Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Long Fall Back to Earth

Fellow Olympus photography-enthusiasts from SINGAPORE have compiled their beautiful images taken with Olympus E-5. Do head over and check out their work at
Thank you Dennis Tan for sharing !!

Is it safe?
Is it safe to land?
Coz the long fall back to earth,
Is the hardest part
- Safe to Land by Jars of Clay

The Olympus E-5 has been returned to Olympus Malaysia. With or without it, shutter therapy session goes on.

An old friend, Frederick Yap (click) came over from Malacca to KL for the weekend, and we had a lot of catching up to do. He expressed his interest in diving into KL streets for some shooting, hence we headed off bright and early on Saturday morning to my usual street hunting place, Chow Kit, KL.

Armed with my own camera, Olympus E-520 with both 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 and 50mm F2 macro, we strolled along the streets of Chow Kit and enjoyed our shutter therapy session. It was not so much of stressing out on getting wonderful shots, because there was really no one to impress and please, besides ourselves. We do not have to meet anyone's expectations,a and just snapped the camera away freely, at whatever we wanted to shoot. Instead, the important thing was to destress after a whole long week of exhaustive full time office work, and fun was the main agenda for that morning.

A wooden bridge.

Morning Read.

Shield of love.

Metallic hollow legs.

Drama on the streets.

Push or Pull?

Look, there is a photographer on the streets !!

Let's say hi to the camera !!

Wonder what that guy was doing?

He was waiting for a friend to grab some breakfast.

A big man, sitting on a tiny, plastic stool.

Explosive laughter.

Sleep shirtless.

Cleaning up.

One of my photography fetishes, an abandoned car.

Blue sky, a rare sight in KL city these days, with so much rain.

My focus for this entry was trying to get as close as I can to my subjects, and approached them with a very friendly manner. I guess a smile can go a long way, and there are after all some friendly people on the streets.

So what have you done over the weekend? Shot any interesting photographs? Do share !!


  1. tested the E5......impressive...but with that price tag on it...have to think more than twice...=)

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thank you.

    Next update is due soon. ;)

  3. Oh! I hope you will be loaned a E-5 for your shutter therapy session, soon. ;)

  4. Some great pictures, Robin! And you know what? People aren't interested in photography, they are interested in the gear. That's why you got so many visitors just a few days ago. But I visit your blog to see great photography, I don't care about cameras. :)

  5. Hey Wong,
    I guess it is hard to please people these days eh.

    Hey Dennis,
    you are most welcome. I hope to get the E-5 soon too !!

    Hey Bartosz,
    Long time no hear from you !! Thanks mate. However, I am doing what I can to help Olympus Malaysia. I do love the E-system.

  6. Hi Robin,

    I've also cross-linked your blog to our site.

    I feel happy to share pictures instead of comparing gear!

    I can see that you take good pictures with a E-520. It's all about the photographer, not camera.


  7. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for the link !!
    You have some excellent shots there. I am sure the world would appreciate your hard work.

  8. As always..your shot simple but yet mesmerizing.. look forward for another day street photo with you. =)

  9. hi Oyama,
    Thanks so much for your comments !!
    I will be busy for the coming one or two weekends. When things start to quiet down, I will surely look for you. Do stay in touch.

  10. Heloooo Robin.

    Any outing this Sunday??

  11. Snowfire,
    Sunday go Ledang with screw screw la. How come you not coming?

  12. Oh really? Haha. I didn't update about that.

    I have to send my dad to the airport this Sunday, so can't make it then.


  13. Hi Snowfire,
    what happened? how come been MIA from screw screw?

  14. Your street photography is excellent Robin, a pleasure to look at.

  15. Hi Phil Burns,
    Thanks so much !!