Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Fresh Look

Finally, after God knows how many centuries old, I have decided to make a change on my blog appearance. Yeah call me lazy, call me old-fashioned, I have changed the layout. I have nearly zero percentage of graphic design skills, and I did not intend to create an awe-worthy blog design anyway. Nonetheless, coming to this page day after day has somehow started to feel a little.... boring.

Hence a little fresh make-over can add a bif of interest to you guys, I hope.

Although I have made quite a significant change to this place, there are many elements which I still maintain.

1) Simplicity: I keep my layout as simple, straightforward and neat as possible.

2) White background and black text: Nothing beats the readability of this combo. It is just so much more pleasant to the eyes.

3) Same header: I still keep the old header image, but yeah you can say that I am lazy to design a new one.

The notable changes I have included in this new layout are:

1) Upgrade from classic template to Modern Layout: Yes, finally I have left the classic template behind, and implemented the new layout, which by now, is no longer new.

2) Improved accesibility, archiving, navigation and in-blog search. All those enhancements came originally from the direct blogger layout upgrade. You will find this blog a heck lot more user-friendly from now on.

3) Two-Column layout. To minimize clutter, I have slimmed down from three column to two column layout, but added pages as tabs on top of the header. I believe this is a simpler, and minimalist design, which speaks truthfully of my state of simplicity.

4) Wider main blog body. Yes, expect larger photographs. Two years ago you may complain on slow loading due to large image files, but if you are still running on dial-up connection, you seriously have some issues.

5) Change of blog description. Now, my blog theme is "The Origin of Shutter Therapy". I invented the phrase Shutter Therapy, it was first conceptualized in this blog, and I want to continue using that as the center of what this blog speaks about.

6) Feed. Yes Cyril, after countless nagging, I have added the Subscription Feed.

Currently, I am still in the stage of finalizing the layout design. I intend to add the following:

1) Proper labelling/tagging, to ensure systematic categorizing and improve search-ability of older entries.

2) Maybe design a new header, if I do have time.

3) Update my list of blog links.

I sure hope you guys like this new layout. I do love how it turns out, but of course, this is purely personal preference speaking. If there are some compatibility issues, or bugs, please please please let me know. I cannot promise to fix them though, and it may take dinosaur years to amend the problems, since my design and programming skills are.... non-existent.

By the way, the photographs from this entry were taken during my trip to Phuket earlier this year. Man, I seriously NEED a good holiday now. Don't we all?


  1. The Origin of Shutter Therapy?

    Wouldn't it be, the origin of photography be better since we all hail you as our Shutter God? :P

    Nice layout. Maybe I should increase my picture size too.

  2. Hey Jason,
    I am not one !! Ahaha at least not yet qualified to be called one. Maybe one day I will be. Shall be working hard to be worthy of the mention !!
    I am still experimenting though, I am not sure if I want to keep this extra wide layout. Maybe I will shrink it a little for comfort. Will know after a few entries. Now still at testing stage ahahahaha.

  3. Me likey this one! Clean and nice....

    Although I'm not using dial up right now, but Malaysia's "broadband" is at "god-like speed". So, go easy on the size of photos :)

  4. Hey Chong,
    Thanks dude !!
    Point noted. Still figuring out the best size for my photos though. But I do limit the file size (not the width and height, but the actual size in bytes) before uploading them, in sacrifice of a little compression. Will see how it goes after a couple of entries.

  5. i love it!


  6. & of course...your photos awesome,I like it.

  7. Nice! Finally got your layout changed :) Clean and simple.

  8. hey awang,
    Thanks dude !!!

    Hey Irene,
    ahahaha, it has been one and a half year since my old layout. Thanks !!

  9. hmmm needs more camwhoring though...


  10. marcus,
    cannot la, I am getting old !! ahahahaha... Perth seems so long ago now.

  11. I love your photographs. You have some masterpieces here. I will return to your blog every day now :) You inspire me.


  12. hey bartosz,
    Thanks so much dude. However I only update my blog once in every two to three days.
    I have been to your Flickr too. You have some pretty amazing shots yourself !!

  13. Its a sin not to share good work.. and hence the constant nagging :P


  14. I would like to exchange links with your site robinwong.blogspot.com
    Is this possible?

  15. hey anonymous,
    What is your blog/website link? If it is related, and does not go against/clash with my blog I might consider.

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