Sunday, May 30, 2010

13 Things I Did in Malacca

For the weekend, my friends Chun Chow, Wendy and I decided to make a brief run-away to the nearest town, Malacca, to unwind, and de-stress. We met up with our friend Frederick who was kind enough to let us bunk over at his place, and become our host for the stay. This was a much needed break we were all looking forward to, considering the dry season of public holidays.

1) Stroke Balls

I have not had tennis for God knows how many centuries !! It was really refreshing to finally picked up the dust covered racket and start stroking some balls. The grip has dried up, and peeled off, and the friction has caused some blisters on my palm, which turned into an exploded streams of blood. Not something very sightly, but the joy of tennis overwhelms everything else. I wish I can play tennis every day !!

2) Ate a clone of something similar to Sarawak Kolok Mee

If you know Sarawak kolok mee, you will feel peculiar looking at that bowl of noodles, it totally resembles it !! However, it was not, and the taste was missing some ingredients, such as the must have "brown vinegar". Nonetheless, I can always try gobbling it down with my eyes closed and imagine I was eating with my mates at home Kuching at Tabuan Jaya Siang Siang food court. Ah such good times.

3) Had a Cendol which was consisted of 95% ice

To wash down the Kolok Mee Clone, we had the Cendol, which was not one of the famous ones. It was rather bland, but that was the best we could do for the moment since the other few stalls were swarmed with vultures who would not hesitate to incapacitate your head if you dare to fight with them over the cendols.

4) Walk at Jonker's Walk

Jonker's Walk in Malacca is the busiest street, and the most happening place to be at night. People from everywhere, both locals and tourists (like us aliens) flood the place, rubbing each other's shoulders with hot sweat secreted due to the ever-hot and ridiculously humid Malaysian weather. Such a joy of spending a night on the streets, browsing through some pasar malam items. As for me, I was happy even just by being there, drowning myself in an atmosphere full of people, and blending in the street.

5) Did a little Night Street Shooting

The weekend was supposed to be my time off, and just spending time hanging out with friends, chilling and relaxing. Nonetheless, a little camera clicks wont hurt anyone. As I was already there contributing to the ever-flooded human traffic of Jonker, I figured why not just grab some shots. Shutter therapy must find its place even in the midst of such a relaxing and joyful breakaway. I was pleased to find the people on the streets to be so photogenic. The lightings on the street was so bright that I can just shoot most of the scenes without the use of flash.

6) Met up with Jasonmumbles and Akiraceo for supper

Asam Ikan Pedas for supper.

Later in the evening of our first day, I had the chance to meet up with Jasonmumbles and Akiraceo, both bloggers whom I admire very much. Jasonmumbles, if you do not know him yet is the reference I would look up to when it comes to food photography, and Akiraceo aka Jian has diligently delivered the world with a box of laughters every single time he updated his comic blog entries. It was great to catch up with them.

7) Ate Chicken Rice Balls

Shot this photo of the uncle holding the kid on his arms, while waiting for our chicken rice balls. He was fully aware of my lens pointing at him at that time, but I was in the shop and he was standing at the five foot way. I do not know how to explain, but I can tell that the look in his eyes tells a lot about him, and his characters. You just have to interpret them yourself.

Frederick and Robin. Yeah we love Olympus.

That was 60 rice balls and a full whole chicken. *burp

Chicken Rice Balls would be the dish I never miss out every single time I visit Malacca. We have grown so fond of it that we had a whole chicken. I am not sure about you guys, but I think it beats the crap out of all other chicken rice variations in Malaysia, even Ipoh Chicken Rice which I think is overrated anyway. Sorry Ipoh guys, I just really can't find anything special in your chicken rice.

8) Had Tau Fu Fa with Cendol for Desert

Renee, Frederick, Chun Chow and Wendy

This Tofu-Fa comes with all sorts of variation. I think the original one was served warm with ginger in it, or something like that. These days the menu comes out so ambitiously varied that there was even a tofu-fa with sambal !! I kid you not. I had mine with cendol, which was pretty alright. Just the right desert I was looking for after the chicken rice meal.

9) Late afternoon tea at Nadaje Patisserie

I find the pattern on the seats rather inviting.

Sorry, I cannot help it, I just had to capture this photograph, it was so compelling !! Such bond between (most likely) father and son.

This place was packed, we had to wait for 15 minutes before getting our own corner.

After the desert, we went off to the city area, and had some window shopping at Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade shopping malls. You have got to marvel at the shopping scenes here, though not as grand as what you can find at KL, but the malls here can run circles around malls in Kuching. Malacca folks would think that the Spring is a joke.

After much walking around, to rest our feet, we sat our huge heavy asses at Nadaje Patisserie. I remembered Jasonmumbles bringing me there on my first ever visit to Malacca (OMG that was dinosaur years ago !!!!).

10)Found an RM4.80 Yaki Udon set meal, served with Salad and Soup

Malibu Bay

I did not intend to order anything much in the first place, but after seeing the first item on the menu, I could not just ignore it !! It was calling out to me, the Yaki Udon, which was served with soup and salad. For only RM4.80, I do not mind trying it out. Like many of us there, we thought it was just a small plate of something, or an appetizer, but it turned out to be a full plate of Udon noodles, fried with honestly I do not know what other stuff inside. Whatever they were, it tasted really good. Where else can you find such a similar meal? Definitely not in KL.

11) Ate Mille Crepe

Like all other patrons to Nadaje, we came here for what everyone comes here for. The Mille Crepe, which was originally from Japan, made into something like a layered cake. I was hoping to had my hands on the original flavour, but it ran out, hence we just made do with whatever random flavours left there were.

12) Gobbled down 30 sticks of Satay Celup

This was purely sinful. Since I had the Udon late afternoon, I did not anticipate myself gobbling down so many sticks. Oh well.

13) and finally... a round of dim sum breakfast, before heading home to KL.

We woke up on a rainy morning, but the rain passed on, and we headed for Dim Sum. The chilly wind, and the cool touch on the skin mixed with the "just-up-mood" could not match the dim sum session more perfectly. Hot Chinese tea was a welcome on any of such mornings.

So guys, that was all I did for my long weekend, starting from the Wesak holiday. Quite a handful, or shall I say mouthful? However, the gastronomical treat aside, I think the best of times was spent with friends, and nothing can replace that.


  1. Next time bring me along...

  2. hey KM Lim,
    We should plan a trip down to find uncle james at Batu Pahat man. There we can have shutter therapy and makan kow kow at the same time.

  3. Ooo... I like the salad pasta photo. *copy technique* :D

  4. hey chong,
    you better ask permission from Jason, LOL I think I saw that somewhere in his blog.

  5. wait.. we went to Malacca too.. but somehow, u seem to have covered more.

  6. hey cyril,
    I had a friend from Kuching who is residing there now, hence we know where we want to go.