Sunday, April 18, 2010

PC Fair April 2010

Life has not exactly been smooth sailing since I have returned from my recent trip home to Kuching. Work has picked up from an unsightly high pile on my desk, reaching home at 10pm is actually considered early by current standard. It did not help when my home PC was starting to cause a few problems to a point it failed to even boot up and enter the BIOS setup. that explains my less than frequent blog updates. Then nasty ants decided to nest inside one of my speakers, rendering my only woofer unit in my room useless at the moment. I guess these were the days where everything just seemed to go wrong.

Nonetheless, the weekend came, and it was the PC Fair I was looking forward to. With friends, Fred and Chun Chow, we went into the halls and got our cameras clicking, flash firing at the PC Fair girls, who were already so readily available for posing. Their heavy make up with fake eye-lashes, probably half baked modeling poses and the forced smile were the only consolation I could be getting for myself over this gloomy week. Spending quality times with friends was just what I needed to end the week off.

So yeah, it might take a while before I return to my usual pace again. Life can throw punches at you at times, but sometimes, you just have to hit your fist back square on Life's face and make its nose bleed so hard that it will just start to get better and better from there onwards.

Until then, do enjoy the photographs I have taken in this session. All photographs were taken with Olympus E-520 with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, and FL-36R flash.

So amongst all the girls, which one is your favorite PC Fair Girl? Do tell.


  1. the one with the long legs, fair skin, straight hair and great smile!


  2. is this here and now at kch???

  3. #1 has a face and expression that "connects" with sincerity. #3 has really attractive presentation and dress up.

  4. Ahhh.. This IS PC fair ma.. lol.. the ones in kch.. cannot make it lar.. :P

    And they're still having it at the permata carpark coming this 30 april.. =.="

  5. hey marcus,
    Long Legs !!!

    Hey Angel,
    how I wish they can make it to this magnitude at Kuching too.

    Hey Ananda,
    I agree with the #1 being connecting, hence I have placed it first as an opener to this series.

    Hey Allen,
    go go go !!

  6. them girls at PC Fair keep getting prettier and prettier.. WOW.. haha

    swung by from KM's blog. =D

  7. hey marcus,
    You a friend of marcus'? Yeah the girls are quite pretty this time around.

  8. i like nurses.. and i love avira.

    Explains why Im dating a nurse now :P

    Need I say more?? :P

  9. hey cyril,
    Avira "nurses" were definitely the major favourite amongst the crowd !! It has been a jhuge hit ever since a few PC Fairs ago.

  10. I like the first. Plenty of material to shoot models. Ask for their contacts liao :P

  11. hey brandon,
    nah my appetite for model shooting is not that... huge ahahha

  12. Haven't been to PC Fair since ages ago. It's too crowded!

  13. hey chong,
    this time around it was not too bad aaahahha

  14. Aiyok~! I should have been there lah~~~~

    Just found out you also blog. Hehe...

  15. hey andrew,
    Yeah man, should go PC fair !! Next time then. I am sure many of the chicks would still be around, just moving around different stalls/brands only ahahahha

  16. I love that online game girls.... so kawaii, do you have their phone number??