Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Garden Wedding

I have had the privilege to cover a wedding together with a dear friend, Frederick, again. This time the wedding venue is out in the open at a garden. I have not done anything similar to this before, certainly it was quite a thrill for both of us. It was a Christian wedding, and we had a blast capturing the beautiful moments and wonderful emotions overflowing throughout the entire wedding day.

The rings that bind the two forever.

The moment before it slips it.

The blessing from the Heaven.


For more photographs, please kindly visit my PORTFOLIO page for this Garden Wedding (click).

The wedding ceremony went very well, and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to so far. There were so many laughters and joyful tears, and everything was so beautiful that both Frederick and I shed a few tears at the most touching moments.

To the newly wed couple, Samuel and Nicole, thanks so much for having us over your breathtakingly beautiful wedding day. The Lord be with you two always !!


  1. I like the no. 1 shot.

    Is the the 50mm perfect for taking that type of photo?

    p/s: I have linked your blog at mine. :)

  2. hi Snow,
    Thanks man, I appreciate that !!
    The first shot was NOT taken with 50mm. It was the 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, and the 11mm allows wider background to be covered, fitting in the couple. With 50mm, you wont be able to fit much.

  3. The picture where the couple were kneeling and receiving the blessings from the priest, it reminded me one scene.

    "I pledge myself to your teachings. To the ways of the Sith."

    "A powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth... Vader."

    "Rise, Lord Vader."


  4. wow robin.. amazed by your shot..nice!~

  5. hey Jasonmumbes,
    Ok, it is official. You is very the evil.

    Hey Oyama,
    Thanks mate !! When you free again? must go shooting !!

  6. garden wedding! nice!

    nice pics bro.

  7. hey funkye,
    thanks mate !!!

  8. Hi Robin nice to meet you n Fred. I like ur photo from the moment I view ur blog. I strongly beleive that it was God that had bring both of you to us so that we will remember the very moment that both me and nicole become one. Many things happened before the wedding.

    Arguement, the death of Nic's sister, our church problem, the misunderstanding between bro and sis in church, many things flows in my mind that day.

    Ur photo teach me to see things in a different angle. The world is beautiful when u look at this angle, it is ugly when there is in the that angle. Is the way that we choose how to view this world that make it beautiful. Indeed when God finished created the world, God feel that the world is good. Therefore is nothing bad in the world. Only a heart that feels bad.

    I pray that one day you both will come to know Christ and see the world in the eyes of God.

    Thanks Bro. We are blessed to have you as our wedding photographer.

  9. Ni Nicole and Samuel,
    Thank you so much for such kind words and encouraging comments. I really appreciate them, and I am sure Fred will too.
    It is indeed God's work that brought us together, and I can evidently see how God has worked during your wedding day. I did not know what happened before, all the difficulties that have happened, but I am sure He has a great plan, and He prepared the way for your big day. Everything has been laid out perfectly, and the joy, emotion and pure happiness that touched both Fred and me (we both shed tears) were really overwhelming during your garden wedding. I have not been to such a wonderful wedding before.

    Thanks so much for engaging us as your photographers. We both felt privileged, and honored. God is good. We wish both of you all the best !!

  10. Thanks Samuel and Nicole for the encouragements, it's our pleasure to be part of ur once a life time memories. There's always up and down in lifes and the only thing that matters is how we looking at it. Wish you guys all the best~