Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pudu, Encore

It was one shutter therapy session I have enjoyed the most in quite a while, and gladly I made it with two friends: LKM and Rustie, both Olympus users as well. We met up in front of Pudu Plaza for some light bites, and then attacked the entire area until close to noon. Thanks to LKM who drove, we were able to cover areas towards Bukit Bintang side, especially the backlanes opposite the currently-in-renovation Puduraya Bus Station.

The sky was clear, the sun was evil, and but that did not stop us.

You guys must be bored of my photos of sleeping homeless dudes on the streets, right? So I am presenting one in quite a different way.

For once, the vehicle I shot was not a mutilated, abandoned one. This is one proper, functioning, and still being used, motorbike. I like the slightly rusty looking paint job contrasting against the bright blue background.

Closed eyes. Even under bright, harsh morning sun, eyes can still be tightly shut. This applies to Malaysians, generally.

A big Hello !! I find people in Pudu area to be a heck lot more photographer-friendly, in comparison to other parts of KL streets, say Chow Kit.

Money eating machine. How could they be so cruel to kids.

Flying coconuts. It was interesting that the guy was already programmed to do what he was doing he could toss the coconuts while looking at me.

Pudu is the place for old folks to "lepak". The entire area is filled with them, and there is no other place having such abundance of old people if you are looking for them as your photography subjects.

Strings of water dropping from the edge of a metal cladding.

If you have not noticed until now, one of my many optical fetishes (besides cats, mutilzted vehicles, spiders, sleeping homeless people) would be water. I love water, in whatever form they may come in. (note: optical fetish is a phrase invented by Darryl, a colleague of mine)

Open burning. I love how the heat from the flames caused some ripples through the air.

Panorama shot of St John's Secondary School. It has been a long time since I did one !!

Uncle rider.

Early morning business.

Newspaper reading is a solitary task.

Poor chap. I think he lost more than just a leg.

The best moment to capture this shot. She can't open her mouth. "click" and run.

Apam balik. One of my favourite local "kuih" when I was a kid.

Yet another panorama attempt. Yes, I still do panos !! They rock.

Despite the lack of words in this entry, I do have a lot of things going on in my mind. I have spent a great deal of energy over the week expressing myself verbally to many around me, and that has unexpectedly drained my word-producing battery flat. I need time to just do things without elaborating too extensively. Therefore, shutter therapy is the best solution.

I do hope you guys enjoy the series of street photos I have been churning out these days. Do let me know what you guys think of them.


  1. Do you get any "in your face" upsets from people who don't like being photographed. I love the content of your shots.

    That St. John's shot brings back memories. I was in the school oh, 1973 I think. I started my interest in photography there - the old darkroom where we developed film and prints had my name on the top right corner.

    I did a photo assignment with black and white film in my Dad's camera - was embarrassed and upset that I wasted opportunities because in those days, there was a slight chance the film tongue would slip out if you did not double check. I still remember to this day some shots of lovely Form Six girls cleaning up after sports.

  2. hey anandasim,
    Oh gosh !! What a coincidence !! You were in st john, it is a very, very lovely school. You got me interested in your form six girls shots, must have been very precious to you that time. Do you still keep them?

    I usually shoot from quite far, using the 70-300mm lens, and I do not stop very long, making sure im always on the move, hence people are more forgiving when I "attacked" them from a distance. So far, no "in your face" upset encounters before.

  3. OMG! you photos are really amazing!!

  4. hey theeggyolks,
    Thanks mate !!

  5. Apam balik? in spore we call them min chang kuih!

    anyway cool captions!


  6. hey marcus,
    yeah apam balik. I am so gonna get some soon ahahah.. kinda miss those.

  7. Wow! A different dimension of street photography. Nice !

  8. hey rustie,
    thanks mate !!

  9. I like you flying coconut!! Very photojournalistic!

    By the way, for curiosity sake, did you post edit your photos? Some of them do looked very contrasty on my screen.

  10. hey ven,
    Long time no see !! How are you?
    Yeah I love the coconuts too !!
    Yeap I did process my photos, and I boosted the contrast by quite a bit because I want my black to be real pure black, not some half baked grey shades.
    But of course, this is open to individual preferences.