Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion Week

Side Note: For the first time, simplyROBIN is featuring a guest blogger. Everyone, say hi to a fellow friend-photographer-blogger, Brandon Eu !! Lets all fly to Melbourne for a few minutes. Cheers.

Being Australia's retail and fashion capital, Melbourne has much to offer for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) 2009. It features Australia's best designers, labels, styles and retailers in and around Melbourne. Knowing how much the readers of love hot chicks, I've decided to feature a summary of the this auspicious event here.


My favourite Olympus kit for fashion includes the Olympus E-3 with a HLD-4 battery grip, FL-50 flash and Zuiko f2 glass. Most of the images here utilised the Zuiko 35-100mm f2 lens, which is a fantastic piece of glass.

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch / Myer / 1 Sept 09

Myer featured an action packed fashion parade, that I really had trouble keeping up with. Nonetheless, the styles are pretty contemporary and appeal to fashion-conscious Australian consumers.

Australians are generally a beach-loving culture in during spring / summer. They love a tan, unlike most Malaysians who generally prefer to keep their skin fair and stay indoors.

What made this event sucessful was the participation of former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, who also happens to be the face of Australian department store Myer.

Although the video lights were sufficient to illuminate the models, autofocussing the 35-100 was a pain as a result of a mistake I made in the E-3 AF settings. Hence, a lot of shots weren't perfectly sharp.

Did Ms Hawkins just wave at me? ;)

It appears that large sunnies (cermin mata lalat ) are back in fashion for summer.

A ZD 14-35 is useful if you need a standard zoom to showcase the models' clothes.

All in all a very successful event. I would have got better shots if I didn't need to wrestle with other photographers on the podium, but I'll leave this story to another day!

Fashion at Altitude runway parades / GPO / 2 Sept

I managed to sneak my way into the GPO even though all the press passes were exhausted. Arriving early and having a big gun does help, you see ;)

This purple outfit could be worn to the races, where women dress in elegant dresses and hats to be admired by the crowds. Oh yes, I forgot to mention there's lots of betting and drinking involved, but its all in the name of a good, exciting sport.

Regarding lighting, it wasn't so ideal this time because the video lights were placed too far away from the models. Hence I had to resort to bounce flash to bring out more tone definition on the models.

If you're thinking of hiring a wedding gown in Australia, do think twice. Most of my friends just bring over a dress from Malaysia and return it once they're done. Its cheaper that way.

Cruise into Summer Fashion Show / QV Square / 4 Sept

Queen Victoria Village [QV] took Melburnians on a glamorous journey into a a world reminiscent of a sophisticated Mediterranean seaside with 3 Cruise into Summer Fashion shows.

It helps to have beautiful presenters before the fashion show starts. This lovely lady is from Channel 9.

I like Melbourne models compared to Malaysian ones because they are confident, and show simple, elegant poses that are pleasing to the eye. Some Malaysian models just look weird when they pose, probably due to a lack of experience.

An elegant blue dress with floral patterns. One of my favourites during this fashion parade.

A large brimmed black and white hat paired with a matching 2 piece dress for the races.

She looks like she's wearing a dress straight out of a Power Rangers movie. Not everyone's suited for this, I reckon.

Three models had some fun posing for a photographer from the Herald Sun.

You can see that they're loving it :)

This post is mean to illustrate that ''kaca mata lalat'' doesn't fit the look of some guys, models included.

A nice shiny head band does make a difference :) Fashion by Frat House.

I was fortunate to have a lot of keepers during this show, due to the fact that I was sitting down, and feeling a lot more composed to auto focus the 35-100 correctly. Plus the fact that a relatively high shutter speed of 1/200 secs were used, so the risk of blurring is minimal (if the models are stationary). These last two dresses are featured by MNG.

I hope this loooong post has been beneficial to introduce you to some aspects of fashion shows in Melbourne. Please do leave a comment if you've any thoughts (and if you'd like us to continue this 'blog exchange'.


Brandon Eu