Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo-Enthusiast, I am

I have stumbled upon this cool photographer who voiced out his opinions on how a true photo-enthusiast should be. I find myself connecting well with what he blogged about, and you can find his full entry by going to his site here:


Here are the extracts of the main points:

/blog-plug begins/

As a person who really loves photography, photography is my everyday life and not just a 2-hour weekend hobby. When I was stuck in that “Gold-digging Game”, photography became unhealthy competition and comparison, and money became the ruler for measurement of so-called success. Here’s why I think photo-enthusiasts are cool… …

1. Photo-enthusiasts shoot what they like, how they like it without having to think whether it makes money or not, or whether it must be better than a competitor’s shots.

2. Photo-enthusiasts express freely all the time without the fear of rejection. But many professionals will call their daily mundane shots “nonsense”. Probably, “nonsense” to commercial photographers means it doesn’t make money OR it’s not up to commercial standards of sharpness, megapixels, photoshop retouching, bokeh… … etc. I shoot “nonsense” all the time.

3. Photo-enthusiasts are never tired of shooting. Sometimes, a commercial photographer will rather “take-a-break” when it comes to shooting for pleasure, shooting streets, shooting a family’s outing.

4. Photo-enthusiasts NOT equipment-enthusiasts, I must emphasize, are not insecure about what sort of equipments they own. They can shoot from their mobile phones and be happy. They do not need high-end equipments to prove to others that they are professionals, cause they don’t need to. Many of them own the simplest photographic equipments and produce works that can put many commercial photographers to shame. When I was stuck in that commercial rat race, I was stuck in upgrading my equipments every 1-2 years. And I recently discovered some of my best wedding shots are only done with my humble Canon 20D camera I used to own.

5. Photo-enthusiasts also do not constantly need to prove to others by shooting with new gimmicks every time, just to attract attention to themselves, or prove that they are knowledgeable in gimmicks, or to “stay ahead” in their particular photography industry.

6. Photo-enthusiasts can stay happy, really happy, just within their small group of friends and families without the need to prove to others that they have a multitude of supporters.

7. Photo-enthusiasts have the time to learn new skills, whether it’s from the internet, from books and magazines, or from another individual. It’s hard for a commercial photographer to suddenly slow down and cut down their number of jobs, just to spend time learning.

8. Photo-enthusiasts loves to share. They are not insecure about what they know. They have no fear of competitors. They are humble and real. They are not living in disguise. They have no need to put up a false commercial front to attract business or fool their competitors. They basically are themselves and expresses themselves freely. They shoot purely for pleasure.

/blog-plug ends/

I find myself agreeing to ALL the 8 points. It almost felt like I was the one saying those things !! So refreshing to find a similar perspective on photography in another great photographer.

Now, the question is, are you a commercial photographer, or a photo-enthusiast?


  1. *thumbs up*
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. hey cindy,
    thanks !!! Glad you liked it.

  3. Wow.. that's a good reminder to me not to fallen on $$ sign side... Although i hvnt reach the $$ photography side, but it reminds me what is my main reason for shooting... ;)

  4. a message sent out to all "gear-measurebators" :)

    thanks for sharing

  5. hey molicuva,
    yeap, we must always think of why we fell in love with photography in the first place !! only then photography can be fun and meaningful.

    hey orenzai,
    "gear-measurebators" !! LOL
    YOu got me cracking there, very good vocab you have dude !!

  6. Wow.. I think it's about time I jump to FF.. huhuhu...