Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attacking the Streets has Become a Routine

Weekend came, and I woke up early on a Saturday morning, eager to go out for some Shutter Therapy, on the streets. This has somehow become quite a routine for me, and I feel really great about this. It was as if a long stretch of week has ended, and there IS something to look forward to, and to heal the battle scars collected throughout the dreadful week behind.

This morning, I had two friends tagging along me, Wong and Mike, both also avid Olympus supporters. It was wonderful to enjoy shutter therapy with friends, and definitely walking around with buddies to watch your back was a safer option, especially on the streets of KL. This time, I armed myself with 50mm most of the time, and I dared myself to move closer and closer to my subjects. I know I have probably overspilled my brains out in the previous couple of entries, hence I shall keep this less wordy, and shift the attention to the photographs instead.

Waiting for something. Time, maybe? In Pudu, you find a lot of man or older age, hanging around.

Wow, what a long, long ciggy you have there dude.

Grocery/convenience store.


Washing feet with bottled drinking water.

Striking red against the background.

Children after morning market trip, with much glee.

Look into the eyes of a photographer.

Children make very good street photography subjects, no?

Something happened in the basket.

The famous "WTF look" David Chua always talks about.

A pile of treasures.

If you can't lift them, you roll them around.

Get out of the way, or I will run into you !!

The onions are heavy. Can a camera capture weight?

Who wakes up early on weekends anyway.

Playing with Taugeh (bean sprouts).

Story of a van and a basketful of coconuts.

Market conversations.

Finally, a responsible, and safety-conscious citizen !!

After the morning street walk, we decided to stop by one of the Wonton Noodles shop "168"at a shop corner. Shutter therapy sessions consumes lots of energy, thus we needed to replenish our lost calories. Also, I had the chance to try out Wong's Leica "D Vario-Elmarit" 14-50mm F2.8-3.5 standard zoom lens. All the food photographs below were taken with that Leica 14-50mm, at ISO200, F3.5, and 50mm.

Colored Chopsticks.

Glimmering water under morning sun. I have to admit, even the sight of a cold glass of drink was heavenly after a great round of shutter therapy session.

Wonton noodles. Yummy. I loved the roasted pork. And more importantly, I loved that Leica lens. *gulp

Will there be more shutter therapy sessions? I sure have not had enough yet !!! The weekend has not ended.


  1. are darn fast...LOL

  2. hey wong,
    but of course, that is what I am famous for !!

  3. I am done as well, but not posting it up anywhere. =P

  4. hey Wong,
    come on, start a blog or something !!! Your talent and photography vision must be shared !! We all want to see your awesome photos.

  5. I am sorry, that I interrupt you, I too would like to express the opinion.

  6. which opinion mr.anonymous??? LOL..Robin it is on its way up... of course i would like leave the gears rambling aside running on its standalone. Thanks for the support and kind words robin =)

  7. hey Wong,
    I think thats a spam ahahah. No worries, you know you have my support. Cheers.

  8. it this like a warm up before next week :P?

  9. hey cyril,
    ahhaha, not really. Was with a few friends whom I have promised to go shooting with, but never had a chance. Kuching streets will be more awesome.

  10. The pictures by the lens is really sharp, at least from what I see here. Haha!

  11. hey jasonmumbles,
    It is not sharper than my other Olympus lenses, but, there is some "pop" quality to it. the photos somehow seemed more lifelike.
    Japanese lenses are known for producing more "flat" looking images.

  12. oh no the unimaginable happened! the dang sd suddenly corrupted. not sure due to me leaving it in the notebook overnight or something else. but all photos gone. n i had just got to browse a few of them... now reformatted already!. . . sob sob.

  13. hey mwky,
    I am so sorry to hear about that !!
    That is also why, it has become a habit of me to immediately transferred all photos to computer once I got home from a shootinf session or assignment. No worries dude, this means, we should go out for another outing !! Muahahahahaha

  14. mike , what brand of memory card are you using?

  15. robin - yep, used to practice that too last time but turned lazy over time. pricey lesson learnt. luckily it just some outing that i can easily forget about (not much keepers anyway).
    regret never bring out kit lens. found out it during a simple indian wedding shoot that my pen focus very much faster with m43 kit lens than the 43 lenses. looks like pen series is really optimized for use with m43 lenses.

    wong - sd ex 3. just brought abt less than 2 months.

  16. hey mike,
    yeah, should use the original kit lens, if fast AF is crucial and needed. You can consider the 14-150mm, the AF is even faster so I heard !!

  17. i love your pictures. Am thinking of getting photography as my new hobby but i have yet to save to buy a DSLR. hehe. great photo you have there.

  18. hey Timmy,
    Thanks man.
    I do believe that a compact camera would be sufficient, at least for entry level users. Remember it is not the tool that matters, but the photographer.