Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Shutter Therapy that Ended with Roti Babi

This glorious Saturday morning, I was accompanied by awesome blogger/photographer friend Jasonmumbles, together with his friend Ivy for a shutter therapy session on the streets. The trail started at Masjid Jamek LRT stop, leading to Jalan Masjid India, passing through KL Sogo to the entrance of Chow Kit area. The weather was friendly as the sun was not overly cruel, and at times it was cloudy enough to provide comfortable shade for walking. Yes, we all have our cameras clicking all the way.

Greetings from a furry friend.

Have you read your morning paper?

A hook and an eye.

The head feels heavy.

Morning folks.

A Mydin store staff. If you guys wondered, yes, these days I actually do ask for permission before I shoot some of my subjects on the streets.

A late supply of daily newspapers.

On the streets, people can read the paper basically anywhere.

What are you waiting for?

Man with all sorts of nuts.

Rolling it up.


Convenient Store by the road.

The street on a Saturday morning.

Fisheye-like view of a camwhore.

A very, very old coffee shop.

An old bike outside a very, very old coffee shop.

For a man who does not see colours, you sure have a very striking shirt.

Strings on his fingers.

The purpose of the session of course was having fun, and shoot whatever that we loved. Sometimes, it does not really matter how good you are in photography, or how expensive the gears that you use. Photography should be enjoyed, at any level, by anyone with a camera. Nothing beats the joy of being able to capture a shot that you really like, and the positive energy you garnered from such joy can actually stay with you for very long. This is shutter therapy at its best. Where better place to make the camera click than the streets, where there are endless opportunities?

Lime on a spoon, oh that was Jason's hand.

For breakfast before the shoot we actually went into this old, authentic Punjabi Coffee Shop which was recommended by Ivy. It served very original Chapati, and we had Pakura and a sort of cold, creamy milk desert to go along with it. I have got to say this was my first time tasting all these great Punjabi food, and too bad I did not take any photographs.

For lunch, we diverted to Yut Kee at Dang Wangi, which was a Hainanese coffee Shop, operating since many decades ago. Jason purposefully brought us there to try the Roti Babi. I never knew such thing existed. Yes, it was bread dipped into beaten egg, being fried and filled with pork and onions fillings. It was yet another first encounter. The roti babi was absolutely delicious !!

Roti Babi. I will be back for MORE.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly the entire morning. I only hope that both Jason and Ivy have enjoyed themselves as much as I did. The weekend is still young !! More shutter therapy sessions to come.


  1. Nice photos Robin. They suit the question "have you read the morning paper?".

    Anyway, kindly visit my new add :


  2. u can take my photo anytime without asking my permission!


  3. Superb collection of Malaysia / KL shots. You are getting better and better each time.

  4. hey willie,
    thanks mate. I surely will visit your new addy.

    hey marcus,
    then I shall stalk you on the streets of Singapore muahahahahaha

    hey Anandasim,
    Thanks man !! Still learning and improving slowly !!

  5. Roti babi.. aaahh!! If i do go to KL again, can i bug you to bring me there?

  6. hey Cyril,
    No problem !! It is at Dang Wangi area. Let me know when you come to KL !!

  7. Wah. I like the bicycle photo.

    And Roti Babi sounds so vulgar. Hahaha

  8. Hey Snowfire,
    LOL Thanks !! Sorry, that was the exact thing thay said in their menu.
    hey, after all the raya-open-house thing is over, lets go for a shoot on the streets.

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  10. Heh, when you wrote roti babi, it reminded me of a video where 2 guys ordered nasi babi at a mamak restaurant. LOL.

    Oh yea, open-houses are nearly over. I'm mostly free on Sundays, so just text my number if you have plans.