Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Wedding Dinner

Life has been quite full lately. Well, not so much of living life to the fullest which means an entirely different thing, but I think I have stretched my 24 hours of the day as much as I have possibly could. Even my weekends have been full, hence the less than frequent updates on this blog.

Last night, I had the privilege to attend, and photograph a dear friend's wedding. The bride, Moon, was my ex-colleague in the office I am working at now. When I first joined the company I was positioned to sit besides her. She was always there to help and guide me, and for that I have been forever thankful to her. Seeing her so happy on her big night, I think it was definitely something that makes life so beautiful. Being able to capture that happiness, is another reason why I have fallen so deeply into photography.

The dinner was held at Sekinchan, which was 2 hours drive from where I stay. The place seemed stunningly breathtaking during the daytime, which I must make an effort to return if I do find the chance in the future to photograph its beauty.

I shall not flood this blog with wedding photographs. Please head over to my Portfolio Page here for more images from last night's wedding dinner:

To Moon, congratulations !! I sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart for many many years of happiness to come to your life, and I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity to photograph your wedding !!

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