Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I've Got Wings

I have got wings, but tell me why am I still on the ground?

I am starting to get tired of looking to the sky all this time. And I think the sky is getting bored of waiting too.

I need to lift off, somehow. Anyhow.

I will do what it takes till I touch the sky.


  1. just a comment on the photo..

    i find the blur of the antenna and head a bit distracting... other than that, it's perfect!

    too shallow of DoF? which i thought is what 4/3 is weak at!

  2. hey fahrur,
    that was a very old photo I dug out last night just for the fun of it. It was taken with a 40-150mm lens, before my macro-frenzy began.
    I just liked how the overall photo felt, and the combination of the strong orange colour againt the almost sepia toned background, with the glitter of the sunlight on the water droplets on the ground.
    Nonetheless, the purpose of the photo is more symbolic, than anything else.

  3. you've got wings - now learn how to FLY! (^_^)

    it's not easy though. i'm still impatiently learning.

  4. Dunno what you are talking about, but the photo is great.

  5. hey silveraven,
    aahahah same same... patience is not an easy thing to have.

    hey neo,
    thanks mate !!

  6. WAlan... so emo mer... ? that's my specialty ler... :p

    FRED D'WinBreaker...

  7. hey fred,
    that was an old photo lah !! Taken with the +4 filter I think. Quite cool lor... ahahaha...
    But my color and composition not emo ler... just got "feeling" mauahahahahahahahha