Thursday, April 01, 2010

My New Project

I know I have been kind of MIA here recently. I am still around, if some of you are getting too worried over some emo stuff I have posted recently. I am perfectly doing fine, just that sometimes life does bring the pickles out of you.

So what have I been rather busy myself with my own mini-project. If you guys have not noticed yet, there has been a new blog-site which I have created, called simplyROBINphotography. The link is prominently displayed to the right of my blog header. It is a specific place where I can display only photos I have taken from my assignments. By doing this way, I shall not bore you beautiful people out there with redundant wedding photos and all the usuals.

The new blog also serves as my online portfolio. Therefore, if you have not seen it yet, do give it a visit, and basically I do put a lot of effort in my past photography assignment. It is a collection of my cold hard sweat, all put in one place.

No do not get me wrong. I am not a professional photographer, not just yet. At the moment, my full time engineering job pays chicken shit, and obviously it is not sufficient to cover all my expenses. Therefore it is only a wise decision to do something during my free time to earn that little but of extra cash, by turning what I can do with my camera into a small income to support the ever increasing living cost of an ordinary guy in his mid twenties.

The photos in this entry were taken last weekend, where I had a privillege to attend a Malay Wedding for the very first time. It was so colourful, tastefully simple, full of joy and sense of togetherness in one celebration of a community filled with family members, relatives, friends and neighbours. It was surely an eye-opener experience. Do head over to my portfolio for more photos.

So guys, do cut me some slack. I shall be back here doing my usual updates, really soon. I have stories to tell, I have things to say, and more importantly, I have photos to share.

Cheers !


  1. will be waiting for your next post :D

  2. hey theeggyolks,
    Thanks mate !!

  3. im already a fan!


  4. Same with Marcus. I'm a fan too!!

  5. hey marcus and cyril,
    thanks guys, I am flattered but I dont think I am up to that level yet ahaahahah

  6. Robin, this is something to look forward too.

  7. Robin, I think we all believed that you "have it" and really should go for it and become a full-time pro photographer.

    I don't know you in person and I am not even considered a photographer, but by just looking at your photographs, every single one is fantastic and has "soul". You belong here and not in some chicken shit engineering job... it's a waste of talent. The way I look at it, you are another Kid Chan in the making!

  8. hey nelson,
    thanks mate !! I appreciate those very kind words. That means a lot to me. Nonetheless, it is still a long way before I can go full time. And considering my current situation, it is not really a good choice. But I shall keep that option open, and yeah who knows right where the road will take us.