Friday, April 09, 2010

More Kuching, MORE !!

I have been in Kuching for so many days, and yet it felt that my time here is not enough. Surely, with whatever chance I have I would storm my way out into the streets of Kuching and make my camera work its wonders in capturing this lovely hometown of mine. Being away from here for so long made me love this place even more. More importantly I love how the sky seems so open and expanded everywhere you go to.

My home church, St Thomas, established in 1848, the first church in Borneo Island.

The Astana building on the left, and the freaking ugly structure called DUN. Ewwwww

Sarawak River, and the view from the Kuching Waterfront.

Kuching Waterfront may probably be one overrated location of interests for the locals here, but it sure is one great place to spot the sunset view. I was planning on capturing the sunset one evening, but I have to make my way home even before the sunset actually happened for a family dinner. Nonetheless, I was there, and as the sun slowly crawled its way down into the horizon, I snapped quite a few shots. The cloud formation has always been quite interesting, and this added depth and drama to the sky, which was my main emphasis in most of my photographs presented here. I must admit though, without the sky as the main interest, the photos I have taken would have come out really dull and tasteless.

Sampan (small boats) is still a very important mean of transport, crossing the Sarawak River to the other side.

View over Kuching CBD, from the Waterfront.

So what have I been doing with my time in Kuching? Apart from my occasional spur of the moment shutter therapy sessions?

I have got my hands quite full actually. Normally I would wake up to a quality bonding time with my mum, and we would have lunch (we do not eat breakfast, don't question us). Later in the afternoon some of my closer relatives would join us and have some catch up sessions, since I have been missing from Kuching for so long. This would be the father side of the family. Other times, we also made time for the mother side, and there are just so many people to meet and catch up on, that was why my trip home to Kuching was a rather quiet and low profile manner.

Sarawak Kolo Mee. Can't see how you cannot love it.

Cincau-C-Peng, one of the cooling drinks, suitable for washing down any local delicacies.

Fried Noodles in Tomato Style. Savoury thick Sweet and Sour Tomato based gravy.... just canont seem to have enough of it.

Char Kueh (KL-ians and Singaporeans call it chai tau kueh), slightly different version here in Kuching, with more egg and chunky bits of "chai poh" and fried garlic in it.

With whatever time I have left, I spend with friends. Gosh, there were so many to look for !! Nonetheless, I have set my priorities straight, I will prioritize my family and relatives this time, and only spend the rest of the time with friends. I somehow do wish my home stay would be at least two weeks long so I do not have to cramp all activities like sardine. Inevitably I have missed out a whole lot of people, whom probably have not the time to meet up when I was free, or had other commitments, or perhaps do not want to see me at all. I did the best I can with the time I have. I cannot be bothered thinking about what I might have or could have done if I were to go through this all over again.

Last but not least, ever beautful Kuching people.
List of people: (top photo)
Johnston, Zim, Kelly, Frankie, Anna, Mike, (bottom photo) Mike, Me, Rose, and Johnston

As of this moment, I must say I have tasted all the food I wanted to eat, Laksa, Kolo Mee, Gubak Mee, Belacan Bee Hoon, Char Kuey Tiaw in Tomato Style, Fried Noodles in Tomato Style, Sarawak Rojak, Char Kueh, and... yeah, more to come in the few days I have left here. I did not have my camera with me all the time, hence I have missed out on some of the food. Do not make too much noise over this, it would have been a tragic scene when my aunties and uncles dropped their jaws looking at me snapping photographs away when they painfully waited to eat their food. The older generation would not understand, and there was no point in explaining myself, and why I needed such a huge camera.

So what shall I be doing with the final days in Kuching, before flying back to the land of misery, sadness and torture? I think I will just laze my huge heavy ass on a kopitiam plastic chair, sip in my Teh-C-Peng and just look to the sky, endlessly. That, would be my idea of having a great time.


  1. wat is Cincau-C-Peng?


  2. Hey Marcus,
    You do know what cincau is right? "C" stands for evaporated milk, and "peng" means iced cold ahahaha

  3. I am going back to Kuching next Friday... and gotta try that cincau c peng!!

  4. hey nelson, the one I had was from kenyalang market ahahha

  5. are u serious? chin chow in tech c peng? i gotta try this.


  6. hey marcus,
    no no, its cincau + C, no teh at all. ahahaha

  7. ohhhhh that's so cool! C as in evaporated milk right? lol i googled it and i think some people add gula melaka into it! so interesting!


  8. hey marcus,
    OMG !!! It is on google?? LOL !!!

  9. Waseh~ Kuching so nice! Got good food somemore, must plan plan visit there :)

  10. great pics...

    was nice to meet u again robin..

    see u soon!

  11. hey anston,
    You must visit Kuching !! Food there is awesome !!

    Hey frankie,
    Thanks !! Yeah find me lah when you come KL ahahah

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