Sunday, September 05, 2010

Night Shooting Outing @ I-City, Shah Alam

It was on one not so fine Saturday night, with slight drizzle that developed into light rain that Benny, Scott, LKM and me found ourselves having a shutter therapy session at I-City, Shah Alam. Basically, the entire land area at I-City were "planted" with artificial trees, made of plastic, being plunged into the ground via concrete base. The "not so green" trees were decorated with bulbs and lights of all sorts, hence the view at night at I-City can be quite out of the ordinary.

The place was definitely something to look at, and I do admit the idea was very creative and inspiring at the same time. Nonetheless, the public would surely raise some questions. Why not plant REAL trees instead of plastic environment degrading pseudo-christmas trees that only look good at night, and appear freaking ugly during the day time? Would the funds to build this place be better used for other beneficial causes, or profit generating activities? How about the electricity consumption, has the giant city KL and the industrial areas in Selangor not eating up a massive amount of power already? What is the purpose of the existence of I-City? Just for fun and to look at. Yes, welcome to Malaysia. We never fail to find ways to waste money and destroy the environment at the same time.

Despite all my complains, I do think it is quite a good place to do night shooting. It has been quite some time since I last picked up my tripod and do any night photography activities. Capturing light during dark is one of the most rewarding thing to do with the camera for me, though I do not do it often. As much as I love to chase the night light, KL is not exactly a safe place to just walk around with your expensive gears at night. Therefore, I took up this opportunity when Scott and Benny invited people to join them for the night shooting session.

In this session, you will find lots of technical faults in my photographs. There would be excessive perspective distortion (which was intended) and some case of overexposure with blown highlights. Like I care. I just wanted to make photographs, not technically perfect images. The few items that really caught my attention were the splendid combination of colours, and the glow-quality that the possibly hundreds of thousands of tiny bulb produced in unison. I want to capture the place in a way that I did not feel like I was in Malaysia. In contradictory to that, I did feel like I was in Malaysia the whole time, due to the unbearable humid air that made me sweat my socks off.

Being out there in the open also seriously opened our eyes to the growing numbers of DSLR users, especially the entry-level tier. Note that I did not use the word "photographer". Every dick somehow found a reason to grab that DSLR, just because they can afford it. I really wonder whether the interest in photography was even there when they decided to purchase the gears. That line between passion for photography and gadget-whoring has been crossed so many times that the line has become so blur lately, it is disappearing. Who cares if you can't make any good photographs? You still look cool shooting with a huge camera and lenses. You still score points by "posing" as a photographer. Then they will come and tell you why bother about art and photography, they just wanted to "enjoy" shooting. Not wrong, really, I do agree with that statement. If it was truly just for fun, why did you whine so much when someone did as little as made a tiny negative remark on your photograph?

Scott and LKM

Benny and Wife

simplyROBIN giving a BIG holla from I-City !!

All photographs were taken with Olympus 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 and Olympus 50mm F2.0 macro lens. Gotta love the accuracy of the colours Olympus reproduces, as well as the yummylicious creamy bokeh of the F2.0 macro.

The shooting session ended with camwhoring sessions of course. It has been quite long since I posted any photograph of myself lately. So yeah, perhaps many of you have already forgotten how I look like.

This was one night filled with lots of fun. I really miss doing heavy night shooting. Perhaps I should attack the city next?


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  2. "We never fail to find ways to waste money and destroy the environment at the same time." -strongly agree with you! Put some "not so green" tree and LED light then tell people there is no.1 technology city! so "high-tech"! some more tell people there is tourism destination in Malaysia..

  3. Love all the close up shots, the wide zoom are just so-so for your standard.

  4. hey Hua,
    My sentiments exactly. Spread the word, this is not the way to treat our country !! The money can be betetr invested in many better ways. Do we need to degrade our environment any further?

    hey Jason,
    LOL, since when do I have a standard?

  5. wow it looks like a nice destination despite the huge power wastage. would love to be there! but i guess your photos will suffice


  6. hey marcus,
    Come KL !! ahahha

  7. May i ask, when u photograph people with the beautiful lights behind, do u use flash ???

  8. Hi Janicemickey,
    Yes, I shot the photographs of the people with an external flash unit mounted on the camera.