Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekender Streetwalk

It has been quite a long while since I last worked almost full days for both Saturday and Sunday, effectively nullifying my precious weekend time. It was dreadful, to think that the little time of rest you have to yourself, the little time to do your own things, have been stripped away from you, and you get NOTHING in return, but to selflessly give and give and give and give to the company. Will people even see what you have contributed? No, in their eyes, it is your obligation, it is your own effort which would perish, with no gratification or worth reinstated, whatsoever in the end. Such is, the sadness of working life in a giant city.

Sometimes I do wonder how did I end up here.

So there was no weekend for me, theoretically speaking. Nonetheless, that did not mean I was void of shutter therapy. Shutter Therapy WILL happen, no matter what. It has become part of my life, and whether you like it or not, you have NO say in this. You can either choose to accept this truth, or you can save yourself trouble by poking your own eye with that kilometrico pen lying on your table.

Right after work, there was a glimpse of dying sun on the sky, and I hurried my steps to the LRT station. I hopped into the train and got off at KL Sogo, walked a bit of distance to a new street hunt, at Chow Kit. I have been here before, but the last time I was here it was a rather rushed session. Well, this time, it was also quite rushed since the sunset was dangerously near.

I was hoping for the golden hour effect, but being in a concrete city, that was quite an unlikely case. It did not happen since the sky was fully covered by ugly white clouds, rendering an overcast ambiance. Nonetheless, I was not really looking to shoot landscape or building shots, hence sky or no sky it was not the main concern. I was not exactly hunting for anything in particular actually, and as weird as this seemed, I just let the surprises on the streets overtake me. I did not want to pre-envision my shots, but rather capture whatever that would pop out on that new corner turn. Life is random, and sometimes, shutter clicks should be random too, to really capture what life tries to tell us.

Also, I have rattled on and on in my previous entry on how much I miss macro.

On my way back to the Train Station, I bumped into a small nest of wasps. It was already almost dark, hence the wasps were not very busy but just hanging around the nest, almost motionless. The macro-fanatic in me suddenly activated itself, and I found my own hands switching lenses from the standard wide 11-22mm to the 70-300mm F4.0-5.6 long zoom lens.

The macro in me actually took control over me !!!

Of course the results would not have been better than the old macro lens which I have sold off not too long ago. Nonetheless, this session was sufficient to scratch my macro itch. The shots of the wasps were taken at 300mm, on manual focus, shutter speed 1/100 second, F9-14, ISO200, and direct flash (al-cheapo stofen omnibounce cap attached) set to TTL +0.3 to 0.7 EV. The outcome may not be anywhere close to what I have achieved back then, with the 35mm real macro lens and the wireless off camera flash setup, but hey, and itch is an itch. Whatever I have now, this will do, temporarily. And you have to admit, the photos are not too bad at all, putting aside the harsh highlight and less flattering lighting.

So yeah, what a way to end a week. I am not really looking forward to this week either. The thought of what piles up on my desk at work creeps me out.

OMG this was like, the first macro photo I have posted since dinosaur years ago !!!



  1. robin, for some reason your blog feed doesn't update. O.o

  2. I like the cat shot! I like the colors!

  3. hey Silveraven,
    I think you subscribed to the wrong one. For some people it worked just fine.

    Hey David,
    That is my favourite too. I should have levelled the shot better, but I was a bit rushed because I did not want to stop at one spot for too long. ahahaha...