Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Humans on Streets

A few friends have asked me how I did my street shots, and where I find my subjects. Therefore, it was quite a spontaneous session, with a few people tagging me along my shutter therapy session this week. I brought three friends along the usual street hunting places I have been to for the past several weeks, and showed them around the spots where I usually found my subjects. It was quite a fresh experience for me, because after a long, long time, for the first time, I was actually shooting with people. Yeap, I did my shutter therapy with friends this time, and maybe this was a start to something less depressing I would say.

Here are my humble shots from this session.

I just love how the kid and the dad were bathed in the golden morning light. It exudes a warmth and depth to the subjects, in comparison to normal flat lighting under cloudy days, or under shades.

A kitchen staff who suddenly ran out from the back-exit of a restaurant, and wiped her sweat off her forehead.

Busy serving morning breakfast to the fellows from the streets.

Usual morning market shopping, a scene which is unique to KL, or west Malaysians I would say. You seldom see trolleys being dragged around in Kuching, no.


I shot this dude from quite a distance away, and somehow he saw me. I guess having a 70-300mm long lens is not exactly blending well to the surrounding very much.

Morning chat. On my course of street photography (which was rather brief) people actually interact and talk more in the morning, rather than late afternoon. I guess people are generally friendlier in the morning.

In deep excavation. Maybe the answers of the universe can be solved somewhere in there.

Sleep tight. I think this was a new angle I tried on my sleeping subjects.

Finally, someone who truly enjoyed doing his job !!! Is that not a rare thing to find in KL?

I do not know why but my heart does ache a little when I saw them walking, very slowly.

We never run out of supplies, their availability is almost infinite.

A masked man and a pair of scissors, not a very friendly combination, don't you think?

Wow, what sharp knifes you have!! To better cut your throat with, my dear.

Nothing beats waking up to a cuppa in the early morning, don't you think?

A family, on a bench.

I think most kids spend their childhood, wasting a huge chunk of time to boredom.

Business on the streets.

No umbrella? No problem.

Two Olympuses, one Nikon, and one Canon.

The group was rather diverse, we had Nikon, Olympus and Canon. I was sure we were all looking for different subjects, although we were hunting on the same streets. The lenses we all used were all different as well, providing different field of views and perspectives. Nonetheless, we all wanted to have a great time, and enjoy street photography. The place I brought them to was not exactly a popular spot for normal KL shooters, because I do not spot many people carrying any camera of any sort here during my casual hunts. For some reasons, you find a lot of people on these streets doing a lot of things, and being there just to capture their actions, and facial expressions were something very, very fulfilling.

A little bit on the photography note. I used Olympus E-520 and Zuiko 70-300mm F4-5.6 super tele-zoom long lens for almost all of the shots in this entry. My aim this time was to get as close, and as tight as possible to my subjects, capturing their expression vividly. The long lens allowed me to do so without getting too close to my subject, and I was told that "hey you are cheating!!" My defense was to use whatever we have, and maximize its strength to deliver the results. I also wanted to grip their actions in my shots, and record what they were doing. Some of the shots have been converted to Pseudo-HDR for more dramatic output, bringing out details from the highlight and shadowy areas. On the whole I was quite satisfied with the shots this time, having more specific targets.

I do hope my friends had a great time on the streets, just as much as I do. Street photography is something that every photographer should try, if they have the chance to. I think there is so much to learn, and to explore !!! The opportunities and possibilities are endless.


  1. hey ghosty nana,
    thanks !!

  2. Good and brave shots Robin. I saw Brandon's ones as well. Wish I was there. Were you concerned about getting hostile reception from the locals? Who are the other guys?

  3. Hey, you are cheating! lolz~

    Nice pics, used the super zoom to take pic without noticed by them!

  4. hey anandasim,
    Thanks very much mate !!
    I was shooting from far, hence not so much of any reaction at all. The other guys are friends.
    When you do come back to KL do let us know, we go attack the streets.

    hey anston,
    ahahaha cheating but effective !! Thanks man.

  5. u captured some really amazing moments there. good captions as well. very thought provoking.

    just so let u know, though i'm not leaving comments as much as i used to on your blog that doesn't mean i'm not visiting it :)


  6. hey marcus,
    OMG since when have you become a silent reader? LOL just kidding !! Thanks mate, appreciate your visits !!

  7. I came to your blog through Brandon's blog.... Your street shots were really good...


  8. hey asfan,
    thanks for the compliments mate !! Nice to find you here.
    I am still learning and exploring at the moment.

  9. Glad to have the opportunity to shoot with you. Cheers !

  10. hey rustie,
    No problem !! It was a pleasure shooting with you.
    Hope you enjoyed the session !!

  11. The old ah pek and ah ma walking on the street is really touching.