Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Babes Galore @ PC Fair August 2010

The Pikom PC Fair was back in town, and as usual it was held at KLCC Convention Center, with people coming in from everywhere flooding the place. It was not exactly such an exciting idea to battle through the rowdy crowd to capture a few shots of PC Fair Girls, since I have done so plenty of times before. Nonetheless, I went to the PC Fair this time for a reason, which was to purchase extra storage for my fast depleting hard disk space due to my decision to start shooting RAW recently. Since I was already there to hunt for an item, why not shoot more chicks down with my Ollie, literally, right?

So here I am, fulfilling my usual quota of Chicks photographs for you beautiful readers out there.

Ok ok enough of chicks. Now lets go to camera porn.

OMG OMG OMG I want one !!!

Well, not so much of the Olympus PEN E-PL1 though, but more of the lens that was used to capture this shot above. It was an Olympus Zuiko 8mm F3.5 Fisheye lens !! I am seriously hooked on it. Gosh, my lens lust never ends. Does anyone have any cure I can use on my lens lust?

After doing much searching and comparing (like most Chinese would do before settling down on buying something) I got myself a Western Digital Elements 500Gb external hard disk for RM199 with 3 years warranty and a soft carrying pouch. Quite a good deal if you ask me, and now this should be able to last my storage for quite some time.

Did any of you go to the PC Fair last weekend? Found any good bargain? Do tell.


  1. love the camera porn words.. thanks david chua introduced me into that!~ =D

  2. hey Oyama,
    yeah, that phrase kinda got stuck into our minds !! aahahaha

  3. btw..nice series of chix~ hahah..

    biggest camera porn the one in DCM this month with d90 in the middle~ hahahah...

  4. hey oyama,
    Thanks man.
    Whoah, I have not seen this month's copy yet. Will try to "browse for free" when I stop by Borders ahahahaha

  5. Avira never fails to please :P