Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patrizio Buanne Live in KL

It was one Sunday afternoon that I have been deprived of my usual dosage of shutter therapy, that my huge heavy ass was being dragged to the miserable office to rush off some work. Question, why are deadlines never dead? Nonetheless, staring into the CRT monitor screen degrading my eye-sight over some brainless analysis was not my idea of an ideal weekend. Just when I thought all was over, a phonecall came in from a friend, and suddenly I have got myself tickets to a concert which I was not aware of.

The concert was happening on the very same night at Hilton KL Sentral, hence I rushed off work early evening and got home to grab my Oly. Good thing I kept the battery charged, else I would not be able to document this particular spontaneous event. I made my way to KL Sentral, met up with a bunch of friends whom I have met through a common interest: photography and love for Olympus.

Before the show started, we had time to camwhore. All of us love Olympus, and no doubt, many people have said, somehow, Olympus users are really great bunch of people. Weird but true. Top: LKM (click), mid: Benten & wife, Bottom: Innerzen and LKM.

The artist of the night was from Italy, and for some reasons he has become quite well known in Malaysia, probably due to the heavy airplay by the local radio waves. He is Patrizio Buanne, and to be honest, it was my first time hearing his name. No thanks to me shying away from radio stations, since I do not drive, and well, I do not have a radio in my room all these while. I do not have a TV too if you were wondering. So yeah, I have not come across Patrizio before, but from what I have gathered from the crowd he must have been quite a talented performer, and his showcase was highly anticipated.

I arrived early, and glad to find myself being amongst a few familiar faces. We had ourselves decent seating positions, very close to the stage, and this was crucial for us camera crazy people to have a better reach closer to the main star of the night.

I went in the hall with little expectations of what was going to happen. I did not know who this Patrizio Buenne was, and certainly he was no hot chick. Nonetheless, having an opportunity to play with my camera was more than I could ever ask for. Having a great night out with friends, was even better after a long day of work. Not too much later after that, I have just discovered this truly talented Italian singer, who travelled all the way to Asia to promote his work. Indeed, I must say, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Patrizio was made famous by singing covers for many international hits, such as Fly Me to the Moon and Everything. His control of voice was quite stunning, and hitting each note with precise accuracy. Digging further into his background, I found out that he was working closely with Humberto Gatica, one of the main person behind the success of my long time idol Celine Dion. Knowing this fact, the outcome of the performance cannot go wrong, the wow factor solely depended on his powerful voice acrobatics. I am not one to go into describing good vocals, but his voice was just very pleasing to take in. Most of the songs presented on that night was love and romantic numbers, which Italians were really famous for. I must say, if I have known Patrizio earlier in my days when I was head over heels for sentimental touchy lovey dovey music, he must have been my hero. Time changes, and my kind of music I drown myself into these days do not have such bright and sunny lyrics, unfortunately.

The highlight of the night was the moment when the special guest, local star Noryn Aziz walked up the stage and had a duet with Patrizio. The even more amazing part was when Patrizio was actually singing in Malay language !! Of course he did not memorize the lyrics, but for a man who speaks more than half a dozen of languages, that was forgiveable. His eagerness to venture into music, and blend into the local language was quite an admirable trait.

I was sitting in between two photography-friends, LKM and Innerzen (pseudo-names in forum). LKM used Olympus E-3 with his mammoth Zuiko 35-100mm F2 SWD, while Innerzen had an Olympus E-30 with the highly sought after Zuiko 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 SWD lens. I was smacked in the middle of those two gigantic cameras and lenses, and I was humbly holding my tiny Oly with the 70-300mm F4-5.6. For a moment there, it really looked quite interesting. We had all the varieties of Olympus long lenses, and all had their strengths and weaknesses. Innerzen's 50-200mm boasted the fasted Autofocus, LKM's 35-100mm displays the brightest aperture shooting wide open at F2 which was desirable under low light conditions, and my 70-300mm had the longest reach at 300mm, which was equivalent to 600mm (roughly 20x zoom on compact camera). It must have been interesting to compare the kind of shots we can all come up with. Unfortunately, in terms of image quality, my 70-300 is at the bottom of the class, and that was not surprising since my lens was the cheapest amongst the bunch. Nonetheless, for a 300mm lens, it really did quite well, and you can evidently see the results in this entry.

It is amazing how close this lens can get to the face of Patrizio !!

I know I have been shying away from too much heavy of photography talks in this blog, since many of you beautiful readers would have been lost, but this part is important for me to record down my journey as a developing photographer-wannabe. Every time I have a photography session, I learn something new, and I improve, though it was just by that tiny bit. Jotting the important notes down can help me trace my steps, and learn from mistakes.

This session, the common camera settings were: Manual (M) shooting mode, shutter speed at 100-160 seconds, Aperture set to widest F-stop, ISO400, External Flash fired with TTL -1.0 to -1.7EV, and a diffuser cap on. The stage lighting was actually bright enough to eliminate the usage of flash, but I wanted to engage the flash to fill in and balance off the shadow areas, as well as bringing out the lovely catch-light effect on the eyes. At the same time, I wanted to bring in as much natural light as I can, to preserve the ambiance and the mood of being there. I know the spot lighting with multiple colors of red, green and yellow may be destructive to the skin tone, but come on, this is NOT a studio shoot. I would think that those colour casts shining on the skin made it glow with certain quality, and they intensified the facial expressions.

Special Guest, Noryn Aziz.

Facial expressions, that was the difficult part. This time, it was not so much of the camera not being able to catch up on the speed in terms of focusing or shutter lag, everything seemed to work out fine actually. The fault mainly lies on my own slow reaction. I just do not have that lightning quick reflex to instantaneously press the shutter button when something unusual or interesting crops out from the character of Patrizio on stage, though I have pre-focused and anticipating for those moments to happen. I must train my fingers to respond faster.

All in all, I must say, this was one hell of a great shutter therapy sessions. It clearly demonstrated the capabilities of an Olympus zoom lens, though I am just merely using a budget cheapo version. Add that to the satisfaction of listening to a great Italian vocalist, and hanging out with really awesome people, I could not have asked for a better ending to a terribly hectic and worked out weekend. Many thanks for Innerzen for the tickets.

Any of you listening, or loving Patrizio Buanne?


  1. ZD 35-100 dun have SWD ler

  2. hey LKM,
    OOpps.. ahahaha... paiseh. I always thought it has !!

  3. robin.. how do you take such pics under low light with no noise with that e520? does noise ninja really makes so much difference? enlighten me pls! :D

  4. hey evan chua,
    I did not use noise ninja at all for this set of photos. Normally I would only utilize noise ninja when I am shooting ISO1600 on my E520. And I seldom do so.
    For those concert shots I shot at ISO400. If you understand the ISO-noise performance of 520, you would realize that images look superb up to ISO400, and it degrades drastically at ISO800. Hence staying below ISO400 is the key to get noise free clean images.
    I used flash to supplement the available light. It was not really low light, the stage lighting was quite favorable, though I do think the orange/yellow cast was a tad too strong. Nonetheless it was bright enough for shutter speed up to 100-125 seconds at F4-5.6, ISO400.
    I hope this helps. Cheers.