Saturday, March 27, 2010

Teh Tarik Birthday

It has come to the end of the week, on a much looked forward to Friday night, that a friend suddenly canceled his dinner plans with me. Oh bummer, what a way to start a weekend, then I suddenly thought of the photography forum that I am currently participating in right now,, and they had a Teh Tarik gathering session (some sort of a get-together gathering) at the very same night. Not all is lost, and actually I have been skipping the past few gatherings already. It is time to show up, or else people are starting to think I might be just another ghost member.

Lighting the candles.

Apparently on this particular week we have two Birthday members, Dr Shivan and Ashley. A generous member Blu brought a cake for the celebration, and hence the night suddenly become a birthday night for those two awesome people. We lit up the candles, sand birthday song, and yeah, basically attacked the poor cake.

Birthday girl and birthday boy (who was unfortunately a little shy....)

For those of you who are not familiar with this forum, it is basically a photography forum, with the majority of the members utilizing Four Thirds camera systems, such as Olympus and Panasonic. Of course, other users are welcome, but you have got to withstand the strong Olympus loyalty in this forum. If you can't then you might as well join your other friends who worship Nikon or Canon and bash Olympus. As much as I try to come in terms with this fact, those groups should never be put in the same room. War will be an understatement.

Me and the gang from

It was really great to be able to meet up with everyone again. Sharing wonderful experiences, photography and non-photography wise, and coming together in laughter was just the night I needed to lift up my current rather gloomy state of mind.

To Ashley and Dr Shivan, Happy belated Birthday and may the blessings flow to you abundantly.

This is going to be quite a hectic weekend for me.

Will I survive? Lets hope for the best.


  1. whoaa!! got cake, kua....

    i missed this one.. sorry!

  2. hey fahrur,
    its ok !! There will be more to come !!

  3. Heloo, Robin.Long time no see. R u still in KL? Do you change your hp number?

  4. hey TTC !!
    I am in KL yes yes. I have been good !! How bout you?

  5. Hey, my thumb is in the first pic... Wakakakakaka...

    Robin, how come you blocked me? :(