography is a heck lot more than just some bikini babes posing for you by the pool side. Really.

It is a saddening fact that KL is indeed such a rich, resourceful place for any kind of street shooting, and the amount of subjects you can find on the streets never run out.

Street shooting, anyone? Lets attack the KL streets.


  1. Last pic overexposed la woi!

  2. Lance,
    LOL did it burn your eyes?

  3. Just boxers and third leg are my favs. well done!

  4. Hey Robin,

    Go, Go, Go.

    You are doing great, I really wait for your KL street shots. Yes few people do it. Usually the locals are too embarrassed of their "roots" to shoot poverty, homelessness or the hard life, dirt and grime. They are looking for a better life and a cleaner life as their parents told them to chase. When they buy a DSLR, they want to shoot clean, new buildings, safety in shopping malls and leang looi (pretty girls posed).

    When we have kwei loh (mat salleh) foreigners, we don't take them to our embarrasments and dirty old places of poverty - we take them to shopping malls with clean walls of styrofoam and painted wood veneer - so the kwei loh go to places like Thailand, Cambodia, India where people are not afraid to show them the reality.

  5. Hey Aaron,
    Thanks mate !!

    Hey Anandasim,
    Thanks a lot !!
    Yes it is true, many of us local Malaysians here have become so ignorant to the truth that there is still plenty of work to do before we all label our status as what is seen purely from that steel twin towers solely. The streets speak a lot of truths that a lot of us are too chicken to admit.
    I am doing my small part to create some awareness here.

  6. good that u are having fun! your passion never dips...


  7. Another stunning collection.

    And I agree with Lance. That last pix is overexposed. XD

  8. Hi Gette,
    Thanks very much !!
    Perhaps I should have covered that "exposed" body with a towel or something LOL