Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lose Lose Situation

I am hanging by a rope.

If I let go of the rope, I will fall down so deep I do not think I will be able to get up and out ever again.

On the other hand, if I still hold on to that rope, it might eventually choke me up.

What should I do?


  1. Robin, I can't find the right words for you. I'll just keep you in my prayer, and hope that you'll find a way out of this.

  2. hey daniel,
    don't worry man, your kind thoughts and prayers are more than enough. Thanks, i will be fine.

  3. hey rustiez,
    ahaha thanks mate.

  4. U "don't think" u ll be able to get out again...There are still other possibilities...Cheers.. Hope you can solve the it...^^

  5. hey julie,
    thanks !! I am fine now, no worries.