Monday, October 04, 2010

Olympus E-5 Review: Extreme Low Light Shooting at Aquaria, KLCC

Side Note:
1) The loaned Olympus E-5 is an initial production unit.
2) This is a user-experience based review.
3) General camera parameters: Picture Mode - Natural, Noise Filter - LOW, Sharpness - 0, Contrast - 0, Saturation - 0.
4) Minor post processing performed on the photographs besides resizing. Only slight exposure compensation and a little cropping for better overall presentation. The photographs are almost straight out of camera JPEG.

First of all, I have to say a big THANK YOU to forumers from all around the world !! Hello you beautiful people from DPreview, FourThirds User, FourThirds Photos, E-System Talk UK and (and also so many dozens more forums in all languages, website links and blog links). I am overwhelmed with such massive response, and certainly this is very encouraging for me. You guys made my review works and photography walk with the E-5, no matter how brief it was, very worthwhile and fulfilling !

I have noticed a lot of positive remarks on my style of reviewing the Olympus E-5. Thank you all so much for understanding why I chose to break the norm of fixed mundane redundant technicalities based reviews. I believe you all trust DPreview and many other photography review sites, so lets just leave the number games to them to deal with more efficiently, and definitely, more accurately. My user-experience oriented review style was probably not a very popular option, but skipping the technical part means I can concentrate on photography. If you guys do not know this yet, Olympus E-System is ALL about PHOTOGRAPHY. So, this is what I love to do best, to make photographs happen !!

50mm F2 macro, ISO 640, 1/400 sec, F/2

100% crop 800x600 pixels from the previous photograph.

I have been doing my part in tracing the response on the discussions everywhere related to this E-5 review I have done here. I am sorry I am not able to trace all the feedback, since it has become increasingly impossible to keep track over such huge development everywhere. Most of the reviews I have noticed so far are very positive, I appreciate very kind words on my photography works, though I must remind you all that I am NOT a professional photographer. I am merely just a photography-enthusiast. On the other hand, there are some remarks, or requests, which I shall address as follows:

1) Video recording.
Yes I have done one. Check out at the end of this entry.

2) Photo size is too small.
I am sorry for resizing the photographs down to 800 pixels width only, since anything bigger will slow my blog down significantly. Nonetheless, I shall provide several more 100% crops for your pixel-peeping pleasure.

3) High ISO performance
This is the main thing I am addressing in this particular blog entry.

4) Noise Filter tests at different settings.
I know many of you are curious to see how different noise filter applied can have impacts on the overall noise to detail ratio output. I am sorry I will not do such comparison here, because if I do so I might end up with many repetitive shots, which will be redundant and come to a 100 images per blog entry. That is insane !! Lets leave this comparison tests to our beloved DPreview folks, shall we? I am sure you will trust their results more than mine.

5) Contradiction of not wanting to do comparisons, but making claims that image quality on E-5 has been improved.
I have been an E-System user for years now, and I have encountered almost all Olympus DSLR camera bodies. After reviewing the E-5, without even comparing directly, or making side by side studies, I can, without any doubt come to a very general conclusion that the image quality has indeed been drastically improved. Any constant E-System user will surely notice the great difference in the JPEG files. Improved by how much, again, the number games, I shall leave them out from this review.

50mm F2 macro, ISO 1600, 1/40 sec, F/2

100% crop 800x600 pixels from the previous photograph.

50mm F2 macro, ISO 4000, 1/100 sec, F/2

100% crop 800x600 pixels from the previous photograph.

11-22mm, ISO 6400, 1/40 sec, F/3.5

100% crop 800x600 pixels from the previous photograph.

I know there are probably a dozen more demands out there, I apologize in advance for not being able to fulfill everyone’s requests. I did whatever I can, in my power, within three days only with the Olympus E-5 to make this review happen. There was obviously a lot of real shooting time involved (which was the main agenda for me). I beg your understanding.

Alright, lets dive in to today’s main agenda, Olympus E-5 on extreme low light shooting conditions.

I brought the Olympus E-5 to Aquaria at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), and went in with an aim of shooting with extremely high ISO settings. If you have visited any aquarium or underwater related fish/water animal shows, you will understand how impossibly dim the lighting is inside. This was the perfect setup to test the ISO performance on user-review oriented purposes. I will not tell you how many stops the ISO noise performance has improved, or whether the high ISO settings are usable or not. Instead, I just did my best to utilize the Olympus E-5 the best I can in such incredibly challenging shooting condition, and share my photographs with you beautiful people. I shall let you all decide and judge yourself, how good, or bad the high ISO performance is on Olympus E-5.

11-22mm, ISO2000, 1/40sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO3200, 1/40sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO6400, 1/60sec, F/2.8

Why is it so difficult shooting in Aquaria, KLCC?

1) No flash use allowed.
I always tell my friends that, to counter low light shooting condition, I use flash, so that negates the need to bump up the high ISO settings. However, to protect the fish and water creatures which could be injured by flash from the camera, flash photography is prohibited. No flash means, no choice but to use extremely high ISO settings.

2) Constantly in-motion subjects.
No, the sharks and stingrays do not stay still. They moved constantly, and they moved pretty FAST.

3) Focusing through scratched glass, and reflective water.
As if the extreme low light condition is already not a challenge enough, add the scratched glass and not exactly 100% clear water into the equation just made the whole process even more difficult to nail the focus right.

I brought the Olympus E-5 with Olympus 11-22mm F2.8-3.5mm lens mounted on it. Sometimes, I switched to 50mm F2 macro to obtain a few close up shots.
What I intend to share with all of you based on this particular review session, are as follows:

1) Autofocus performance in extreme low light condition with non-SWD lenses.

2) High ISO noise handling on the E-5, based on a user’s experience

3) A sample of HD Video taken with E-5, Olympus’ first DSLR with video capability !!

Autofocus performance in extreme low light condition with non-SWD lenses.

We all know how fast, and how amazingly accurate Olympus SWD lenses are. Too many praises have been sung for them, and let the professional reviews do even more justification for that fact. For my review, I chose to shoot with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 as my primary lens in this session. Why 11-22mm? It is a super wide-angle lens, and I really appreciate the extra width it provided to cover that extra bit of edge into the frame. The F2.8 on the wide end allowed more light to be captured, which enabled faster shutter speed. 11-22mm is not a SWD lens, but the autofocus performance has been very responsive and reliable, although to a lesser degree in comparison to SWD lenses. Oh, and it is my current favourite lens. I just cannot say no to a chance of using it on Olympus E-5.

11-22mm, ISO6400, 1/80sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO6400, 1/60sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO3200, 1/40sec, F/2.8

I find that focusing with 11-22mm generally did not pose any issues at all. I can lock focus most of the time. It did not hesitate much to focus, even under very, very dark condition. Under such extreme low light condition, I do think the speed is indeed more than usable, although I cannot say it is fast. However, accuracy is an entirely different issue.

I was presented with quite a difficult focusing situation. On top of the super dark condition of the glass tunnel, the thick glass itself was not exactly crystal clear. The lens sometimes would focus on the glass first, and you have to repress the shutter button half way again to get the lens to focus further away from the glass, which it did most of the time. This can get very annoying, especially when you place the lens too near to the glass. Secondly, when there was a strong backlit situation, the 11-22mm started to hunt. There were a few cases that the lens gave up focusing completely, but that was because of very strong backlit against almost total dark subject I focused on. Those issues can be considered very minor, and only happened very rarely. Generally, being able to lock focus on constantly moving fish at relatively high speed on 80-90% of my shots, I am more than happy with the autofocus performance. I do not expect the Autofocus to be perfect, under such cruelly demanding condition. Nonetheless, it did deliver me very, very useable photographs in the end, which matters the most.

I have also used the 50mm F2 macro inside the glass tunnel. Oh my, now this 50mm, being optimized for macro, ALWAYS focused on the glass instead of the subject. I know I can do manual focus, but what is the point of doing that since I want to tell you guys how the Autofocus performs, right? I must be honest here, the 50mm was almost non-usable for moving subjects, under such horrible lighting condition, being placed behind the thick, scratched glass. However, if you have noticed my first three shots posted above (all taken with 50mm f2), for non-moving subjects, it still can have high chance of success hit rates. Static subjects, which were not inside water, although under very dim lighting condition, were focused on well with 50mm. As you can examine the photographs, there was completely no miss-focusing issue at all. I know I have mentioned on how much improvement the focus of 50mm is on the E-5 in my previous entry. Now, I can tell you that it is VERY usable for non-moving subjects under low light. If shooting at ISO6400, F2.8, shutter speed 1/40 seconds was not low light enough for you, I do not know what is!!

11-22mm, ISO4000, 1/100sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO4000, 1/60sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO4000, 1/80sec, F/2.8

High ISO handling on the E-5, based on a user’s experience

This is a very subjective issue, and has become very sensitive to many photography communities in the world. ISO noise examinations have been seen as the top priority in determining the overall rating of the camera. While I cannot deny the importance of good high ISO performance, I do however, find it ridiculous to mark a camera down just because it cannot perform as good as other cameras, purely based on high ISO results alone. Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts, and have their say in this matter.

I am not going to elaborate much to stay on the safe side. I know, one wrong sentence, and I will be grilled alive by the forumers over and over again all over the world. What I can tell you is that, there is a noticeable improvement. At ISO3200, the noise level was evident, but still the details are well maintained. Overall sharpness was very good too, but of course that was due to the presence of luminance noise all over. One good news is how the JPEG engine handles the chroma noise. Up to ISO3200, I almost did not detect (yet again, some people have super magnifying eyes that can spot pixels 6 feet away from the computer screen) any chroma noise. Even at ISO6400, the majority of the noise is luminance, and I do not mind much luminance noise, which was of course, again my preference.

Many of you would be glad to hear that at ISO1600 and below, even at such dim condition, the image appeared to be quite smooth.

11-22mm, ISO3200, 1/80sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO4000, 1/100sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO3200, 1/60sec, F/2.8

Do bear in mind that I apply noise filter setting to LOW in all the images. If you are a detail-worshipper, then feel free to scrutinize photographs at DPreview website which was taken all with noise filter off in their preview section of Olympus E-5. I believe the noise filter should be at least set to LOW or STANDARD, to balance noise and details captured in the images. If you do not need to zoom in 100% view of your photograph, or if you do not do excessive cropping work, then applying filter to obtain better noise controlled images would be a wise option, if you shoot JPEG primarily.

If you ask me, I am actually quite impressed with the ISO performance. I am eager to wait and see what the official DPreview review on E-5 would have to say in this matter. I think all of you are waiting impatiently too.

A sample of HD Video taken with E-5, Olympus’ first DSLR with video capability !!

As requested by a few readers, and forumers, here is a HD video taken at 720p. It is 40 seconds long.

The original file was 2 minutes long, at 509MB. I cannot upload the full size due to my internet connection limitations (blame lousy Malaysia broadband services), so I have cut down the video to 40 seconds with Windows Movie Maker and published it as a 720 HD video. I uploaded to YouTube, and I suspect a lot of compression has been done over the original file, through Windows Movie Maker and also the YouTube for size/quality optimization.

Here is the video.

I set the focus onto the diver’s range, and started to shoot the video. Some time in the middle of the shooting, I refocused to capture the nearer water creatures. The focusing on the 11-22 was silent and fast. It only took about less than a second to accurately find the intended focusing spot.

I am not a videographer, and I am completely dumb when it comes to video shooting. Please forgive me if the video posted above does not meet your expectations, or answer your questions. I thought of skipping this video part in the first place, but it would feel like as if something is missing if I did not record a sample video. After all, this E-5 is Olympus’ first ever DSLR with video recording, so that itself must not be left out.

11-22mm, ISO3200, 1/100sec, F/2.8

11-22mm, ISO4000, 1/40sec, F/2.8

Alright guys, that is all for this part of my review on low light shooting conditions. I can anticipate very active discussions brewing all over the world, especially on the focusing and high ISO noise performance. May I remind all of you that, for more accurate and representative results, please wait for official reviews from trusted photography websites. I am just merely sharing my opinions and thoughts, which you may not agree with, and I am fine with that. But please do not turn it into a full scale war out there in the forums !!

I have one more review to sum up, and conclude my series of user-experience sharing here on this blog. In that coming blog entry, I shall be focusing on making images that I love.

Thank you all again for your support. Do leave me an email if you have questions, or in the comment box below. Due to overwhelming response, it might take me a while to reply to your comments, or email. I thank you for your understanding.


  1. Woohoo, first here; Great choice of location to test ISO capabilities. I believe the verdict should be that the E5 is no slouch at high ISO now. I for one, won't expect to be using much 6400 for Quality shots - just isn't possible.

    late in HK right now, but just had to look through your post.

    I can see ISO 3200 being very usable with colours seeming to remain vibrant. 6400 obviously is another matter.

    And I need to consider purchasing the 11 22m and 50m F2.

    As I said, only lightly invested in 4/3s, so still considering whether to put my whole leg / body / head into the waters.

    Having he 14 - 54II, would you suggest 11 - 22 or 9 - 18?



  2. Thanks very much Robin.

    This type of review is tremendously helpful to me... also an amateur enthusiast. Great work!


    Ontario, Canada

  3. Oh....

    I purchased an 11-22 last year.... a joy to shoot with.


  4. Hi Marq,
    Thanks so much for coming back to my blog !!
    I agree I wont be using ISO6400 for quality shots. Nonetheless, ISO 3200 is very usable, on my own standards. I cannot say for many others, who may differ in expectations.
    14-54 is a GREAT lens. I would suggest not to get the 11-22, since it is not that wide in difference. Get the 9-18 instead. More coverage. For low light shooting you already have the 14-54

    Hi Pablo,
    Thanks mate !! I really appreciate that. Yes, I agree, 11-22 is a great lens !!

  5. Fantastic work, gives a true indication of the low light abilities of the E-5 in a real world situation. You should review cameras more often.I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the results even at ISO 6400. Thank you very much once again, Robin, I'm sure these results will be very much apppreciated by my fellow members of Four Thirds User and E-System user in the UK.



  6. Hello John !!
    It is so good to hear from you. I saw your postings on both forums, I am thankful for that.
    Reviewing camera is a tiring job !! Nonetheless, enjoyable and fulfilling at the same time, when there are so many supportive people like yourself.
    Thank you very much.

  7. I have been following your E-5 reviews since I discovered it through a link at

    Great reviews!

    I enjoyed using the 11-22 too. I am just beginning to explore wide angle shooting and recently got the 9-18 but missed the faster f2.8 of the 11-22 for low-light handheld shot. With low-light capability illustrated in your review, I think it will make the 9-18 my favorite lens.

  8. Enjoyed your article and I was amazed by E-5 performance.

    High ISO performance is much better than any previous E camera.

  9. Hi,

    Thank you for the write up. Loved this entire set of E-5 report. Just out of curiosity, do you have any pictures of the same aquarium taken with a different camera so we can get a sense of how better (or worse, but hopefully not) the E-5 is.

    Again, many thanks.

  10. Dont be so defensive.

    Its your thoughts and opinions we want to hear.

  11. Great review (all 3 parts). I enjoyed reading them very much!!!
    I was using E-500, E-510, E-520 and now I'm using E-30. I was waiting and saving money for E-5 for like 1.5 years. When the specs came out I was kinda disappointed - was expecting more from Oly. I even played with the thoughts to switch from Oly.
    E-5 is back in the game, after reading your review and seeing all those beautiful photos and how nicely new TruePic V+ handles them.
    I'll wait for dpreview review before I'll order E-5, but I'm 99% sure now that it will be my new camera.
    (+ I expected higher price tag, so I'll grab some nice glass for the rest of saved money)

    Robin, great job!!!

  12. Thank you very much. Your reviews are highly appreciated.


  13. HI Coolest guy,
    Nice nick by the way. Thanks.
    Do bear in mind with F4 against the F2.8, you will experience loss of light and slower shutter speed with the same ISO settings. Nonetheless, if your shooting condition is not as severe as demonstrated on my blog, then it should be more than adequate on D5.

    Hi Anonymous,
    I agree that the ISO performance has been improved. Thanks for reading.

    Hi Chris,
    So sorry I only brought the E-5 for review. I purposely did not do any comparisons. I shall leave that to the professional reviews.

  14. Hey Anonymous,
    I am so sorry to sound defensive, Nonetheless, I have to make myself very clear from the beginning, because this high ISO sensitivity is a very dangerous issue to tackle. I just hope it wont cause any war outbreak out there, especially between brand worshippers' wars.

    Hi Robert,
    thanks for readinng my reviews !! I am glad you find them helpful.
    Yes, I strongly recommend for any readers out there to WAIT for the official review from DPreview. What I have stated here are entirely of my own opinion, without any direct comparison tests. Nonetheless, I do think the E-5 wont dissappoint.

    Hey Martin,
    You are most welcome !!

  15. Robin..
    Great high iso review..!
    I went to this aquaria few months back with my childrens.. I can remember clearly that I really struggle to took pictures with my E-3 with the low light condition.. I believe E-5 iso 6400 result is about equal if not slightly better than iso 1600 on my E-3.. This is great..!
    Thanks for the review..!

  16. Hi Robby,
    Thanks mate !!
    I would not make any claims at the moment, but it sure does look like what you have mentioned.
    I purposely chose the extreme condition to test the ISO performance, as well as the AF. I am glad you found this helpful.

  17. Very useful review - thanks for that! You've covered wide-angle nicely, and because of your style, I am really interested in what your same-styled review with a 50-200 is (preferably the SWD). Also, for many (some??) of us, CAF performance is a key test indicator. This variable is seldom or never tested, and particularly with your user-approach style, on the DPR type sights.

    Thanks again for the evaluation & review!

  18. Robin,

    kudos for the efforts - and for the personal responses you try to make over the past few days.

    I am curious to know, what WB settings did you use at the aquaria - its a really tough environment I have to say!

    The last time I did similar shots was with a 40D (sold for EP1 and E30 now), and the darn thing just wouldn't focus at times (50 f1.8)

    Oh and this:


    p.s. gd lk to getting another E-5 loan from OLY during your mountain trek with "thru-the-zuiko"!

  19. Hi Robin, great work! I like your user-based review style. Its neutral but informative.

    I'd handled and shot with a initial production E-5 (2nd update for firmware v1.0) for some time already and my findings are very similar to yours. The lenses I'd used were 12-60mm SWD, 14-35mm SWD and 50-200mm SWD.

    Like you, I'm an photography-enthusiast and have been using E-System since March 2006 (E-3 since November 2007). As I'm holding on to a demanding full-time job I do not have the opportunity to post and share the pictures and thoughts like what you are doing now.

    Please share more!

  20. Hey anonymous,
    i have returned the E5 to Olympus Malaysia,so sorry i could not cover many other aspects. Do look up for coming reviews by others!

    Hey marq,
    thanks so much for your comments! I really appreciate them. I used auto WB all the time. Never tweak anything here.

  21. Hey dennis,
    thanks so much for your kind remarks! It is always great meeting another photography enthusiast who shoots more than he talks. Im eagerly waiting for your reviews!
    And wow you sure have mighty lenses to play with!

  22. Hi Robin, I really like to share my experience with this new flagship but due to tight work schedule I can't do it as effective as you. :( By the way, I already 'fell in love' when I was 'introduced' to v0.8.

    I'd sent a link to your gmail. :)

    Hey, if you happen to come down south and cross the causeway, give me a ping. ;)

  23. Hey dennis,
    Don't worry, take your time to write the review. I think you have so much to say!
    One of these days we must go shooting together, when theres free time of course. Cheers.

  24. One thing that I think kicks in when u shot the photos in the aquarium tunnel, is the underwater WB capability. CMIIW, normally it would be difficult to get the right WB when u shoot in the tunnel, as well as underwater (diving).

  25. BTW, I have again put your blog link to ID Olympian,

    ID Olympian is Olympus Camera user club in Indonesia.

    Looking forward for your next test :-)

  26. Hi Rocky,
    Thanks so much for pointing out the Auto-WB capability of the camera !! Well, to be honest, the WB of Olympus cameras have always been good, hence I overlooked this important item, especially on such bad lighting condition !!
    Thank you so much for linking my blog entry up there !! I appreciate your support and help.

  27. Hi Robin, Rocky,

    IIRC, there is a WB preset for underwater photography.

  28. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for the tip !! I just saw your Flicker photos briefly (still at work, cant do much at the moment) they look great.

  29. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  30. Thanks for the sharing. This is very useful for me since high ISO is always the weak spot for Olympus. I'd say this is a pretty good improvement. Again, Thanks for all the review that u did. These articles are very good and u r a very talented photographer. :)

  31. Hey anonymous,
    i dont do link exchange,because i only post up links that i want to. I hope you understand.

    Hey chung,
    thank you so much for such kind words! It was a pleasure to do the reviews. I am still very new in photography. A lot to learn and explore still.

  32. Hey anonymous,
    i dont do link exchange,because i only post up links that i want to. I hope you understand.

    Hey chung,
    thank you so much for such kind words! It was a pleasure to do the reviews. I am still very new in photography. A lot to learn and explore still.

  33. Good work again robin, its better review on the field more than technical review. More useful for people. Keep it up.

  34. Hi Shamrie,
    Thanks so much for your compliments.
    I believe different reviews have their places, technical reviews are important to have concrete evidence on how the camera performs against other cameras out there.
    Nonetheless, my review shows more on the intimate side of the camera. Glad that you like it.

  35. Hi Robin,

    I look forward to shoot together with you, where time permits of course. By then I hope to shoot with my very own E-5! ;)

  36. Hi Dennis,
    Sure thing !! if you do drop by KL, do let me know. I do have plans to shoot streets in Singapore, but not sure when yet. Might be looking for local photographers there to shoot with.

  37. Sure sure Robin. I look you up if I have the opportunity to visit KL. Let me know what you are interested to shoot in SG. I'll recce the location! ;)

  38. Thanks Dennis !! That is very appreciated.

  39. Taking photos in an aquarium is no easy task. I was in one in Bristol earlier in the year with my E-3 and while the results looked quite decent when chimping, the actual full size images were as noisy as hell, and yes, the scratches and reflective glass doesn't help much either.

  40. Hey Phil,
    I am glad you can relate to how difficult it was to shoot under such conditions !! Hence I felt it was an appropriate place to test out the E-5.

  41. robin.. let's attack Singapore...

    shutter therapy in SG!!

  42. Bro, you did another good job and you made Malaysia very proud!!

  43. Hey LKM,
    Yes, that should be a plan after the Ledang trip.

    hi Nelson,
    Thanks mate !!

  44. Yet again, impressive use of the e5 in low light conditions. Olympus Malaysia chose the best person to do the job. Well done Sir. I myself wouldn't be using high ISO when I get this camera but it's good to know it can deliver when needed. Again thanks for sharing your photos to the world!

  45. hi Eric !!
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words !!
    I agree with you, I would not use the high ISO settings much also, unless for inevitable situations. I am not really a high ISO shooter.

  46. While some have suggested the Underwater preset, remember that this blue cast is being artificially provided by lights, rather than from sun shining through water. It would be necessary to manually white balance in this situation. Whenever you're dealing with a space illuminated by a tinted light, you'll have to either preserve the effect with daylight or tungsten white balance, or remove the effect partially with manual white balance. With extreme light coloration, you may have to use a compensating filter on your lens because one or more color channels will clip before adequate balance is achieved if you don't use a filter.

  47. Hey Nate,
    Thank you so much for your insight and tip regarding the white balance in such extreme condition. I seldom encounter such severe condition. I shall remember your tips should I encounter similar situation again.

  48. Congrats Robin, you've done and delivered a good job, you make us proud. I am quite impressed with the high ISO performance. Do you think they'll give me a very good discount if I mention your name? ;)

    Rahman Songkono

  49. Hi Robin,

    Well Done...!!!

    kktan, Singapore

  50. Rahman Songkono,
    Thanks so much for your encouraging remarks.
    I am just a mere ordinary Olympus user, I do not think I would carry enough weight for discount !

  51. Hi Robin
    Nice job you did..was getting ready to leave Oly but it seems the E5 won't let me now..Olympus has always 'felt' right to use for the past 30 years for me but needed better high ISO and now they deliver...just hope the price drops so I can eat as well.....

  52. Hey Anonymous,
    I believe it is worth waiting for. Please do not torture yourself over a new camera !!

  53. Robin, thank you for letting us Olympus fans see what the new E-5 can do, some superb shots. . . You did however make reference to the number of pixels, something that has been bothering me, especially as Panasonic have the GH2 with 16 million of the little beggars. So I am still torn between staying faithful or jumping ship to another brand that still seems to be developing their systems and not deserting their loyal customers by making announcements along the lines of 'well folks this is as far as we go...'

  54. Hey Toobz,
    Thank you so much for your comments.
    Whether to jump ship or to stay loyal actually would depend on a lot of reasons. I would say that number of pixels may not necessarily equate to overall quality. I am one for less pixels but optimized image output, which the E-5 has promised to deliver.

  55. Спасибо полезный материал. Добавил ваш блог в закладки.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Hi Robin, I have also upgraded my camera from E-3 to E-5. And your photos are so good. May I ask how could you focus well at dim light?
    thank you

  58. If you always write interesting, I will be your regular reader. skin care Read a useful article about tramadol tramadol

  59. Hi Robin,

    Very Helpfull as i'm abit worried about using my E-5 for a upcoming wedding shoot at night in a church. ( i Have never shot a wedding at night) any words of wisdom?

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