Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wider Perspective

It has been one unbelievably long week for me. The company's annual dinner has just happened last night, which I have been pouring so much time and energy into over the past months. I am just glad it has come to an end, and everything went under control. Well, almost everything, minus one minor technical difficulty, which I shall discuss in the future if I do feel like it.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

*click* image to see its awesomeness

A friend, Fishtan came over to KL since the middle of last week and I was forced chosen to be his accommodation provider. This inevitably meant evening activities, which many of you would have thought inappropriate at times of such high stress leading to the night of all mother of events of the year for the company, but let me convince you otherwise. With the presence of an old friend, it was just the thing I needed most, to not think of anything and just calm down my nerves, and rearrange my thoughts in sane-ly order before facing each new days, dealing with my committee members and the bosses. It was a balance that I used to counter the weight of 1001 things going over my mind at that time. Fishtan and I shared a few common interests, and it has been quite a while since I last chatted this much about the things I am passionate about with another person. It was indeed therapeutic and refreshing at the same time.

Oh and that bugger Fishtan bought a D700. Have been playing much with it, and I might post a write-up about my experience with the highly acclaimed D700.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

*click* image to see its awesomeness

Note: Distortion was intentional, created in stitching process.

"The dinner" was on Saturday night, and I had one full Sunday for rest. After one week of high pressure, and when everything was finally over, what did I choose to do on this one last remaining day before work resumes on Monday?

If you do not know the answer already, well, you have got to be someone totally new to this blog.

The answer is.. SHUTTER THERAPY of course !!!!!

Not having much ideas on what to photograph, I just went by my instincts that brought me to KLCC, and just snapped some random shots. I know I have been there a couple of times before, but I tried to capture it this time with different angles and compositions. I used different approaches to create more variety of outcomes in comparison to my previous attempts: 1) Shoot from extreme bottom-up angle and 2) Stitching up multiple shots to form a panorama photo.

Oh and a model appeared out of nowhere at the center court, and how could I not snap a photo of her, right?

*click* image to see its awesomeness

It was quite a random and brief photo-session, as I was slowly gaining my momentum which I have lost while preparing for "the dinner". Well, I am truly glad that "the dinner" is finally over. This particular weekend has come and gone too quickly. I shall go shutter-frenzy on the coming one.

Just watch me.


  1. I love that BW shot. lots of impact in it :)

  2. hey orenzai,
    thanks dude !! Love that shot too.

  3. 1001 things only?

    *calculates mine*

    Damn.. Mine is... *censored*


  4. hey Chong,
    LOL.. ok ok you win !!!
    but now mine has been reduced to 101 only, after "the dinner".

  5. I so want a wide angle lens now lah!!!

  6. Hey slackalmighty,
    I want one too!

  7. Shutter Therapy! ^_^ kills shutter though. LOL!

    When wanna buy D700? :P

  8. the last two are definitely my fav photos..

    Frantically gorgeous...

  9. hey allen,
    nah, I wont get one. Its a good camera no doubt, but I do not think the price justifies the output and performance you get from a camera.

    hey cyril,
    thanks !! I knew the last photo has got to be one of the favourites ahahah..