Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chee Meng & Angeline

Last Sunday, I have had the privilege to be the photographer for a colleague's wedding actual day. Chee Meng is one of the Associate Director's in my work place, and being there to capture those happy and joyful moments of his big day, I must say it was quite a rewarding and refreshing experience. Partnering with me on that very day was an old friend and a great artist, Chun Chow.

It was a full day event spanning all the way into the night. A photographer's job may appear simple and casual, but if one truly puts oneself into the shoes of the photographer, one will find how much impossible amount of effort and time spent into making a photography session work. Nonetheless, witnessing the pure joy and heartfelt laughters occurring throughout this auspicious day made up for all the stress and exhaustion.

Thank you Chee Meng for letting me photograph your wonderful wedding. I wish both you and Angeline the best always.


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  2. Chow, finally u join our cart...

  3. Nice moments of joy there ^^

  4. Hi Fantausy,
    Yeah, you should see how happy he is !!

    Hey serene,
    indeed, that is the photographer's job, to capture the joy of the couple.