Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Will I Be

Tell me honestly, will you still be my friend, and see any part of me as who I am now, if one day, you bumped into me on the streets looking like this....

Olympus 70-300mm (at 190mm), 1/1000sec, F4.9, ISO400

If you can approach me and tell me you are still my friend, along with a warm, sincere smile on your face, I have to say...

You must be one of the truest friends anyone could ever ask for.


  1. I doubt you'll be at this state because true friend(s) won't let you be. ;)

  2. hey chong,
    Thanks man, ahahah you've got a good point there.

  3. At least put on a shirt and I still might consider. LOL !!!.. Cheers

  4. of course i will approach u! anyone that looks like jesus christ i will approach!


  5. hey rustie,
    LOL !! Thanks for the tips.

    Hey Marcus,
    Thanks marcus !! Maybe I will still have a camera hanging around my neck by then LOL

  6. see many of ur posts are using zuiko lenses, when r u explore more on the m.zuiko lenses for olympus MFT camera? wait for your more Olympus MFT lenses :)

  7. Hello Dreamie,
    This entry was taken in mid 2010 !!!
    I did not even have a PEN back then.