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Olympus E-5 Review: Macro Shooting at Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur

Side Note:
1) This is a continuation from my first review of the Olympus E-5 (click).
2) The Olympus E-5 unit loaned from Olympus Malaysia is an initial production unit.
3) General camera settings: Picture Mode: Vivid, Saturation = 0, Sharpness = 0, Contrast = 0, Noise Filter = LOW
4) Very minimal post processing done: Slight exposure compensation (my own fault, not the camera) and minor cropping for better overall presentation. I did not do any colour changes, what you see basically is straight out of camera JPEG.

"You think you all have seen how sharp Olympus 50mm F2 macro lens is? Think again. Wait till you see HOW SHARP the lens is on the Olympus E-5 body."

I am back, with MORE photographs taken with Olympus E-5 !! I am so excited I cannot wait to share with you beautiful readers out there.

Before I jump any further, I must thank all of you visitors from around the world !! For some reasons, my first part of the review for Olympus E-5 has been linked to so many websites and photography forums everywhere. Special thanks to all you lovely folks from DPreview forum, I was shocked to find my link up there. A huge, warm hello to you guys !!

Allow me to reiterate my purposes I have set out for reviewing the loaned Olympus E-5 unit. I shall not delve into technical aspects of the camera, and there will not no comparisons between this E-5 and any previous Olympus 4/3 DSLR bodies. This review shall be focused on producing more and more images, a taste of what a photographer can achieve with an E-5 on hand. In other words, it is all about what I can do with the E-5, rather than what it can do by itself. My review will be centered on my personal thoughts and feelings during my brief encounter with it in my limited photography sessions. For extensive technical reviews and comparisons, please kindly wait patiently for official review from trusted photography dedicated websites, such as DPreview. I am sure the folks there are at their busiest moment now, with so many new cameras lined up for review.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/250 sec, F/2.5, ISO 200. Yes, I did ask the permission of the parents for this shot.

With that said, lets roll out the images, and talk about what I have done this morning !!

I woke up to yet another ugly cloudy day. I had one objective in mind in the morning, to do macro photography at Butterfly Park, KL. Armed with the Olympus E-5 body, I brought along Olympus 50mm F2.0 Macro and an external flash, Olympus FL-36R. If you must know, yes I am a macro crazy person.

For this particular review sessions, what I have found about the new Olympus E-5, when it comes to macro photography are as follows:
1) Stunning resolution captured, with massive amounts of fine details maintained in the image.
2) Very reliable wireless TTL-Flash control.
3) Autofocus with the 50mm F2 macro was fast and reliable.

1) Stunning Resolution Captured.

You think you all have seen how sharp Olympus Zuiko Digital 50mm F2 macro lens is? Think again. Wait till you see HOW SHARP the lens is on the Olympus E-5 body. I am not kidding.

All the photographs in this entry are taken with the 50mm macro lens. I was told (and most of you have read) by the Product Manager, Tang that E-5 is designed to deliver Highest per Pixel Sharpness ever on Olympus 4/3 DSLR. This was accomplished by introducing the new technology into the E-5, the "fine detail process". Basically, this "fine detail process" applies a significantly thinner Anti-Aliasing Filter (Olympus calls it Optical Filter) in front of the image sensor to allow more details to be captured. To counter the moire issue, the new TrupicV+ image processing engine will correct it digitally, in camera. The new TrupicV engine is also responsible to squeeze every single detail out of the sensor.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/125sec, F/6.3, ISO200, No-Flash

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/60sec, F/11, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

You cannot believe how sharp the photos are? Lets see it on 100% view crop of 800x800 pixels !!

The area of interest which I have focused manually on was the eye of the dragonfly.

100% crop of 800x800 pixels from the previous photograph.

If this does not take your breath away, I do not know what will !!

How do I find the results? Although just a mere 12MP sensor (since other manufacturers go up to crazy numbers in MP) I must say, the amount of details captured and presented in the final image output blew my me away. Bear in mind, all photographs were shot in JPEG, and this evidently shows how efficient the image processing worked to optimize JPEG image output. Zoomed in at 100% view, the sharpness was really awe-worthy.

I am not a pixel-peeper, no, but I do care about the details captured, especially when I get serious about macro photography. This was the first time I have seen anything so spectacular being captured on an Olympus DSLR body !! I must say, their claim on the Highest Per Pixel Sharpness is not just a marketing gimmick. The Fine Detail Process implementation is not something to be taken lightly, it is one huge step in image quality improvement on Olympus DSLR system.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/125sec, F/5.0, ISO400, No-Flash

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/160sec, F/4.0, ISO500, No-Flash

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/320sec, F/4.0, ISO200, No-Flash

2) Very Reliable Wireless TTL Flash.

Before we go on further, allow me to explain the techniques on how I shot some of the extreme magnification images. Olympus 50mm F2 macro allows us to go as close as 0.5x magnification (1x on 35mm format equivalent). At such large magnification, we need smaller aperture, somewhere from F11-16 to be able to capture adequate Depth of Field. Therefore, to counter the loss of light, the flash is an important tool in macro photography.

Since the implementation of the wireless TTL-flash, I have been using it extensively on my macro works. The following steps describe how I execute my use of wireless TTL-flash on macro:

1) Olympus E-5 with 50mm macro lens was held single-handedly by my right hand

2) External flash, FL-36R was held by my left hand, with wireless TTL mode activated and ready to fire. I have al-cheapo omnibounce flash diffuser cap on the flash head all the time. The flash was aimed at the subject mostly from the side, slightly above their head level.

3) General camera settings: Shutter Speed from 1/60sec to 1/80 sec (to capture a little bit of ambient light, if possible for a more natural look), Aperture from F/11-F/16 (to control and maximize depth of field required), ISO200.

4) Manual Focus, with the lens set to the amount of magnification required, mostly full 0.5x magnification. I rocked myself back and forth until the zone of focus-interest was seen clear/sharp on my viewfinder, and I fired the shutter button.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/160sec, F/5.0, ISO400, No-Flash. Do take note on how E-5 handles extreme contrast conditions, such as the black region on the butterfly against a directly lit by sunlight bright petals. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the details are still preserved.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/100sec, F/6.3, ISO400, No-Flash

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/16, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

Do take note that I only use the abovementioned technique with very extreme magnification subjects, such as ants and tiny spiders. For larger subjects such as butterflies, I just employ simpler shooting style.

I find the wireless-TTL to work very well. The overall colors it produced was very natural, blending seamlessly with available natural light. The TTL metering (I used center-weighted on camera) was very reliable as well. I hardly find myself fine tuning the TTL settings by doing any flash exposure compensation. The photographs came out very well balanced. If you see any harshness in the photographs, it was all my own fault. I did not device a more efficient diffusing technique, and that is the next step I must take in my macro photography learning curve.

3) AutoFocus with 50mm Macro was fast and reliable.

I know many of you would cringe at the mention of the Olympus legendary 50mm macro lens. The Autofocus is so legendary that at times you would override it to manual completely for better and faster control.

I find that to be completely irrelevant on Olympus E-5 !!

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/60sec, F/8.0, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/14, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/14, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

This was quite an unexpected discovery. On my ordinary shots that did not require high magnification, I relied solely on the Autofocus to nail my subjects down in this macro photography session. Most of my subjects were constantly moving, such as the butterflies that never stayed still on one spot. Fast focusing was crucial, and a slight lag means you miss the entire opportunity. The 50mm was not lightning fast on E-5, but it was VERY fast. Obviously it will not be as fast as any SWD lenses which was optimized for speed, but the reliablity issue on the focusing has been addressed. There was not even once, throughout my nearly 3 hours shooting session in butterfly park, did the 50mm hunt for focus. This was certainly a great news for current 50mm F2 users out there.

The focusing snapped on very quickly, and almost all the time, accurately. Of course, if your focus was set to infinity, to bring it back to a focusing distance of, say less than 30cm, it does require some time for the optics to move in, but still the time required was tolerable. I am not going to put down numbers here (how fast, how many nanoseconds, micro seconds, come on, seriously???) but if you are an E-3 user with 50mm, or any Olympus DSLR body user, you will know how unreliable and miserable the focusing can be at times. I did not test the 50mm out under low light condition in this session, but that shall be covered in my next coming review.

Oh yes, this is NOT my last review entry. There will be at least one more.

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/10, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/250sec, F/4.0, ISO200, No-Flash

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/14, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

I have come home with so many usable macro photos, and I was very glad to say that E-5 can really perform in this field. Macro photography is a very demanding work, especially when it comes to camera and lens capability. Olympus has one of the greatest macro lenses out there in the market, which was strongly described by DPreview itself as the "most technically perfect lens" available. It was refreshing to find that the full potential of this lens can be stretched even further with the coming Olympus E-5 body. I just cannot stop myself from wowing over and over again when I review my images after each shot. I know I know, don't chimp right? I just could not help it.

I do hope that this review has been helpful to all of you. I wanted to show you what I can do with the Olympus E-5. I am not a professional photographer, I do not earn a living doing photography work. I live photography as my lifestyle, and I consider myself a photography-enthusiast. I have always been a strong believer in what Olympus can offer. There has been too many backlashes going around, especially the "brand-wars" which I will not be getting into. I love photography, I love to make beautiful images (I hope they are), and that is what this review is all about.

Manual Exposure, Manual Focus, 1/80sec, F/14, ISO200, Wireless-TTL Flash fired off-camera.

Aperture Priority, Single-AutoFocus, 1/160sec, F/5.6, ISO200, No-Flash

In the coming review, I shall be focusing specifically on extreme low light focusing, and high ISO noise performance of the camera. Do allow me some time to write up the review. At the meantime, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your question on my comment box below, or drop me an email.


  1. Hey Akiraceo,
    Yalor !!! Damned sharp man.

  2. Good work dud! I Can't wait to see your low light / high ISO review. Can you try to shoot w/ both 12-60 SWD & 50-200 SWD lenses? Thanks & keep it up

  3. Hey Anonymous,
    Thanks so much for your compliments.
    I shot the low light test condition with 12-60mm and 50mm f2 macro. I did not have the 50-200mm lens, unfortunately.
    I will be posting the entry up probably in 2-3 days time, do allow me time to catch my breath !!

  4. Robin,really sharp the picture.i feel like OMG so nice the photo.
    Amy LI (FB)

  5. Hi Amyli,
    Thanks !! It is VERY sharp. Scary.

  6. Good job robin.

    Simply an amazing photos with the E-5 and 50mm. The crop one is a good point to prove the pixel resolution.

    While all this amaze me, wait till the price of E-5 announcement.

  7. Hey Sam4605,
    Thanks mate !!
    I believe many will think the price is crazy. Well, if we see it from another point of view, it is a weather sealed, and dust proof professional grade body. That itself cannot sell too cheap, right? Or else people will brand Olympus as being a cheap brand, which is not an image they want.

  8. Hey LKM,
    Die of Poison-Overdose?

  9. Hey LKM,
    LOL how bout with 35-100?

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  12. Hi Am,
    too bad I sold off mine !!!! Arrghhhhhhhh regret regret.

    Hey LKM,
    WTF go sleep la. Work tomorrow man.

  13. > Yes, I did ask the permission of the parents for this shot.

    Jeez, how did you manage to find the butterfly's parents???!!!

  14. Hey rennie,
    LOL !! Good one.

  15. You make me wanna ditch Canon and switch to Olympus.

    It's so sharp that I get cut by just looking at it.

  16. Hey Jasonmumbles,
    It is scary man. Your L lens is SHARP la. You just do not pixel-peep. which is a good thing. Don't start LOL.

  17. If this does not take your breath away, I do not know what will !!

    No, it doesn't, I'm still among the living. I'm happy with my delete button on my computer, have to do it all over again...
    Congratulations with these pictures.

  18. Great images! I'm looking forward to the next blog segment. I'm not a pixel peeper but enjoyed peeping at the above pixels:)

  19. Hey Robin, these pics from the E-5 are great, I can see why Olympus chose you to test it. You are obviously a great photographer and very passionate and I will continue to look at your blog regularly.

    Your E-5 review is linked on both and in the UK. I should think by now you are famous all over the World!

    Very much looking forward to Part Three of your rview and thank you so much for sharing it with us.



  20. And we are also following you in the flickr E-System Community

    Lovely shots BTW, super sharp

  21. Hey Joop,
    LOL, how bout, did it take your breath away temporarily?
    Thanks mate.

    Hey ramontn,
    Thanks!! I know I know, I am not a pixel-peeper too, but the pixels are just calling out to us to be peeped !!

  22. Hi John,
    Thanks so so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them !!
    I am NOT a great photographer, but thanks for the compliments. I am still very new to photography, there is so much more to learn still.
    I have also noticed the links on the forums !! I am very flattered.
    The part three will have to wait a little bit, I have spent almost all my weekend shooting and doing those reviews !!

    Hi Phil Burns,
    A big hello to to Flicker E-System Community !!! The E-5 is super sharp, I almost could not believe it the first time I reviewed it on the camera LCD display.

  23. sleepy...

    ur blog appeared in 43Rumors!!

  24. Hey LKM,
    Thanks for the mention !!

  25. Robin..
    Great Review..! E-5 soo sharp and DR so much improvement from my E-3.
    Make me drool and want to buy this camera..!
    You mention all your picta are JPEG from camera? what kind of PP did you apply? beside resizing?

  26. Hi Robby,
    the only post processing i applied was exposure compensation which was very minor,to maintain the consistency of the images for overall presentation. I did not tweak the colors at all.

  27. Hi robin....

    Beautiful pictures.Keep it up...Cannot wait to see the third segment. Don't keep us waiting too long ya....

  28. Hey Dr Soon Ruey!
    Nice to find you here. Thanks for the encouragement. The next part of review will be up in 1-2 days time. Shooting non stop and writing two blog entries over the weekend was exhausting, but fulfilling. Need to catch my breath

  29. I just had to post a comment.

    Marevlous pictures; reaal sharp.

    I was having doubts about whether to carry on the 4/3 system (haven't sunk in too much), but if the E5 is a harbinger for Oly's future cameras, GLAD TO BE ONBOARD.

    And; I envy your skill and vision!


  30. Hi marq,
    thank you so much for posting a comment. I always encourage blog readers to say something. Staying with olympus 4/3 system is a wise choice.
    Thanks also for your compliments on my photography works. Im still new there is so much to learn and explore! Photography is a great fun and fulfilling too, everyone should enjoy it!

  31. Thanks a ton for putting up a review that just talks pictures..its what i've really enjoyed (as compared to all the technical jargon that alwaysprecedes/follows any camera release).
    Its one decision maker for me to upgrade as soon as i get my purse comfortable..
    Great picture showcase..keep em coming

  32. Hey Rajsurin,
    thanks for the generous remarks!
    I figured that the web is full of technical reviews, why should i be redundant and contribute to the similar reviews. Instead i do what i love most, take photographs!

  33. You did real good! Forget about the tech jargon, you just proved the quality in the photos.

  34. Hey anandasim,
    thanks so much! I believe what matters most is how the E-5 would perform in the hands of the photographer, not so much of all the specification war and chase for technical perfection. I am glad everyone received my reviews positively!

  35. hmmmm....interesting...after back from beijing this is what i see... =)

  36. Hey Wong,
    Were you expecting something different?

  37. Robin,

    I have the 50mm f2 macro but with E-510 body, don't you think is a waste for my macro lens? :)

    No excuse not to change to E-5 other then $$$ issue.

    You are great photography-enthusiast, hope to go shooting with you one day.

  38. Bro, many thanks!! Hope you could show high ISO for next review e.g., ISO 1600, 2000, 3600.

    I'm a strong Olympus believer too! Good job bro!

  39. Haha, robin i guess that is for you to tell me. You did prove a point over there with the pictures that you shot. However to invest on this cam, one would really have to sit down and think through about it. What do you think ? Would you? =). As usual , excellent macro shots from you.

  40. Hi Cannon Ong,
    I think E-510 is a great camera, and the 50mm on it is quite sharp already.
    Nonetheless, it gets even better with E-5 !!

    Hey Nelson,
    Yes, it will be reviewed. Extreme low light shooting condition, up to ISO6400. Stay tuned.

  41. Wong,
    I am not entirely sure what you are expecting from the E-5. A miracle perhaps?
    It all comes down to what a photographer does, and what he needs from a camera. A professional photographer once told me the D700 is soul-less. Yet so many people worship it.
    I want a camera that synchronizes with my shooting style. It does not have to have the best ISO performance,it does not have to have the best AF in the world. It does not even have to be the sharpest or produce the best colours. As long as it can do what I do best, it is a good camera to me.
    Of course, I can only say this for myself. If you have other expectations, feel free to share.

  42. Hmmm....Probably i need to get test piece to perform a site shooting on the shoots that i do. If it is able to shoot without a hitch , i believe it is a viable option.=). Pricing will be an issue on this "gem". There is a reason behind why i am staying with what i have been using. And probably the reason is pretty much similar to what you have just said earlier. Soul-less..hahahaha

  43. Hey Lefoose,
    Maybe you should try call Olympus Malaysia up and arrange for a unit? Probably now they wont provide you instantly, but surely I do not see any reason not to do so when timing is right.

  44. Hi lucky of you....I reserve my 50mm for E5.......can't

  45. i think we need to a TT session robin..LOL..will call you soon... Meanwhile keep up the good job

  46. Hi Wong,
    any time during evening. Lemme know.

  47. Thanks for another round of great pictures.
    I have no doubts E-5 will be great camera and I see myself buying one for sure, but on the other hand I believe if you took your E-520 and the 50mm macro the images would come up as good or even better (because you know your camera really good). This is due to fact that you are a really good photographer and that means that any camera in your hands will produce amazing pictures.

  48. Hey darkesha,
    thanks so so much for such kind words. You are being too kind !!
    As much as I love shooting with E-520, I must admit it has several issues such as, poor AF performance and usable ISO up to 800 only. Nonetheless, for non AF and high ISO critical environment, the E-520 by itself is more than a great camera to use !! I treasure its small and lightweight design too.

  49. You are a great photographer and E-5 rocks!!!

  50. Hi from ID Olympian! Your blog is also now linked from

    Great shots! Can't wait to get my hands on E-5.

  51. cool pictures
    thanks for sharing

  52. Hi Annonymous,
    Thanks !!

    Hey Rocky,
    Thanks so much for the link to ID Olympian. I am sure the E-5 will be available real soon.

    Hi Jufe,

  53. Just finished reading your E-5 review, Robin (I followed a link from dpreview). I must admit, I am VERY impressed.

    I've been a bit dubious about Olympus lately, and have reminded myself that the wonderful lenses are what brought me to Oly, and they're still wonderful. Now I realize that those lenses can get even better on the new body! I'll be looking for an upgrade for my E-510 (and small and fun E-PL1) next year, and I'm seriously tempted to forget about the size issues I've had with the E-3 and get an E-5.

    Thanks for a very enjoyable, hands-on review.


  54. Hi Christa from DPreview,
    Glad to find you here. Thanks so much for the compliments. Little did I know I get so many good response from my hands on review.
    I would keep the E-PL1 though, a good, very convenient camera to have when you do not want to bring the giants out to play !

  55. Hey great review! Love how you steered clear of the techy stuff and saw photography as an art as it should be.
    I'm shooting a 520 as well, and I will agree with you on the weaknesses of that camera, as small and wieldy as it is!

    How much of an improvement would you say the E5 is to the 520?

  56. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for understanding my approach of not concentrating on the technical aspects.
    It is dangerous to make direct comparisons between E-5 and E-520, since both are different cameras. One of professional grade, while the other is entry level.
    Improvement, definitely a HUGE yes.

  57. Hi robin,

    great great pics, your blog was introduced in Japan under E-5 comments,

    so many Japanese fun saw your pics,
    good job!

  58. Hi Tom in Manila,
    Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate that !!

  59. Hi robin,
    Thanks for great user's reviews.
    Your blog was introduced in in Thailand.;topicseen#msg13962

  60. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks so much for the mention !! I am glad I can reach out to beautiful Thai people too !!

  61. Excellent photos, I love the 50mm macro and it truly odes looks better on the E-5 than any previous Fourthirds camera.

    Does the built-in flash still need to be raised and fire in order to set off the wireless flash??

  62. Hey Anonymous,
    Thanks for your compliments !! The 50mm is indeed my favourite lens too.
    yes, the pop up flash needs to be raised up to trigger the wireless flash.

  63. Cracking shots!

  64. Hi Steelback,
    Thanks to the E-5 !!

  65. Hi Robin,
    you published no ISO 100 shot. Did you do that by accident, or do you avoid to use ISO 100 because ISO 200 is better?
    Thank you + best regards

  66. Hi Emanuel,
    The native ISO sensitivity for the E-5 is 200. Anything below 200 was extrapolated, and by using lower ISO setting such as ISO100 can result in very slight degradation of image quality. Hence I shot the photos at ISO200 for optimized quality.

  67. I am breathlless from the quality of the butterflies macros. 10+!

  68. Hey Robin,

    These photos are some of the sharpest I've seen from almost any camera. This is amazing. I have an E-620, flash, grip, and 50mm macro - just for shooting close-ups. Consider my E-620 up for sale, because after seeing these shots, I know I need the new E-5. Plus the dramatic tone and 920K screen and HD video, are just icing on the cake.

    I've considered the E-PL1, and GH1, GH2 to attach my 50 mm macro to, but the native FT is still the way to go for now...

    I'm hoping the price will have dropped to about $1,400 or $1,500 by December or January, so I can buy this. $1,700 is a little steep.


  69. Thanks Jason, for dropping by a comment.
    I believe the E-620 itself is a very good camera considering the entry level price point and its size/weight. nonetheless E-5 is an entirely different beast, hence heavier price tag.
    I do not foresee any drop of price anytime soon though.

  70. Hi Robin,
    Nice shots for macro, very sharp!

    You should test the 12-60 with C-AF too to see how it react, whether it is consistently focus precisely.

  71. hi Robin,
    Nice shots!
    After owning an OM1 since 1976 and loving every shot with Zuiko prime lenses. Shooting autoracing, concerts, nature landscape, macro wild flowers, cityscapes and portraits. I'm now ready for a DSLR. Kodachrome RIP. I like to stay with Olympus and the E5 could be the ticket. This is a $3000 to $4000 investment on a DSLR system, so I'm also checking out the Nikon 7000D and the Canon D7. The Canon and the Nikon systems with a bigger sensor and more pixels look enticing but when I see your shots from this posting and the previous posting. I'm blown away. These E-5 samples look better than the Nikon and Canon samples I've seen. The E-5 pictures look so sharp, I know I'm viewing from an Imac monitor and the real test is to see them printed as large blow up prints. But they look so good, sharp with great color rendition. So all that old school of thought of, larger sensor size and pixel count produces better images isn't really valid any more. With the Olympus E5 with it's 12.3 megapixel 4 thirds sensor, their new TruPic V+ processor and Zuiko Digital lenses make up for it and look sharper than the rest. The final product is what really counts and your images are proving that. I can't wait to see the next posting.
    Thank you for your samples

  72. Hi anonymous,
    I have returned the E-5 to Olympus Malaysia. Do check out more reviews online by other review sites !!

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for the kind comments. I really appreciate them.
    Wow, you have been using the OM1 since forever !! Lots of good memories with it I see.
    E-5 will not dissappoint, even in comparison with any nikon or canon out there. Olympus Zuiko Digital optics by themselves are a class of its own. Combined with the more capable E-5, with much reliability (weather sealing/magnesium alloy body) I am sure you will be happy with it.
    I have done 7 part of reviews. This macro shooting is the second one. If you have not done so, please check the sidebar of my blog. Thanks.

  73. Those shots are amazing!

    The E-5 seems to be a very nice machine but, like Ken Rockwell would say, the merit always goes to the person behind the camera... :)

    I owned several SLR over the years and, as far as the colors accuracy goes (automatic white balance), Olympus are, in my opinion, the best on the market, although I do miss my Fuji S5 Pro...

    Keep on the good work. I added your blog in my favorites! :)

  74. Wow Robin,
    These are so awesomely sharp. What settings do you use in camera for sharpening and noise?
    Can't wait for mine, its in the postal system somewhere.

  75. Hi Alterzone1947,
    Thank you so much for your support !! I appreciate it.
    I strongly agree that Olympus produces awesome colours, even straight out of camera without tweaking. I like fuji cameras too, have heard wonderful things about them from friends, but never shot with one extensively.

    Hey Nevilleve,
    Thanks for the compliments !!
    As written on the side note at the beginning of the entry:
    3) General camera settings: Picture Mode: Vivid, Saturation = 0, Sharpness = 0, Contrast = 0, Noise Filter = LOW
    4) Very minimal post processing done: Slight exposure compensation (my own fault, not the camera) and minor cropping for better overall presentation. I did not do any colour changes, what you see basically is straight out of camera JPEG
    I hope this helps.
    Please do not hesitate to email me if you have more questions. Thanks !!

  76. Hi Robin,

    Your review is very useful & informative. The pictures are GREAT.

    I wonder whether you tried to take photos with the noise filter set to OFF. If you did I'd appreciate your opinion regarding this issue.



  77. Hi Avi,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    I have tried taking with the noise filter off, but not extensive enough to make any useful conclusions.
    I have set it to low because I want to present my photographs here as truthfully as I can in terms of real life shooting. It is impossible to expect any sensor, even full frames or larger sensors to show no noise at all, even at low ISO say 800-1000. Hence that is where the filter comes in.
    Do wait for more comparison shots from DPreview. I am sure information there will be more helpful.

  78. Ken Thomas Photography11/28/2010 05:18:00 PM

    Thank you once again for showing us the true capability of the new E-5. This type of quality is why I use Olympus DSLR's.

  79. Hi Ken Thomas,
    Not many people realize the true potential of Olympus E-System, but I am really glad you do !! It is such a joy to use.

    Thanks again for your helpful commentary on the photos...

  81. excellent pictures.
    The Olympus E5 delivers sharp images. All are at 200-400 iso. Will post somes at 1600 and up, to see how it works at high iso?
    Thanks for sharing.

  82. Hello wedding photographer france,
    Thanks for the compliments. Yes, E-5 delivers impressively sharp images.
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