Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello, My Name is Robin

Hello everyone !!

I am Robin, and I am an Olympus E-System Digital DSLR user.

I come from a land where the sky is blue, and clear.

Where Mountains stand really, really tall.

And sunsets can catch your breath away.

Now, I am currently in a strange land, where buildings stand taller than mountains.

In this land, sometimes I feel like I am losing my ground. I have often lost sight of where I stand.

I have come to know of things that made me wrinkle at such a dangerously fast rate.

At times, I cannot help but wonder if the leaf is greener on the other side.

Despite all the dramas and traumas, I still find my life very colourful and lively.

I have made so many new connections, but at the same time, I have also burned bridges.

Nonetheless, true friends are still with me, and for that alone, I feel truly blessed.

I have met many with similar passion in life.

My sinful lust has grown exponentially recently.

My passion has never burned any brighter than before.

But my wings are broken. Is it foolish to fly?

I remember the simple times. The old, good times. The times when I used to love tennis so much.

I remember the times when I have laughed a lot.

I treasure good friends. Oh and say hi to Marcus, my most loyal reader, and a darn good friend, who is now in Singapore.

I hope you are not too shocked to see this, Marcus, heh !!

To all you beautiful people out there, if you have come to this blog, do say hi. It is because of you, that I still blog until this very day. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Yes, I am Robin. Good day, mate !!


  1. oh gosh!


  2. Really good story telling, Robin.
    Kudos! ( ^_^)d

    - Christian

  3. deng... where is ur new lens highlight laaa

  4. hey marcus,
    LOL !!! Surprised?

    Hey Christian,
    thanks !! Glad you liked it.

    Hey LKM,
    Old lens not yet go where got new lens.

  5. Finally I found a post to comment. Well written despite of its simplicity (not too many photography jargon)! Hehe..

  6. Hey daniel,
    thanks! I know what you mean, hence a lot of my entries recently were thought/opinion based, instead of purely photography. Cheers

  7. Hmmmm.... Do i look fat in the photo... ? Muahhahahaa.... Nice and simple~ But why i feel a bit Emo ther.... :p

    Molicuva D'WinBreaker aka Frederick.... :p

  8. drop by n post a comment to prove that i'm not a SILENT stalker.. ooopps.. i mean fans..


  9. hey fred,
    LOL no lah not emo lah !! ahahaha

    hey bingish !!
    Hey nice to hear your voice. LOL I think I have too many silent stalkers already. Thanks man.

  10. ahahaha.. thats methos with my baby.. and the teh si peng with kolo mee...

  11. hey brandon,
    good and bright memory you have !! Good times good times.

  12. haha.. i somehow feel that this is an emo post.. :P to certain extend :P

  13. yes very surprised robin! u have a whole collection of lenses!


  14. hey allen,
    LOL thats because you are also emo !!

    hey marcus,
    Those arent mine !! How I wish they were.

  15. Hi Robin..Sim here

  16. Your pics are awesome! as usual la. I'm back d btw! When are u free? Wanna meet up? :P

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  18. hey Sim,
    Nice to see you here !!

    Hey Evan,
    Contact me at I shall leave my phone number for you there. Or else find my number which I have published in screw screw in WTS section. I am free most weekday nights, and weekends. Yeah lets meet up. How come you did not come for TT? Everyone was expecting you.

  19. U see.. Not sure how or what made my mind to think it was a THURSDAY! so i went on thursday and obviously u guys weren't there.. so i thought u guys ended early. It was a pasar malam night also! It was so crowded & finding parking was madness. ALL in my blurry thought it was a thursday alamak! I had something planned on friday dats why i couldn't make it. PLZZZ do let me know on the next TT with the gang!! really wanna meet up with u guys. Or maybe u could organise it? haha i'll pop u an email about our TT! Btw, I ADMIRE the pic with 'the mountain that stood really tall' and the one with the indian cultural dance.

  20. hey funkye,
    Hi hi !!!

    Hey Evan,
    I have sent you an email. Lets discuss from there. and Thanks so much for the compliments !! I appreciate them.

  21. =) And I met you through blogging!