Monday, May 17, 2010

Japanese Dinner

A friend, Chun Chow's birthday is coming really soon, hence to celebrate this auspicious occasion, we decided to have a feast.

We started with quite a few restaurants to be selected from a list, but ended up with Sushi Zanmai, since we all do think that the place serves pretty decent Japanese food, at rather reasonable price. Initially we intended to go for one of the Japanese buffet dinners, but considering the fact that we all are not exactly big eaters coughs coughs coughs and the quality of the food in the major buffet places has dropped significantly lately, it was a wise decision to dine in a made-to-order place.

In certain regards, compact camera triumphs over DSLR, and this is especially true when it comes to close up shots.

Vegie and Prawn Tempura

The Udon that goes along with the Tempura

The branch that we went to was at Sunway Pyramid, and we had to in early because the reservations were already full. It has been quite a while since I last indulged in Japanese food, and having my dosage this time was something I really looked forward to. We had the usual Japanese variety, such as Sashimi, Unagi, Tempura, raw beef udon soup, soft shell crab pancake, and some sushis which we took off the moving belt which I did not take the trouble to identify their names. Oh and the refillable green tea was really good too.

Udon with thinly sliced beef

I love close up shots !! Smacking your face into the bowl of hot soup, yes?

My love, Salmon. Yummy.

Some weird sushi, that tasted like but, with a slice of squid in it.

I have slowed down in terms of food photography, and have not done much lately. However, I do love photographing food, and it is interesting to get the reaction from people when they see your photos and started to comment on how they would kill you for showing them at ungodly hours. Food is something that universally connects people, and presenting them in a drool-worthy manner is an art, and it requires great skills, which not many amateur photographers can master. I have often stolen ideas and learned from the great sifu Jasonmumbles, and it is just too bad I do not dine at wonder places much these days, hence the unavailability of food subjects for me to experiment on.

Unagi, thanks to Ross Gellar, I will always remember to order this dish and have a good laugh.

Unagi - the state of awareness in your mind towards your surrounding environment.

Soft Shell Crab pancake.

On photography side, I utilized the bounced flash to emulate the light coming from ceiling. I used the 11-22mm F2.8-3.5mm lens, and mostly shot at 22mm end, as close as possible to the food to create the macro-like effect. The sharpness of the lens is quite remarkable in this regard, and the details and texture of the food were well captured. At F3.5, for close-up shots, blurring of the background to isolate the subjects was made possible. I am experimenting with low angle shots, and I do find them working well for certain situations, especially food with not much details at the view from top. Also, all photos were shot in RAW, and this was my first time shooting food in RAW, after almost two years into DSLR photography. Yes, I know, you can yell at me later.

Wendy and Chun Chow.

Chun Chow and Robin

So how was the dinner? We enjoyed it splendidly, and gosh, I should have ordered another plate of Salmon Sashimi !! I think I have missed Salmon too much, no thanks of me pampering myself when I was in Perth, frequenting budget, but really good Japanese Restaurants in the city such as Taka and Samurai. OMG I miss those places !!!!!

To Chun Chow, Happy Birthday in advance !! Sashimi again anytime soon?


  1. Raw beef udon soup = Udon with thinly sliced beef = Niku Udon

    No wait... You do tend to label them on your own terms... :P

  2. hey chong,
    arghh so many names !! I just wanna eat LOL

  3. oh gosh... i want niku udon and soft shell crab pancake again! lol... and thanks again =)

  4. worhey Rustie,
    Thanks !!

    Hey chunchow,
    Lets go again !!!

  5. I went there a few days ago too! Good Price! and good food..

  6. hey david,
    Good food indeed !! I have been havinng jap food craze LOL