Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun with Lensbaby

Thanks to Dr Soon Ruey, a friend from Sabah who lent me the Lensbaby for a couple of weeks, I had the privilege to mount it on my Olympus E-520. I have brought it out for a spin for some light shooting at night which I have covered in my previous entry. Obviously I was excited by the outcome, and I brought it out for a second round of shooting on the streets, no under hot, bright Malaysian sun.

A family together on the street

No human deserves this. It was painful to see no one cares, everyone just walked by. What have we all become?

Morning setup.

Affection shown.

I could sure use a bottle too.

Roadside stalls.

A beggar in red.

I am starting to fear that one day, I might wake up on the streets too. I am starting to connect more and more to my subjects on the streets, and somehow, this really scares me.

Smiley on a pillar.

I have described the characteristics and difficulties of using this lens extensively in my previous entry, hence I am not going to repeat the same thing all over again here. However, I would like to highlight the qualities that I really like about the Lensbaby. The tilt-shift effect allows me to selectively focus on my desired sweet spot on the frame, and blur away the surrounding areas. I found this very useful in de-cluttering the subjects, especially dealing with messy backgrounds. I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea, producing very unnatural and fake looking photographs, definitely not something one would use for anything serious. I brought the Lensbaby out for fun, and fun only. Surprisingly, I had more fun than I originally expected.

Cicak man was here.

I have a feeling something not good is in there.

Left behind.


Waiting, for the sky to change?

Just another street food stall by the road side.

Mobile storage facility.

Fast paced walk.

Focusing and adjusting the tilt-shift effect at the same time manually on the Lensbaby Composer 2.0 was not an easy thing to deal with. I have a lot more misses than hits. This may most probably due to my lack of practice when it comes to manual focusing. Nonetheless, there were also things that I managed to get it right, at the right time, and the right place. When it happens, the thrill and excitement were unimaginable.

Would I buy one for myself, knowing that the Lensbaby will not be my everyday lens? If I have the spare cash (God knows when that will happen) I would be happy to own one. Otherwise, I should be saving every single cent to fund my Olympus E-5. I am praying for a miracle now, I am praying, REALLY hard.


  1. Lensbaby does bring out a different perspective in your photo by focusing on a specific subject while the rest of the picture becomes distorted. Not really a fan but great pictures nonetheless. Am pretty sure Olympus Malaysia and HQ in Japan would be giving you an E5 of your very own for all the promotion you've given them. You've convinced alot of people how superior this camera is eventhough the specs are not at par to it's competitors. Alot of people here in north america already have the E5 last week and have several pictures posted in dpreview. The pictures are really impressive and sharp. Unfortunately I wasn't among the lucky ones to get it last week but hopefully mine will arrive this Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed. But of course unlike the rest of us you'll be getting yours for FREE. Hope to see more of your work. Again thank you for sharing your pictures to world!

  2. HI Eric,
    Gosh, thanks so so much !! You are being too kind.
    I have not heard anything from Olympus Malaysia or HQ in Japan yet. I really hope they could at least loan me a unit for long term use (say one or two years) because at the moment I really cannot afford one.
    Glad to hear that people in North America are pleased with the E-5 !!! Continue spreading the love.
    Thanks again, Eric !!

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  6. Hi Lance,
    LOL, deleted already ahahah.

  7. great images,.....I'm on the fence thinking about getting one. You've helped me make the decision.