Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Of Parker Pen and Thank You Note

Side note: All photos taken by Frederick Yap, a dear friend and partner in photography. Kindly visit his Flickr at

Today something unexpected came up. Fred texted me and told me that one of our previous clients sent us a thank you gift.

Guess what? It is a Parker pen !! With our names engraved on it, individually. And to top that off, there was a thank you note, which is worth a heck lot more than the amount of bonus (is there any???) I am going to receive from the engineering company I am working for currently.

The Thank You Note

I have not owned a Parker Pen before. Somehow, I cannot help but get this hard pang on my heart as I saw the photographs of the items being sent by my photography partner, Fred. The items are with Fred at the moment, they will be delivered to me this weekend.

For the first time, I felt as if I was doing something right. Something that seriously paid off, and I feel deeply acknowledged on what I love doing. This beats winning international photography awards, anytime.

To both Damien and Marie Foong, thanks a lot for having us as photographers for your wedding day. We deeply appreciate your very kind gifts, they mean a lot, and this will be something we look at to push our passion in photography further.


  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. hey anonymous,
    whoever you are, thanks a lot !! It is because of comments like these that I find reasons to walk on, and face the coming days with chin up.
    Thanks again, and may I request you at least include a name (even a nickname will do) just to trace and track your comments.

  3. Woah! Awesome man!

    You are on your way to even bigger things!

  4. hey jasonmumbles,
    thanks mate !! I sure hope so too.

  5. I like the engraved fonts. They are cute and nice.

    Can I get your autograph using that pen? You know... just in case you get famous in near future...

  6. Hey chong,
    in case i get famous? I doubt so since i am quite a low key kind of person! Haha

  7. It's a suprise to receive this lovely gift from them. Feel glad that they likes our works, it means a lot to us~ ;)

  8. Hey moli,
    yeap yeap. This is a great motivation to us!

  9. That's a lovely gift. Its a splendid gift!

  10. Hey cyril,
    yeah, it indeed is a splendid gift!

  11. Yeah, signed on my camera please!!!! :D

    You low key? PPpffffttt...

  12. Hey jasonmumbles,
    im a photographer not a celebrity haha. Im low key, not as outstanding and as femes as you!

  13. Fuyoohh Burung!!

    Now you can do some koff koff with a Parker instead of Kilometrico ^^

  14. Nice photography of parker pens. The way of customization on parker pen look awesome. Your blog keeps getting better and better!