Saturday, October 02, 2010

Olympus E-5 Review: On the Streets

Side Note:
1) The loaned Olympus E-5 unit is an initial production unit. The final production unit, which is expected to be available in November 2010 may differ slightly from the initial production unit.
2) This is NOT a technical review, but more of a user-experience oriented review.
3) All photographs taken with Olympus E-5 with 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD lens.
4) General settings: Aperture Priority, ISO200-1000 (varies depending on lighting condition), noise filter OFF or LOW, picture mode: Portrait or DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter, Contrast = 0, Sharpness = 0, Saturation = 0.

Earlier this week, Olympus Malaysia approached me and asked if I would be interested to do a review on the new upcoming flagship professional DSLR body, Olympus E-5. Of course I jumped in and said YES !! I have just received the loaned unit last night from Magdelyn and Tang, whom I must thank for taking the trouble to come down all the way from Mont Kiara to Mid Valley to pass the E-5 to me. I have the E-5 with me now, and guess what I am doing with it?

Yes, lots, and lots and lots of shutter therapy sessions. (To view an image of my E-5 initial production unit, click here)

Umbrella Setup.


Backlanes. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter applied.

I shall not be doing too much technical elaborations. If you want real technical reviews, wait for professional review sites such as DPreview or DXOmark, where information and data are tested at pixel levels. I will also not make any comparisons with any previous Olympus models, such as E-3 or E-30 since I do not own them, and I do not use them extensively. More importantly, you will not find me comparing between Olympus E-5 against its competing rivals from other manufacturers, because I believe you can find all those previous mentioned information everywhere on the internet, knowing that we have too many pixel peepers, technical freaks and brand worshipers around.

I am making myself clear here, if you have not known me well enough, or if this is your first visit here, my purpose and priority in photography is very simple actually: to make photographs happen. Therefore, instead of concentrating on finding out what the camera is capable of in every aspect, I am focusing more on what I can do with the camera. I will tell you what I think and how the camera performs in my brief photography walk with it. Yes you can call this a user-experience review.

All that one man has. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter applied.

Waiting for customers.

An Umbrella with Sadness. Shot from ground level, using the 3inch swivel screen on live view.

Zig-Zagging Staircase. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filer applied. Flare intended.

I have only got the unit last night, and initially there were no plans to go shooting earlier today. Nonetheless the itchiness to try out this new camera has gotten the best of me. I brought the Olympus E-5 and stormed out the house at an early 7.45am to Pudu, one of my usual street hunting places.

In this entry, I am merely touching the surface of what the E-5 can offer. The street photography walk was rather a brief one, ended a little pass noon. I want to share with you guys the initial impression and findings of the Olympus E-5 through such a short session with it. Of course I will have more shutter therapy sessions after this one, which I have planned out to test and review several important aspects of the camera.

For this entry, what I really love from the E-5 are as follows:
1) Extremely fast and reliable Autofocus
2) Drastically improved image quality
3) Impressive 3-inch VGA HyperCrystal LCD Monitor with dual-axis swiveling system, which is also weatherproof (Phheewwwpphh… what a mouthful !!!)
4) Awesome straight out of the camera JPEG
5) New Art Filter-Dramatic Tone

A curious child.

Lost a Front Leg. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filer applied.

The first smile E-5 captured.

Overlooking the back-alley.

1) Extremely fast and reliable Auto-Focus

This Olympus E-5 continues to claim from its predecessor, E-3 that it has the world’s fastest AF system, in combination with the high grade lens, Olympus 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD. I have loaned the 12-60mm lens alongside the Olympus E-5 for review purposes. I must testify to the fact that the AutoFocus system (it consists of 11 twin-cross points, if you must know) was extremely reliable. There were so many spontaneous moments on the streets that requires lightning quick responses both from the photographer and the camera. As I saw the action moving, I pointed the lens to the subject and snapped on the focus without any hesitation.

I have come home with so many usable candid, and very unpredictable shots which happened so suddenly only by luck my hands were quick enough to capture them. This time, the limitation was not on the camera, since the super fast AF never failed to locked on target, and locked on it incredibly accurately. Do note I was shooting both outdoors, and some under extreme shade conditions which can be considered as low light. Such reliability seriously boosted my confidence to search for more challenging subjects and nail them down. Because I know I only have to worry about how fast my hands and fingers can work, rather than having issues of the camera catching up on me. I walked away with almost nearly all spot on focus photographs, with a few misses which was not the camera’s fault anyway.

How old are they? DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter applied.

Rust and Decay.

No place to fall asleep.

Road-Side food seller.

2) Drastically Improved Image Quality.

I have not have much chance of testing specifically the aspects of image quality, which I intend to do so in the coming sessions. Nonetheless, from such initial short attempt on the streets, it was evident that there was a huge improvement in terms of image output. High ISO handling has been enhanced, by what margin I have yet to find out, since I was shooting under day time, the most I pushed was up to ISO1000. So far all images come out rather smooth and with very, very minimal noise, since I set the noise-filter to either low, or OFF completely.

The famous Olympus colours was well maintained in this camera, but I find the colours to pop out even more. There was the pleasing and natural quality in the overall colour rendition from E-5. I particularly notice the difference in balancing between strong red and blue subjects, and the outcome was really lively, vibrant and yet very true-to-life colours. This is something that a lot of photographers dream of: great colours from the camera even without tweaking in the processing process, saving you massive amount of workflow and time.

Preying on sympathetic souls.

Barefeet. Extreme low angle shot taken with live-view on the 3-inch dual-axis swivel LCD screen.

Not Heavy?

No tears.

Sharpness and resolution captured by the 12MP E-5 was nothing short of stunning. I shall not emphasize on this too much, since I plan to do a specific test on the resolution/sharpness improvement in a macro shooting session, which is more suited for the task. Nevertheless, on the whole the photographs were RAZOR SHARP !! This is mainly due to two things, as I was told by Tang yesterday: 1) thinner Anti-Alias filter placed in front of the image sensor and 2) Fine Detail Process technology which was newly implemented in this new Olympus E-5. I just cannot stop myself to pixel-peep (yes I know, shame on me, because I am quite against pixel-peepers, but I just cannot help it) and go wow over and over again looking at the amount of details captured, even from the street subjects which were not really best subjects to test resolution and sharpness.

3) Impressive 3-inch VGA HyperCrystal LCD Monitor with dual-axis swiveling system, which is also weatherproof

I know this feature is not new to E-3, E-30 and E-620 users. However, the improvement made in Olympus E-5 was MASSIVE. First, the resolution has been increased to 920k, making sharpness and focus checking a breeze. The screen, used under bright sunlight, exposed directly outdoor was no problem at all, I could still view it comfortably. The flexibility of the dual-axis swivel was a welcome. You can evidently see some of my shots, which I have taken from extreme low angle thanks to the availability of the swivel screen.

A Workshop. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter applied.

Grabbing Squids.


Sexy arms.

4) Awesome Straight out of the camera JPEG

Olympus is known to have the best JPEG engine, ever. I am delighted to see that they have improved that even more. Do take note that all the photographs on this entry were taken in JPEG, and almost straight out of the camera with very, very minimal processing. I cannot avoid doing some minor processing, due to some slight exposure errors (my own mistake, not the camera) as well as little cropping for better overall presentation. I shot those photographs in the morning today, and I have found time to blog about it and present to you beautiful readers out there in late afternoon. If that does not prove minimal processing I do not know what does.

Even if I did not do any processing at all, the images were already great by themselves. Auto-White balance was amazingly accurate, and the JPEG engine managed to SQUEEZE out every single detail out from the image sensor’s capability. This was quite a huge welcome, for lazy people like me who hates to do much post-processing.

Weighing machine.

Another street cobbler.

Deep Fried.

Guess whats in the pot?

5) New Art Filter-Dramatic Tone

Olympus started Art-Filters, which was scoffed at in the beginning, but oddly being copied shamelessly by even Canon itself in their latest Canon 60D. It is interesting to see Olympus fitting in a new art filter: the Dramatic Tone.

Dramatic Tone is basically a built in pseudo-HDR processing ability, to convert a single exposed image into a HDR like looking image. This should not be mistaken with a real HDR image which requires at least 3 images taken at three different exposures to be merged later. This Dramatic Tone is considered an Art filter, and to be able to do in-camera pseudo HDR processing is really stunning. I found myself addicted to this Art Filter !! I have been applying the Art filter to so many of my shots on the streets. The outcome by using this filter was similar to HDR output: preserved details in highlight and shadow regions, and added the overall painterly surreal quality to the photographs. I am deeply in love with this filter !! Do check out my photographs taken with this filter, as I mentioned the use in the captions beneath the photographs.

Another separate note for existing PEN users, now the E-5 can apply the Art-Filters directly with any other camera shooting modes, such as Programme Exposure, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority. The processing speed for ALL the filters have been improved dramatically, and there was almost no lag at all shooting with Art-Filters. This is one improvement making the photographers’ life much easier, and enjoyable I must say.

Patterns on an old shop. DRAMATIC TONE Arrt-Filter applied.

A cat by the gate.

An Abandoned Shop. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filter applied.

Mickey Mouse. DRAMATIC TONE Art-Filer applied.

Alright alright, I know I have spilled too much for one entry already. I do have soooo many things to tell you guys regarding this Olympus E-5, and yes, I do want to tell desperately. However, allow me time to shoot with E-5 more thoroughly and go through the camera aspects one by one in greater detail before coming back to you guys for better insightful reviews. There will be at least two more shooting sessions I have planned, and I will do my best to upload this blog as soon as I can.

As for now, if you have any questions relating to Olympus E-5, please do not hesitate to email me, or place your inquiries in the comment directly below this entry. Do allow me some time to get back to you, since I am only given three days to review this Olympus E-5, and all I can concentrate now is making more and more images happen !!

I shall head off now, to save the world with the Olympus E-5. Up, up and away !!


  1. does not look too bad. color appears to be diff from the usual color that you shot. Pour in more please. =)

  2. hey wong,
    I did not tweak the colors at all for this entry. normally, I would process and boost up contrast + saturation. However for this entry, I believe you guys want to see the original colour rendition from the JPEG engine.

  3. I don't really like the white overtone of the pictures. Kinda reminded me of the old Lumix.

  4. hey anonymous,
    first off, I really appreciate my commentors to leave a name. T
    The white overtones means, accurate white balance. Which is what most people are striving for these days.

  5. hey fahrur,
    You buys first !! ahahah me no cash la

  6. the color appears to be rather....ahem...i don't know what to say....not really oly? probably after shooting so long with your 520 you should better i guess...

  7. how fahrur... where's ur review ??

    can't wait..

    Any PP u did Robin ?? or straight out from camera... if straight from camera and it sure almost as good as ur 520 shots... no need PP.. can consider man!

  8. wongfk... compmac and blu once told me.. the colour from oly Pro bodies and consumer bodies are different..

    seems like consumer bodies are more warmer and richer in colours

    while the pro tends to be slightly muted a bit..not so rich...

  9. To Anonymous,

    Are you referring to the whites in the dramatic art filter shots? Don't quite get what you mean, please explain...

  10. Dramatic Tone is DRAMATIC.

    j00 must gett eeettt!

  11. Hey wong,
    1)it was cloudy hence the soft and muted color
    2)my normal photos wif e520 i boosted the saturation and contrast a lot
    3) by comparison the signature oly color is there,but e5 is more true to live.

    Hey lkm,
    I wrote so much u never read grrr! Its almost Sooc, just minor crop and exposure compensation. I did not tweak d colors.

    Hey anonymous2,
    i think he meant overal neutral whitish was cloudy cant expect the colors to become like a sunny bright day

    i love it too!

  12. I am soooooo envious and jealous! Olympus Malaysia must be very smart - you have shot more Malaysian natural street scenes than anyone I know. And you are the right one to pick to show off the E-5. I don't know how good the E-5 is compared to your usual cam but the photos in this episode are excellent.

  13. Hey anandasim,
    Thanks for the kind words! I shall be posting more reviews soon! Do come bck soon

  14. Very nice use of a cloudy day. Beautiful capture of texture, slice-of-life street feel, and urban grittiness. Thanks for sharing.

    Was rather disappointed in the E5 based on specs, but the more I see of the JPEG engine, the more my disappointment fades.

    --E30 user in TX

  15. Hi RTRski,
    Thanks so much for the nice words !! I really appreciate them. Though personally I was wishing and praying hard for a sunny bright day, for better colour saturation and contrast.
    The E-5 is indeed lagging behind in terms of specification war, but if we dive in deeper into what the camera can offer, it does not seem to disappoint !! Olympus JPEG engine has always been impressive, and now on E-5 it is even better !!

  16. thank you. looking forward to seeing more about this camra.

  17. Hey Anonymous,
    You are most welcome !! May I at least know your name please?
    I will be shooting more with Olympus E-5 tomorrow. I am trying to capture as many photographs as I can within the limited time I have. Do come back soon for my further reviews. Cheers.

  18. Great job.
    Is it possible also post some videos? Especially in aperture and shutter priority. There's a guy in Russia who tested the E-5 and he complained that he could not select more than 1/30s in speed priority.

  19. Wow. These pictures are impressive.
    I can't wait to make my own with the E5 ...


  20. Wolgang_R ?

    The dramatic tone seems really suited for urban photography..

  21. Thank You Robin,
    Your use of the new art filter shows wise artistic use rather than just curious feature use. Congrats! I loved them (Especially when the art filter was used inside).
    The images also look like they contain so much detail and such good default color. I'm in awe. Great shooting with a great machine! I'll be saving for a year and a half, but I sure am saving. It's my dream camera. Cheers, Seth

  22. Hey dmms,
    I have not shot a video with E-5 yet. I shall try to do so, but I am not sure on which subject is the best to try the video on. I am not very experienced/knowledgeable in video !!
    Nonetheless, I shall try something out soon.

    Hi wolfgang,
    Thanks so much for the compliments.

    Hey Anonymous,
    I agree with you !! It brings out the characters very well.

    Hey Seth ellis,
    Thanks for your kind words !! The resolution captured is near crazy. And I have always loved Olympus colours, it never disappoints. One and a half year? Thats hardcore !!

  23. Great shots, and according to you great camera.
    Can't wait to test it myself.
    Who knows how long it will take to get them here in Canada.

  24. Hey darkesha,
    thanks for your compliments on the shots. It is indeed a great camera. More reviews coming up! Stay tuned.

  25. Hi Robin,

    Nice useful review. However, you say you're not interested in comparing the E-5 to previous Oly models or to any other competing models. So when you say "Image quality is drastically improved," my question is: "Compared to what?"

    (Logging in as anonymous because I do not have the required Google account, but my name is Mike.)

  26. Hey mike,
    when i mentioned i wont do comparisons i meant i wont compare the images side by side with other bodies such as e3 or e30. I believe such direct technical comparisons are best referred to trusted source such as dpreview. I am an Olympus 4/3 dslr E-system user for years now and i can evidently see the "drastically" improved image quality. My review is based on user experience,not tests and experimentations. I hope this helps. Cheers

  27. Hello Robin.

    It's simple, having a picture camera in your hands, you have to think and film as if you were taking pictures. Put the camera on a tripod, pick up the 11-22 and Zoom in, choose 3.5 in aperture priority and focuses manually on the subject, press the button whatever it is, then count 5 or 6 seconds and zoom out slowly, make another count 5 or 6 seconds and stop. Move to another sbject related to the same theme and repeat everything. Do this 3 or 4 times, glue the pieces "et voila". You can do the opposite, zoom out to zoom in, but in this case before filming you should first focus manually with maximum zoom on the subject and then zoom out, make sure you do not touch in the focus ring, and start filming.

    Thanks for listening

  28. Hey Dmms,
    Thanks so much for such detailed explanations. However, I strongly felt that I am not the right person to be doing the video review. I know I am extremely excited as well, since this E-5 is the first Olympus DSLR to be equipped with video recording capability.
    I have mentioned that I am reviewing based on my user-experience, hence without having much knowledge with videographing, I believe this part of review should be done by the experts, or at least someone with strong background on it.
    Another Malaysian who is currently reviewing an E-5 unit has posted up some videos on his blog. Do check out his review here:

    I am sorry I did not help you out here. My focus is specific, making photographs, good photographs happen with E-5.

  29. Hi Robin,

    That's interesting. I can see that the colour are somewhat similar to your other photos. However, photos especially the dramatic tone art filter are great.

  30. hey Sam4605,
    Thanks a lot !! I love the dramatic tone art filter too !!

  31. Great urban photographs - well done! I'm amazed how you managed to take natural-looking shots of people on the street!!

    Just curious - I'm not impressed with AF of my E30. In fact, I often end up having front-focus shots!! Drives me crazy -even with the micro AF adjustments. That's a shame since I really love this camera and the output.

    You say E5 has improved AF - what about accuracy - no front/back focus issues?

  32. Fantastic photos. Now I want one!

  33. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for your compliments !! I really appreciate them.
    So far on my first test run on the streets, there has been completely no focusing issues at all for the 12-60mm lens. however, I cannot say the same for all other lenses. From what I understand, results on AF accuracy differs from lenses to lenses with body combination.

    Hey Phil,
    Thanks !! It is a great camera !

  34. Robin, a very nice and comprehensive review.

    This new E5 may not be revolutionary, but it sure seems like the "ultimate 4/3 camera" so far. And considering it might be the last one made.... I will probably end up getting one.

    That Dramatic Tone Filter is really a nice effect. I generally don't have much use for these filters, other than the pinhole and grainy black and white one... but this one looks like their most interesting filter so far.

  35. Excellent work Robin. Accurate AF top my list of important improvements.


  36. hey Marty,
    Thanks so much !!
    An "ultimate" camera, that is one good way to put it. The dramatic tone art filter is a nice filter, but it is not a filter you can apply to all images such as the pin hole. Only certain scenes work best with the filter.

  37. Hi Cicak,
    The focus was deadly. If it was not accurate, you can always calibrate it.

  38. Thanks for answering me Robin.

    Do you have any special technique at approaching people? What do you say if they are curious why are you photographing them? They know they are being photographed, right?


  39. Hi Ivan,
    There are several approaches that I used on the streets:
    1) Ask their permission. This does not require conversation, but a polite smile, and gesturing on the camera to my subjects, as they nod, it meant that you are free to shoot them. Then I ALWAYS say thank you.
    2) Shoot the subjects without asking for permission. When they are unaware of you, steal the shot quickly. This requires practice, not easy to pull off, but achievable in many situations.
    3) Take hip-shots. hold the camera at hip or waist level with one hand, as the lens points to the side, and as you walk pass your subject, you snap them while your camera is facing them, without looking at the LCD screen. This can achieve the most natural looking photograph, yet very near and full of impact !!
    4) use a long telephoto-zoom lens. Like really long. 70-300mm can do the job. Shoot from across the road, your subject wont even know what you are shooting at.

    I hope this helps !! If you wish for further discussion, feel free to drop me an email !!

  40. Thanks a lot Robin!
    I'll try the "waist-method" you described. I already tried the distance-shooting with 50-200.
    My experience wasn't that good... people were paranoid or just weren't natural.
    In fact, I was shooting some dogs in the field and one 4-5 year old girl approached me and shyly asked - why was I taking photographs of her? I didn't know what to say - I didn't. And even if I did - why was she scared? People are too paranoid I guess... they even spoiled their kids. :(

    Back to the topic: can't wait to put my hands on E5!! I'll sell my E30 for that... simply put - I must have it. :-D

  41. Hi Ivan,
    I am glad you find the tip useful. One thing to keep in mind, SHUTTER SPEED. Must have enough shutter speed to freeze moment. Also, focusing may be a little off, since you do not view it through screen, so this is a little bit of luck: hit and miss affair. Do not be disappointed if a few shots come out blurry or out of focus, or entirely out of frame (since no proper composition was executed). Just keep trying and you will gain more control on the positioning on your camera, and then knowing when and the best way to make the click happen.

  42. Hi Ivan,
    I would take your E30 in for servicing or at least check it has the latest firmware. The only time I have problems with the autofocus in my E-620 is against a bland background, eg shooting eagles against the ski with the 50-200

  43. Hi Robin,
    Read this in FB..".Robin's review has received WORLDWIDE attention over the weekend and had received 2500 unique visitors in 6 hours!!!".
    Congratulation!!!! Robin.

  44. you are sending some chill down my spines. photos look really good and i'm hoping to get my hands on one soon.

  45. Hey Amir,
    Wait till I show you the FULL SIZE resolution files. More chills down your spine.

  46. hi Nevilleve,
    Yeah, I think that is the universal problem for autofocusing against a flat and plain subject. No lines to detect.

    Hey Awang,
    Thanks so much !!

  47. Bro Robin, you did an amazing job for reviewing E-5. The details shown on the old man sitting and the chicken was totally AMAZING for JPEG!!!

    Maybe I'm too pro-Olympus but the sharpness may out do many current full frames.

  48. Hi Robin

    I very much appreciated your comments about your work with the E-5.Of course as a Olympus DSLR user myself I am glad that your remarks are that enthusiastic.

    Thank you very much
    Emilio, Bern, Switzerland

  49. Hi Robin,

    Nice review. I was not really decided on continuing with Olympus till this review. I will be waiting anxiously for the E-5 preview launch this Sat in Singapore.

  50. Hi Nelson,
    thanks !! I cannot make such comparison because I did not do any direct comparisons. Perhaps some review sites out there will do such review? Only time will tell.

    hey Emilio,
    I am glad you find the review here useful !! Cheers.

    Hi Francis,
    Wow, the preview is coming soon !! That must be an exciting event.

  51. hey robin! great street shooting blog, thanks for the idea to go and shoot places like pudu, i guess dodgy and abit scruffy place like pudu is where the great shots are. me, i am e-620 user, got it to shoot my boys and so far its been great! i tend to shoot in RAW and PP by using the vivid color setting. great shots keep it up! good tosee there are other Olympus users out there other N and C fanboys.

  52. hi CH,
    glad to find another fellow Olympus user here in KL !!
    Pudu is a very friendly place. I love going there, and the market there has so many good photography opportunity !!

  53. To some the e5 specs are not at par to todays technology but the pictures you've produced on this camera exceeds my expectations. I know I will have fun playing with this camera once it's in my hands. Thanks for sharing your photograph to the. Keep shooting!

  54. Hi Eric,
    Thanks you mate. It is one great camera. there will be some more reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

  55. These pictures look great.... the Dramatic Tone looks great, the low-light looks great, the sharpness is great, basically this is the best FourThirds ever, and hopefully not the last. I'll be buying an E-5 once the price drops to a more realistic number....

  56. Hey Jason,
    Thanks !! I know, so far everything looks great. Now just have to wait for professional reviews to convince the whole world that they are indeed great.

  57. Robin, randomly checked your blog and found this review... the photo looks great!! hmmm... from the low light i can see the picture looks good in ISO1600, even 3200 still doable :)

    btw do you get to keep the camera?

  58. Hey PuiKia,
    The photos look really good indeed.
    Unfortunately, the camera has been taken away from me. Sadness !!!

  59. Robin....your review is killing me man.....I'm very proud to be an Olympusies...Well done...humble, straight forward and very useful review....

  60. Hi Jaiorgjohor !!
    Thanks man. Go buy one !! Ahhahaa.
    Olympus is a great camera system. We must go shooting together again.

  61. Great review. Any idea as to when we can purchase.

  62. hi anonymous,
    Thanks !! It should be available some time in november worldwide.

  63. I've had several levels of Olympus DSLRs. I've also tried Canon and Nikon, and I have to say Olympus takes the prize every time forcolor quality. I rarely have to adjust contrast or saturation in my pictures. The color is also very accurate in color tests I have performed- it's the first test I perform on any camera because I can't stand inaccurate colors. I love my E-3, but I can't wait for the E-5.

  64. Hi anonymous,
    Thanks for the reassurance of Olympus colour accuracy. I am sure, E-5 will amaze you with the same trend of pleasing and lovely colours. I strongly believe that colours are very important in my photographs too, and with Olympus I rarely have to play around with them.

  65. Thanks Robin !!! Very good work and explanation ;O)

  66. Wow! I am in love! :)

    I'm starting to put some money aside for the E-5 right now!!

    I love my E-620, but I am ready for an upgrade!!

    Thanks for providing several samples. :)

  67. hi Alterzone1947,
    You are most welcome. E-5 is a great camera, you will love it !!

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  69. Ken Thomas Photography11/28/2010 05:05:00 PM

    Your blog is extremely informative and true to life. It is refreshing to see brilliant photo's that explore what the camera is actually designed to do, take great pictures. I shoot with an E-1, E-500 w/50mm, 50-200mm, 14-54mm combo and was primed up to purchase an E-3 as the next progression. I must rethink now.

  70. Hi ken,
    Thank you so much for such kind words !! It is my great desire to blog and share my thoughts and feelings about E-5.
    If you are looking for an upgrade, you should consider E-5, it is huge step up from E-3. I am sure you will love it very much.

  71. I have noticed that there seems to be a white line around the edges of people, buildings and even the motor bike around the handle bars. Is this because of your editing?


  72. Hi, I wound up on your pages while researching the E-5. I've had the E-1 for several years and felt the new one worth the charge. Unfortunately here in Canada Olympus has all but abandoned the so-called "Pro" class support. Their website is out of date and many parts don't even work. They don't seem to have an official E-5 dealer in this city of three million plus!
    However, after reading your enthusiastic support I went out and bought one yesterday. Now the slow learning curve!

    I know you don't work for Olympus but hopefully you get recognized in some way. You helped keep a potential wanderer in line.

    I'm a non-pro doing mainly travel photography and we're off to Vietnam in a couple of weeks. Do you have any suggestions/comments for shooting there? My first time shooting that far south.

    Many thanks, DaveC

  73. Hello DaveC,
    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.
    I am glad you have made the decision to get an E-5. I am sure you will not regret the decision, and have many great photography adventures with it.
    I am surprised to hear that Olympus Canada is not promoting the Olympus DSLR E-System anymore, it is indeed a sad case, because I do feel that E-system is a great system.
    About Vietnam, I have not been there personally. I am currently in Malaysia, and the only place out of Malaysia I have been to was Perth, Australia. I too wish to explore the other states, but I shall save up cash first, and will surely travel to see the world.

  74. Hi Robin

    I have been thinking for a couple of weeks about a smaller , quieter, more unobtrusive camera for candid street photography than my 7D and 5D mk III and the L series lenses that tend to draw too much attention, in every way, if you know what I mean. I had short listed three - the Fuji X-Pro 1, the NEX 7 and the OMD EM 5. I quite liked the overall aspects of the Olympus from whatever and I think your review nailed it. Did you mention the lens you used in this session. I may have missed it if you did.

    I have never used Olympus but am told they have some very good prime lenses in the four-thirds range like the 12mm f/2.0 and the 45mm f/1.8. I also understand that Voigtlander's 17.5 f/0.95 and 25 f/o.95 also work great with this camera. Any opinions on this?

    I am quite excited about the whole idea of buying into the four-thirds gear with all these high speed wide aperture prime lenses at such, relatively, reasonable prices.

    By the way, as others have mentioned, I too found the colours a bit, how do you say, over the top, a bit too loud or garish - a bit un-naturally so if you please. One sees such colours from many small compacts as well. I would expect one could make adjustments to get softer/more subdued tones.

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