Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Fool Birthday

It was on April Fool's day, that a group of crazy young engineers decided to celebrate the birthday of a colleague. Some of us had serious pizza cravings not me I swear and we all know Pizza Hut sucks, hence we were left with not that many options. Domino's Pizza came in mind, and we all headed to Mid Valley right after work. No no, the birthday actual day was not on 1st April, we just celebrated it on that day out of mere spontaneity, and for the heck of it.

I have to admit it was not exactly an ordinary day, when almost ALL junior engineers of the company (excluding only one member, who had other commitments on that day} came out in full force and flocked a dining place, eating together and celebrate an auspicious occasion such as a birthday. Even the staff at Domino's were kind of scared looking at how ridiculously loud we were chatting over our pizza, and how bizarre engineer's laughters can get at times. The screaming kid next to our table just could not compete. Darn, what have I become, seriously.

Wei Chen, Syazwan, Alvin

WyKeen, Nathan, Wei Chen

Azlina, Nathan, Ainaa, WyKeen, Diana

Since there were so many of us, we ordered eight (or more?) pizzas, and with this many number, we had almost all flavours, toppings and types of crusts ordered. It is not an everyday thing to see this many pizza being laid on the table, especially dining in. Take-outs do not count, and take-outs are usually cold, with soggy crusts. Having the pizza right out fresh from the oven is the way to go.

Wei Chen and Me

Jamie, Ben, Diana, Wei Chen, Azlina, Ainaa, Nathan and WyKeen

We had cake in office, hence there was no cake here. Nonetheless, we did something really interesting for the birthday boy, Nathan. When we were all squeezed into the elevator, with probably almost a dozen more strangers, suddenly we all started singing the "happy birthday" song. You should have seen the horror on the faces of those other people who watched us, with their jaws practically sagging low to the floor. Yeah, seriously, if you are dating an engineer, you should question yourself why.


Back: Sim, Alvin, Ben, WyKeen. Front: Azlina, Diana, Ainaa, Nathan, Jamie, Wei Chen, and Syazwan

It was just a few days before I made my trip home to Kuching, which I have blogged extensively.

Damned, Broadway Pizza, where art thou?

I need Thee, Broadway Pizza !!! I need Thee desperate-ethly.


  1. Oh man. I did not see the food photos coming at all. I didn't have dinner. :(

  2. Domino's or Papa John's? :P

  3. hey fahriee,
    LOL !! Why did you skip dinner????

    Hey chong,

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  5. hi, i really like your photo. did you use flash?


  6. hey cheehui,
    Thanks man. Yeap I used flash.