Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life Happenings

Recently I have had quite the privilege to meet incredible people, and been invited to interesting places which I have not been to before. The Chinese Opera performance in the previous entry was just the beginning. In the course of just a few days, there were so many things that have happened, and from the random happenings I have learned quite a few new things. I would love to share them with you beautiful people.

1) Being a Paparazzi means, no one cares about you and you are the lowest, most worthless living being around any events.

2) Being the Official Photographer, you have the rights to step on and stomp down everyone else and shoo them away as you please. You can be the biggest asshole of the night and tell people it is your job to make sure no one interferes with your tasks.

3) The event (management) organizers usually have unexpectedly extreme disregard of the photographers. We are at the bottom of the food chain after all. Behind their big-PR-fake-smile, they must have thought "why do we even need those photographers?"

Sarimah Ibrahim !!

Harith Iskandar

4) Malaysian Wedding Photography scene is.... quite depressing.

5) Malaysia is after all, the King of plagiarism. And some so called "Top Photographers in Malaysia" surely made Malaysia proud in this particular regard. The only reason why we get along so well is to leech off from each other, and if you have nothing left for me to copy, I can find 1000 ways to discard you.

6) Every photographer has an ego. The only difference is how well they hide it, or openly display it as "International Award Winning Photographer".

7) A photography career is not as easy as it seems, despite popular belief.

An abandoned construction project adjacent to the Taman Paramount LRT Station.


8) There are people who are blessed with the gift to touch other people's lives. I am blessed to be touched by one of them.

9) It is not easy to recognize local celebrities. Or maybe it was just me. They must have been out there and I must have passed them by a dozen times, but had not the slightest clue. Ok maybe that was just me.

10) We still have an abundance of awesome, awesome food. The photos in this blog entry testifies to this fact.

The 99cents milk tea, which was rather good ! Thanks David for the treat !!

The 10 points basically summed up my experiences and encounters I have had for the past four to five days. I have been to an event as a "fake paparazzi" with many local celebrities walking by the red carpet, met up with some really awesome photographers, some already made it huge in the industry, some just getting their feet wet and some, don't even care a thing about photography but talk like they do. Life has always been colorful, and through people around me, I see even more colors.


  1. robin... that is no sarimah ibrahim... its soo wincci of the mr siao mandarin class. also former Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009.


  2. hey mwky,
    sure oh? I thought shes sarimah !

  3. Oh yeah.. photography as a career is not getting any easier. Still tons of people wanna get into it from "weekend warriors" to "full-time ones". We've also got "photographers" who picked up their cameras for less than 2 years TEACHING photography, not-to-mention the many "self-proclaimed Malaysia's TOPs and BESTs". LOL...

    If I tell you I'm giving up photography, will you believe? Hahaha... LOL...

    I am so happy with the current development in the photography industry.