Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Alive and Loud

Many dinosaur years ago, I have blogged about my first ever mp3 player, purchased proudly from my first ever received paycheck when I was doing my part time tutoring work during my final year in the university. That was a whooping 4 years ago.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

*click* image to see its awesomeness

It was my first Olympus product, the M:ROBE MR-100. No it is not a camera. It was the only line of production from Olympus producing mp3 players, and though sales was average, Olympus never continued in any future developments. Nonetheless, it was one of my most favorite gadgets. It is considered very old now, and bears sentimental memories in many places and times, but for some unexplainable reasons this M:ROBE just refuses to die !!!

Though it is still alive and functioning well, I have to admit that it is showing signs of age. The touch screen navigation is not as smooth as it used to be, and start-up time is getting annoyingly slow. Yes, I am considering a new mp3 player soon to replace this dinosaur. Perhaps a cheapo RM100 China brand mp3 player? No way I am buying an I-Pod, so spare the lecture.


  1. Totally unrelated. Found a new way to snap food. Kinda interesting. Or maybe this technique has been there already.

  2. hey chong,
    OMG !! I must copy that technique. Muahahhhhaahhaha

    hey marcus,