Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Rainy Pangkor Quicky

I made a very brief trip up to the Pangkor Island earlier today. It was a site visit with client and contractors. How can I say no to some possible photo opportunities there, right?

A pseudo-HDR image to balance the details on the leaves against the strong back-lit condition.

I seldom pack my gears to work, but whenever there is something exciting, I decided my Olympus gears should not be left behind. Nonetheless, I usually would shy the camera away, and only take it out if there is absolutely nothing getting in the way. Work is work, and photography shall never interfere. In between waiting times for other contractors to arrive, and the quiet walking along the beach to the designated area of interest, I managed to steal some time to make some shutter clicking happen. Not many shots captured I am afraid, but it was surprisingly sufficient to make my day.

A view from a jetty before the sky poured down on us.

A panorama stitched photograph of separate 6 images.

In the midst of the discussion somewhere adjacent to the tall trees, I saw something large flapping its wings and landed on a branch nearby. It was a wild hornbill with white beaks. Goodness gracious, at times like this I do wish I still keep my previous 70-300mm super-long telezoom lens around !! It was a lost opportunity, sad to say. It is not an every day thing to spot a wild hornbill, which falls under the threatened and protected animal species category.

Unfortunately my prayers for blue skies were not answered, instead it was gushing lions and hyenas all over the island somewhere in the middle of our walk at the site. Being completely soaked in salty rainwater was an understatement. Sometimes, weather gods can be so cruel. Yes, my boxers were drenched. It was not a pleasant journey back to KL on the road, and I shall spare you the uncomfortable details.

A fishing village, by the rainy sea side.

A reason to smile under the stormy weather.

Oh, have I told you how beautiful and dreamy the beach looks like under heavy rain? I did not have the chance to snap a shot and show you guys, but the beach under the rain exudes extremely powerful sense of human feelings. You can view the portrayal as the complete opposite of what you experience from seeing the clear, blue skies and sea water, but just as strong. For the first time, I saw something different in the ocean, and it was beautiful enough to catch my breath.

Weekend is near. I am getting impossibly impatient to attack the streets again.


  1. your panorama shots are sooo awesome! teach me how to do it!


  2. Hey marcus,
    I just used the freeware "hugin". Go download one and try it !!