Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am really craving for anything creamy lately. I am even thinking of making my own cream of mushroom soup. No, not the one you pop out of the can, I can actually make my own, if you care enough to dig out my archives I did blog about it before.

It is no surprise, when I dine out these days, my eyes would wander to the creamiest item on the menu.

*click* image to see its awesomeness

*click* image to see its awesomeness

I think I am missing Carbonara badly.

Someone help !!


  1. hmmm.. looks nothing like the carbonara we have in melbourne, but whatever it is, its better than nothing! :)

  2. yes i remember that post! i can't believe u actually know how to make soup from scratch!


  3. =.=" i'm viewing this post at 2am.. not good! *reach out to 'x' and click*

  4. This looks like an Asian version of carbonara. And it's that chopstick?!

  5. hey brandon,
    LOL that was not carbonara, but it reminded me of what I had in Perth,

    Hey marcus,
    Yeah !!! My housemates loved it toooo

    hey allen,
    LOL.. this could be your virtual supper.

    hey chong,
    Its pan mee, with cream sauce. Don't ask. ahahha

  6. I though you say something about bokeh >_< wtf.

  7. hey fishtan,
    obviously you are too obsessed with bokeh already. LOL

  8. Luckily I'm not hungry yet at this hour :D