Monday, July 26, 2010

Fashion Show @ Times Square

Right after the Macrology session at FRIM with the gang, Mike and I decided that our shutter therapy session should not just end there. It would have been too soon, and while we were still in our camera frenzy trance, we decided to travel to town and catch the multiple fashion shows happening everywhere at Bukit Bintang area. There were fashion shows at Times Square, Pavilion and even Bukit Bintang shopping mall. We chose Times Square instead and off we went for another merry round of shutter therapy to satisfy our appetite for the weekend.

Future photographer. Kids these days have unimaginably expensive toys, don't you think?

I did not bring my tele-zoom lens, since originally the morning session was only intended for macro photography. I only carried along my macro lens, and not having a long zoom lens was a total disadvantage for me especially shooting stage events. However, Mike was kind enough to lend me his Sigma 105mm F2.8 lens, while he has his 18-180mm lens to use. This was my first time dealing with a fashion show using a fixed focal length lens (prime lens) and definitely a challenge if you ask me. Firstly, no flexibility to zoom means I really have to plan my shots carefully, and position my standing spot at the right spot. The field of view was quite limited as well, and the best I could do at where I chose to stand was half body shots, which was a little too tight for my usual shooting style. Nonetheless, I shall just do what I can, and complain less. A fashion show is still a fashion show, no matter which lens you use.

The models were shot from the side, which was not exactly the best angle.

This also marked the first time I have attached a third party lens on my Olympus Body. The Sigma 105mm F2.8 Macro lens itself was not doing too bad, in my opinion. Comparatively, as a prime macro lens, it was not as sharp, and as contrasty as the 50mm F2 macro. However, that was strictly pixel peeping comparison, and at ordinary view on the photograph, the outcome was very pleasing. The F2.8 constant aperture was a huge welcome, allowing higher shutter speed to freeze motion, and the thing that most DSLR user out there are crazy about: the bokeh. Indeed, now I understand what the craze was all about. Imagine if F2.8 can produce such creamy, and dreamy bokeh already, I can only imagine how much more delicious things can get with... say... a 85mm F1.2 lens?

I do think that the fashion show was quite poorly set up. First of all, the arrangement of the stage was rather weird. I know sometimes people tends to be overly creative and tries to be different, but building a two floor stage, with models coming out from the top floor and walking down the stairs to the platform was a silly stunt, honestly put. The models were fitted in new apparels, some probably very uncomfortable or tight dresses and pants, walking down the stairs, which was quite steep mind you, in shoes which are not of their own. Dangerous is one word to describe it, and prioritizing safety has taken the glitter and glamour of the catwalk away from the models. They have to walk in such a cautious manner to avoid off-balance footing, and their eyes were constantly shifted down on the stairs instead of being fixated straight to the front, which was a big no-no for fashion shows.

The fashion show was held outdoors, right? Just in front of the Times Square main entrance. Under such broad daylight, I do not understand the need for the organizers to use the additional spot lighting on the stage. The spot light added an orange and red cast, which looked really horrible on the model's skin. It would have been better if they have just switched the stage lighting off, and only use it during evening shows. I selectively chose only certain positions on the stage where the models stopped and posed, where the sunlight over powers the stage light in order to maintain pleasing looking skin tone. Using flash may improve the situation, but in my opinion, the natural light was doing just fine. The stage light was utterly unnecessary, destroying the beautiful skin of the models, and you must agree with me that it was a waste of electricity.

Our earth is dying anyway, right?

I feel this time my shots did not come out very well. Composition wise I was stuck with one focal length, which was not to my advantage, since I really prefer full body shots, and sometimes, a few headshots. I was not standing at the center, hence there was no direct eye contact. Those models would have looked even more stunning with direct eye contact. I could have gone on the small stage built specifically for photographers' use, but there were so many vultures out there I just felt uncomfortable squeezing for that tiny space with them on that tiny stage. I was not that desperate to get that amazing shot anyway. Oh, besides my tiny camera and tiny lens do not stand harmoniously with those 7Ds and D700s with anything at least the size of 70-200mm F2.8 lenses. Ironically, perhaps if I was shooting with Olympus PEN, I would bring myself UP on the photographer's stage, just to see what kind of reaction I can get from those "big boys". Now, that itself, can be one heck of an interesting blog entry.

I also bumped into Bing and Rustie at the fashion show.

Any of you guys went to any of the fashion shows at Bukit Bintang area? Do share some thoughts or experience.


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  2. You didn't do that bad though. Mine was worst. Didn't even know what to expect. LOL

  3. hey rustie,
    Yeah, things could have been better I guess. I saw your shots, they are pretty good !!

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  5. Haha.. Mine good? you must be joking. LOL..Could have done better I guess

  6. hey rustie,
    LOL dun la underestimate yourself. we shall attack more fashion shows in the future.

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