Monday, April 05, 2010

Nothing Beats Waking Up on Your Own Bed

Side Note: I am currently home in Kuching, hence away from my usual working PC. Therefore, the photographs may not be presented in the usual manner in terms of brightness/contrast and colour balance, since I am processing them from a possibly four years old laptop. Do mave mercy on me for this coming few entries, if the photographs are somewhat less than what you guys would usually expect to see here.
Kuching Skies are Blue-er. Really. That was the DBKS building at Padungan.

I woke up feeling so refreshed this morning. Rising from the slumber to the cool air of Kuching is something that my senses have somehow forgotten after being away from home for so long. I have never slept so peacefully for a long, long time, and coming back to this state of calmness was something I seriously need at this point of my life. I am back in Kuching, and I am glad to be here.
Goldden Arch, near the flyover at Third Mile, known to serve one of the best laksas in Kuching. The place itself is a good photography subject.
Teh-C-Peng !! No one does it better than the ones here in Kuching. Goes perfectly well with Laksa and Kolo Mee
Our side dish, You-Cha-Kueh.

Have you guys ever wondered how time travels differently, when you are at a giant city of KL in comparison to a smaller city like Kuching? I seem to be able to do so many things, go to so many places, and meet so many people in one day. I arrived in Kuching late on Saturday afternoon, and I have got certain things to run while I am in Kuching at the moment. Here is a list of things I have done on Sunday:

1) Visited my Dad's grave. It was in the morning.
2) Had Sarawak Laksa (Heaven!!!) with Cyril and Fahrie at Golden Arch.
3) Met up with Brandon Eu, did an outdoor portraiture shooting session, at DBKS.
*For more photos of the portraiture session please to to my portfolio
4) Had dinner with family and relatives at Song Kheng Hai Market.
5) Spent some quality time with mum
6) Met up with Allen for supper. Kolo Mee OMGGGGGGGGGG *faints

Here comes the thing that would kill Sarawakians who are abroad viewing this blog:

OMG OMG OMG Sarawak Laksa !! Come say with me OMG !!

There were no such things like, "Oh I am stuck in the jam I will be late for half an hour", or "Owh I am so busy now I need to work to rush out a deadline", or "hey that place is too far, and the parking is too expensive". Life is so much simpler, easier in Kuching. Time seems to stretch forever !! I can meet up with so many people in one day, had shutter therapy, also food therapy with my favourites, Laksa and Kolo Mee, spent quality time with mum and relatives, and even better, had time later at night to go online and catch up with my friends in KL over msn. Not to mention, transfered the photographs from the model shooting session and had a quick edit on them, before uploading to my other blog. Seriously guys, can you do that in KL? If you can, please teach me how.


It was also really great to make plans to meet up with so many friends, whom I have been missing dearly. I managed to catch up with Cyril and Fahriee, both active Kuching bloggers and both making their scene here. Cyril was kind enough to fetch me from my place to Golden Arch for late morning breakfast. Thank goodness there was still laksa available because we arrived rather late. My goodness, the moment I sank my tooth (or was it brushing my tongue on the gravy that counted?) on the laksa... I heard the orgasmic response from Cyril. Alright that sounded wrong, but yeah, my own response to my one year deprivation of Laksa followed just shortly after. I do not know how tastebuds are built on different human beings but me as a true Sarawakian, laksa has got to be one of the best food ever, in the world. Ever !!! You shall not argue with me or you will perish.

Had Model Shooting with Brandon Eu, another fellow Olympus user. Shutter Therapy already.
Do go to the link here to check out more photos of this chick.

This is only the beginning of my short holidays in Kuching, so much has happened already. I cannot wait to explore Kuching further, and this time, I promise I will capture it the best I can. I will be having massive shutter therapy sessions in Kuching.

Round up the night with Kolo Me, thanks to Allen !!

Anyone interested in joining? Come on, shutter therapy with simplyROBIN, it has got to be aweosome.

Kuching, I am HOME !!


  1. my shutter therapy is visiting your blog and looking at all your photos!


  2. Would looove to go for some shutter therapy! :D Ah, by the way, I'm not on veracitas anymore..downgraded back to a free domain. Haha. :P

  3. Hey marcus,
    You should buy a Dslr and try experience yourself a real shutter therapy!

    Hey fahriee,
    OMG! lets go shutter therapy! Oh dear my bad,i shall update your link once i got home. I am out for the whole day.

  4. I love the shot of the eye... Awesome!!!

    Nice meeting you man.. and the photo of the bowl of laksa... Dehh now I'm craving again!!

  5. Hey cyril,
    thanks man! i love the eye too. Laksa, go grab another bowl haha!

  6. Ooo... The laksa looks delicious...

  7. @Chong
    It is!! :D

    I want kolok meeeeee....GARGH

    Plan to go back on Aug XD

  8. hey chong,
    it is heaven.

    hey Jian,
    come come come !! We go laksa together gether.

  9. OMG~!~! Laksa~!!!
    I hate you Robin~~~~~` Grrrrrr......


  10. Hmm I remember I got reply but how come not showing 1 :(

  11. hey moli,
    LOL its heavenly.

    Hey jian, the number of comments show 10 comments, but now only 6. Something is wrong ahahahhaa...
    oh well.. just wait and see..

  12. hey Jian,
    see the comment come out liaw ahahahahha... temporary error i think.