Friday, May 14, 2010

FareWell WyKeen

It has come to the final days of WyKeen working for our company, hence a farewell was in place for him. My colleagues and I have been wanting an excuse to just dine out and have fun amongst ourselves, and what better occasion to gather everyone together and have a feast, than a good farewell dinner for a dear colleague right?

WyKeen, the Man !!

WyKeen is one friend whom I can relate to with my experiences studying and working in Australia. He graduated from UNSW, Sydney, and we both miss the times, food, friends and lots of other great things that make Australia so great. It is indeed rare to find someone to open up and share those thoughts so openly, and it reminded me of what I have actually left behind, and many of the things I have given up. Nonetheless, the times in Perth were meant to be cherished forever, and knowing WyKeen has dug up all those sweet and beautiful times.

Starters, Peri fries, and my Half Chicken set with Two Side Dishes.

We had our Farewell Dinner at Nando's after much debate of where to dine. Not exactly anything to shout about, but hey, it sure is a place to sit for long hours, with the provision of bottomless drinks. It has been a while since I last had really good roasted/BBQ-ed chicken, so I ordered a half chicken serving with two sides. I chose potato salad and fries, both to make sure that I was full enough after finishing my plate. And I love the Peri sauces that went along with the chicken so well.

Tan, Sim, WyKeen and Jamie

Ho, Khoo, WyKeen, Tan and Loh

Cheah, Ainaa, WyKeen, Diana, Azlina

So there it was, a group of crazy engineers, who had nothing better to do, and spent their time at Nando's eating chicken, talking cock, and yeah, just having plain laughs and relaxing after office hours. Not really a bad way to end a mundane, tiring Thursday.

WyKeen and the Engineers !!

WyKeen and simplyROBIN

To WyKeen, I do wish you all the best for your future endeavors. You have been a great friend, a wonderful listener, and I really enjoyed the times we chat. I do wish you would stay longer in the company. Nonetheless, do stay in touch, and I sure hope we cross paths again somehow, someday.

Cheers bro, and Congratulations on your coming Convy in Sydney !!


  1. Ooo.. Nando's! Me like Nando's...

  2. hey chong,
    Yeah !! Nando's !!!

  3. Now that Brandon has switched to Nikon and posted all those Nikon shots... your pics become obviously nicer with all that "Olympus Colors". LOL...

    Nice OOF bokeh in your first shot. Did you use pop-up flash for some of those shots?

    Really nice colors. I'm proud of Olympus.

  4. hey david,
    Brandon better not read this or else he would be hammering you with his D3, LOL.

    I do love Olympus colours, and how they are being reproduced, though not exactly 100% natural, but there is a pleasing, nice-to-look-at quality to it.

    I used bounced flash most of the time, which I think must have failed big time !! Oh dear...

  5. No, you didn't fail much in bouncing flash.. just the 3rd shot from the top.. front subject is too near you and your bounce is not magic.. it's a little dark on the lower half of the front guy, that's all... try flipping up the white card if you have it in the flash.. i think 50R has it.. if not, make your own.. it works wonders when you are shooting near distance by tilting flash 180 degree upwards with a white card having some light spilled over.

  6. hey david,
    thanks for the pointer. Yeah, that photo definitely needed some work. I guess one other method would be me standing further to the back a little bit to allow for the light to disperse more evenly.
    I was using FL36R, so no card. But thats no excuse, since DIY stuff is so much cooler anyway ahahaha