Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Roadside Mee Soup Engineers

Side Note: All photos in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8.

It was on one really mundane working Wednesday, after a terribly long and heavy day of work, a group of worn out young engineers found themselves helplessly hungry and desperate for some food. Through the thundering rain, the bunch of wackos stormed out the office to one of the nearby roadside food spots for a round of feast. What better to satisfy a hungry tummy on a wet and cold weather, than a bowl of spicy scrumptious Mee Sup??????


The stall is sitting right above the pedestrian walkway, with canopy umbrellas over stretching the area providing some cover for dining tables and stools. Most sane people would have settled for a full indoors coffee shop for dry and comfortable dining experience, but screw that. A little splash of rain adds flavor to the soup, and the atmosphere of being out in the open just by the side of a road with cars passing by during the peak hour is just something authentically Malaysian. As you can see from the crowd of engineers, we have quite a mix of people, not only from different races, but we have people from so many different states as well, Pahang, Johor, Kelantan, Sabah.. and well you guys know where I am from.. Sarawak !!




I do not usually bring my DSLR to work. It is just a burden to carry such weight on my trips to work, since I use the train and walk quite a distance. Also, it would be troublesome, and worrisome to leave the DSLR unattended from time to time at the work place, not because of trust issues, but should anything happen to it, I just could not forgive myself. So I have had this compact camera with me that I do bring to work almost everyday, and everywhere I go to, including work, taking the place instead of the DSLR which I left at home. And with this humble, compact camera, I make sure I do not miss important moments.





It has been quite a while since I put this cute Lumix of mine to use. I must say, it was a joy to bring it out to play once again. The sky was horribly dark and storymy, hence the ambient lighting on the late evening was not helping. I needed to engage the flash as the main lighting source, which was not very favourable to the photos due to harsh shadows and strong highlights. Skin tones came out very unpleasant, with obvious oily spots and uneven color reproduction. Nonetheless, we shall skip the part where a compact camera cannot perform well, but go straight to admitting that having pictures as memories, even mediocre ones beats having nothing at all !!


I do have a lot to complain about the colour reproduction of Panasonic cameras. No it is not only on this budget camera Lumix of mine, but I have seen the similar problems on their higher end models such as the highly acclaimed LX-3 (considered the best compact camera at one time). The overall colour output just lacks the punch, and it has this strong green/blue cast which can be very annoying. Nonetheless, I do feel the photo quality is very good, in terms of resolution, and that is evidently produced thanks to the high quality Leica lens incorporated.

It was a wonderful way to end a hectic day, just chatting and laughing your teeth out of your jaws. Do not let the photo of the Mee Sup fool you, it actually tasted a lot better than it looked !!

*burp..... Boss, Teh Tarik satu !!!


  1. Where's the technique I shared with you?

  2. hey chong,
    LOL... its too low light lah, firing flash from low angle at close distance wont work.

  3. heavily diffuse the flash with white tissue papers... :D

  4. hey chong,
    it is not diffusing problem, from low angle, it wont cover that far back, then only front is lit, but the back of the plate is dark.
    You try your technique larrr... then share notes ehehehehehehe

  5. Capturing the moments are more important than what camera you use. Own the best camera in the world but miss all the moments will be a real shame! Nice moments you've captured and it really tell the story. Panasonic should just concentrate on their air-conditioners, hair dryers, refrigerators and not-to-forget, video cameras. Haha.. I have tried the Panasonic GF-1 too, and I really don't like it's colors. It's high ISO also sucks! The E-P1 is soooo-much better in image quality.

  6. hey david,
    Thanks man !! Glad to find another person agreeing with my thoughts on the panasonic colours. Something is definitely wrong with it, it just does not feel right. No matter how much adjustment I tried to do it still does not come out right.
    yeah E-P1 rocks !! And small cameras are capable of good pictures, it really depends on the photographer who takes the pictures. You are the best example !!

  7. no you're not from sarawak! you're from PERTH! identity crisis!


  8. Er... You should try too :D

  9. hey marcus,
    OMGGGG you are right !!! Im from perth !!

    Hey chong,
    LOL you try first lah !