Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Walk in Kuching

Side Note: I am still using an old laptop, not my usual PC, for photo-processing. Therefore, do bear with the inconsistencies in colour, brightness/contrast and overall output. Nonetheless, do keep the comments coming.

It was one dramatic Monday afternoon, that I was stuck with my three aunts and my mum, closing my ears to their dreadful yet cheerful never ending stories, one after another. This may be one of the quality family times that I have missed out being away from home for so long, and everyone, especially cousins and relatives have been pretty much hyped about my brief return to Kuching. Nonetheless, as the seconds ticked by the precious afternoon, I could not help but look into the sky. The impossibly blue, beautiful, open and dangerously tempting sky.

In case you have not known this much about me, I love shooting myself in the foot mirror.

View of Kuching CBD on a screened glass window at Medan Pelita, 9th Floor.

I find the 11-22mm wide angle lens not wide enough to cover the whole frame. Hence, the need for panorama , to capture both the actual view of the CBD with the reflection off the panels of glass windows.

Coming home from the mini-reunion at late afternoon, I just could not stand the itch any longer, pounced on my camera and equipments, and stormed out the door into the Kuching streets while the sky was still blue. I know I have been doing unlimited street shooting sessions in KL, but it was KL, a place I am still feeling rather alien to. Kuching, however, is my hometown. I know this place. I belong to this place. And my heart is here. Therefore, this particular mission was quite a challenge itself, I tried my best to bring out Kuching the way I see it.

The square fort thingy at waterfront, and the DUN building across the river. Perspective distortion intended. I love them.

The sky was kind to me, and it stayed clear and sunny throughout my remaining hours of shooting. I did quite a fair bit of walking from one place to the other, but as I walked and walked I just could not help it but feel the sun was not as hot as it was in KL. It was burning my skin but to quite a bearable extent, and the air, though might not as fresh as it used to me 10 years ago when I was still a kid, was still tolerable in comparison to what you breathe in KL. The absence of too many too congested sky-scrappers maintained the open space view all over Kuching, and this dynamically opened the blue sky up to a totally new dimension. I just cannot believe I took the sky in Kuching for granted all these years. KL sky just plainly sucks.

Open Air food market and the Electra House.

The Post Office

The building across the old Cathay Cinema.

I was rather worried that it would be pouring cats and dogs all the time, but thankfully it has been sunny for the past few days. It is quite sad I spent the best of the times, not shooting. I should not be complaining, because my main purpose home should not be photo-shooting. Nevertheless, I just cannot help myself. Shutter Therapy in Kuching is just another level of shutter therapy all by itself.

In this photography session, I tried to capture the wideness of the scenes. I also put a lot of emphasis in the sky. I have employed usual methods, such as panorama and pseudo-HDR to make some of the photos here pop out a little bit more. The most important thing would be my effort in trying to present the views in ways that people have not done it before. I may not be entirely successful in this manner, since originality is not something that can be developed so easily in this world full of plagiarism. At least I tried, and through those experimentations, I do hope I will improve further. I do not want to be labeled as the photographer who just copies another photographer's idea and use it.

The Old Courthouse

Why don't you see any cat statues here? Well, as an honest Kuching guy, I must admit that those cat statues are really ugly. I know they have become something that symbolizes Kuching, something in a photograph that peoplle would instantly recognize the location of Kuching. This is my style of shooting, and whatever I feel is ugly, I would not bother shooting it. I might try to make it look nice in whatever way I think is possible, but come on guys. Seriously, those cat statues are just beyond hope of any salvation.

This shall be the first of many shutter therapy sessions in Kuching. I certainly do not plan to do all the sessions alone. More photos to come, soon. Stay tuned.

Oh and if you have anything to say about Kuching, please do !! Do let me know if you see Kuching the way I see it through my photos.


  1. Eh.. The skies in KL has been nice blue these few days. But you're not around to witness it. LOL.

  2. hey chong,
    but every single time i wanna go out shooting it on weekends, it blardy rains.
    I gave up. LOL

  3. Hi,
    That's truly amazing Kuching small City.Photos are great,all of them.
    Maybe next week I become a city hunter myself & hopefully the weather here not too hot hahaha..

  4. hey awang,
    thanks mate ! I am sure you will find good Kuching weather !! Will be looking forward to seeing your photo-hunts.

  5. When are you heading back to KL again Robin? I accept your offer for another round of Laksa. :D

  6. hey fahriee,
    I will be here till Saturday. Anytime man, laksa + photoshooting? ahahhaa

  7. Wow.. Kuching so nice wei .. O.o

    did you edit the skies??

  8. Hey ahlost,
    Thanks !!
    Nah, some of the photos were pseudo-HDR processed, I did not touch the sky ahahaha..

  9. Robin Great photos can I post some on my FB? will acknowledge there yours..