Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In My Mind

1) My holiday trip home to Kuching is coming soon. What to buy for mum?

2) How ugly I am when I wake up. Note to self: Mirrors are evil. Stay away from them.

3) If I save up the money I used to buy shoes which I destroy God knows how many times a couple of times a year due to excessive walking, I can actually buy a car.

4) How would it feel like not doing anything but DOTA for whole day? I reckon it could be better than sex.

5) My choices of hobbies are sure expensive.

6) Did she just blink and smile at me? Who cares, I walked away.

7) I am not an item you can stash in a drawer and be ignored, until suddenly one day you thought of using that item, then you rampage the drawer inside out.

8) I still don’t get what is so fantastic about Facebook. However, I do realize its importance.

9) Why does KFC taste so good? Did they put some addictive drugs inside the chicken?

10) Since when did I stop tennis?

11) If you really cared for me, you would not have let me walk under the thunderstorm in the middle of the blistering cold winter night, literally. My Nokia 3310 died the very same night.

12) Number of MSN contacts: Year 2001 – 52, Year 2004 – 120, Year 2007 – 298, year 2009 – 459, Year 2010 – 21. Year 2011 - ??

13) I have been secretly carrying around a kilometrico pen in my pocket, just in case, you know…

14) If there is one thing I can do and would be proud of doing, it would be to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

15) Why is it that the faces of the people you do not want to see just keep popping out everywhere you go to?

16) I wish the Matrix is real. I want to be able to bend spoon, dodge bullets, and jump from buildings to buildings.

17) I miss shopping at Harbor Town, or Carousel. Everyone says KL shopping is paradise, but seriously, it sucks.

18) Perhaps, being hit by a car or something, and waking up with no memory of the past is not such a bad thing.

19) I think I am getting old.

20) Sense of humor is a fusion of art between sadism and sarcasm. Fulfillment to the lack of laughter at the expense of another person’s pride, is not funny, it is inhumane.

21) I wish I am 21 all over again. Oops, is it too soon to say this?

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